The Furniture Comes in Boxes

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I bought shelves, a desk, and a kitchen island yesterday.


Upon receiving approval for the transaction, my credit card promptly burst into flames.

I had everything delievered to the middle of the living room, in which there was already a bunch of my stuff that wouldn't fit in Andy's office. The cat spent the rest of the day sitting alternately on almost every single one of the boxes and staring at me accusingly: "You said we were NEVER MOVING AGAIN." When I came downstairs this morning, the house smelled just like an IKEA cinnamon roll. You know how that cinnamon smell gets into everything there? I think it's the smell of my happiness and excitement.

When Andy came home after work and saw the pile of furniture to be put together this weekend, he made a noise I can't quite describe. It was sort of like the sound that your printer would make if you tried to send a piece of laminate flooring through it instead of paper. I sat on the couch and ate a bowl of cherry-vanilla ice cream with an espresso spoon, feigning innocence (and deafness).

The flooring goes in tomorrow.

When I got into bed last night, every muscle in my body ached. I said to Andy, "Jeez, hun, your whole studio project thing is really wearing me out!!! I'm exhausted!" And then before he could respond, I immediately fell asleep. I woke up this morning in exactly the same position I fell asleep in, except there was a ginormous brown cat on my neck: "You said."

A couple of people sent me links to pictures of cool craft rooms last week, but I can't find them now. Because my brain has turned to porridge and my in-box is in the triple digits. I'm so sorry about that! If you know of any pretty pictures of craft rooms, would you paste a link (again) into the comments of this post? Thanks!!!


What is it with cats and boxes!! :)
That was one strange noise your hubby made! lol
Good luck with it all!
Vivienne x

You're funny; you've started my day off with a smile :)

Hannah Hoover says: July 22, 2010 at 08:41 AM

I am jealous, of your soon to be new space with lots of orginization and the fact that you have IKEA. Enjoy the process!

Ugh, that picture gives me a PTSD flashback. We remodelled our house this winter, and we remodelled from IKEA: one whole kitchen, three whole bathrooms (one with wardrobes), a whole wall of Billy shelves, and an Expedit for the rec room. If I never assemble another piece of IKEA it'll be too soon... but I will, because now I'm pregnant and we're totally getting the nursery furniture there. I think I'll go get morning-sick from thinking about it.

I had the same type of waking experience this morning, except I had a rottweiler breathing in my face :)

I can't wait to see your finished studio. Hang in there!!

It is always a little scary to watch the ashes from the flamed-out credit card float away on the wind. You crack me up! I know it will be beautiful when you are done.
I think I will have to try that blame-shifting technique of yours; it's genius!

We redid a kitchen and several bedrooms (and part of a bathroom) with IKEA and I secretly love putting them together. After you do A LOT you start to realize there is a method to the madness and it all becomes very satisfying, I think! I'd help Andy if we just lived a little closer :)


Alicia, I think the noise Andy made is more commonly known in my flat as the Sad Wookie noise of Ikea Assembling.

(due to a past life as a twice-a-year-housemover, I can assemble Ikea furniture in my sleep but I still make that noise when faced with the initial pile...)

Some piccy's here:

...the colour of walls in 3rd pic looks very familiar don't you think?!

I know what you mean about Ikea smell :)

Your craft room was lovely. Just follow your heart. It will be perfect in a new way. Can't wait to see it develop... good luck and have fun!

can't wait to see how it turns out. and i love the pic of the cat guarding the boxes!

When I saw the first picture, I thought, "Thank goodness, The Supervisor is already on the job!"
These projects go much more smoothly with a feline Job Boss :)

Too funny! Our three pups always say the same thing about moving whenever we have boxes out or rearrange furniture. And they've NEVER MOVED themselves. Must have channeled it from the pup who made two cross-country moves!

Such a funny post. Thank you!

I loved your post gave me the chuckle I needed. Thanks for sharing your everyday life.

Alicia, you are too funny :)
I can not wait for the big reveal!!
SOOO excited for you... but can't quite say the same for your Andy... or for your kitten :)

Wanna see mine?

We've moved here only 6 months ago and I'm hoping to paint the walls (white, I can only work surrounded by white!) in the near future. And I need to sew some blinds too!

Yours will be amazing, I know for sure!!

Katherine says: July 22, 2010 at 09:17 AM

The suspense is unbearable! Could you at least post some of the IKEA product names so I can check out what you've bought? Pretty please?!

It'll be great when it's finished. We redid husband's study courtesy of Ikea a little while ago. It was such a relief to put the last screw in - and then we had to deal with all the packaging - but to have space on the shelves again is wonderful. Can't wait to see yours finished.

Such a funny post, Alicia! You make me happy! :) :)

This is my cutting table in my craft room: I made it from the top of an old stainless steel table and two shoe organizers!

This room is awesome. I swoon with envy. Wish I had that much space! (Also done with IKEA furniture)

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