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Thank you, everyone, for all of the super-sweet excitement about the book! I have been so busy this week it is crazy — I can't believe it's already Thursday! I took a ton of photos of the studio last night. I love this room so much, and have so much to tell you about it that I am sorry it's taking me a while to get the Big Reveal together. But I am working on it and I think I'll finish today. It is going to be a very long post. Clover's resting up.


Can't wait to see your new room and your new book, too! Congrats!

Looking forward to seeing it!! :)
Vivienne x

YAY! Cannot wait!

Very excited to see the Very Special Space. Hopefully, Clover is doing some resting up for you too!

the suspense;)
-the book arrived yesterday and oh my god is it good. so so so good. you are so talented and amazing.

Oh yay it's coming soon. I think I better rest up too! ;)

Please hurry with the pics!!! Really, really anxious.

can't wait....and am excited about the birth of your book too!

Can't wait to see the new studio, the anticipation is making me so anxious!

Congrats on the book! It's made its way to the shelf of the bookstore I work at. I made sure it got from the cart toe the shelf myself. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet, but the cover is gorgeous.

~LOVE~ the geranium pic backlit next to the red gingham curtain. My favorite kind of thing to paint. Your studio has so many awesome views that will inspire you even more.

Can't wait to see it all.
I also am looking forward to the new book.

Gosh! The suspense is "killing" me. ;-)

Can't wait to see your room finished! I am sure you have turned it into a very cozy nook!

That photo is so sweet, I am sure your room matches it! Love it!!

That picture is sooo pretty.

Lorraine Frischkorn says: August 12, 2010 at 05:10 PM

The book arrived today. I hope that my UPS guy felt oooh soooo appreciated, on this day of record 95+F heat, to be greeted' by my excited, "OOOOOH MY Book... THANK YOU SO MUCH!" greeting! He declined a bottle of water and was on his way, as I ripped open the mailer and began reading your sweet, creative writing. Thank you Alicia!

O.K. I can be patient. really. no, I can't stand it!! Bring on the studio tour!

Well I will just join in the praises! I can't wait for the reveal post. I think it's too great that you will share it with us. And I can't wait to get your book. Take care!

Can't wait it'sso exciting when something of your own is completed :)

Even though the shopping I should have been doing yesterday was groceries, I treated myself to your wonderful book instead : ) Which project to choose first? The Dahlia Field Pillow? The Blackwork Sampler? The Meadowflower Tote? Oh, such wonderful things to choose from!

Kathy McDonald says: August 12, 2010 at 06:13 PM

Alicia, your beautiful book arrived today. I am taking my time to enjoy and appreciate each and every page. I feel SO proud for you! Thank you for getting it out so quickly. I look forward to seeing what you decide to create next.

Took my book home, curled up on the couch, and read it cover to cover, savoring every delicious page. I just loved it! Beautiful photography, thoughtful words, wonderful designs and really motivating fun projects. Something for everyone. My love and congratulations!

refresh... refresh... :)

I'm soooo excited to see. We are waiting patiently because we know how awesome the reveal will be!

This geranium photo is my new favorite photo from the blog. I wish you would create a calendar with your photos and sell it on your site. I'd be sure to buy one.

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