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Thank you, everyone, for all of the super-sweet excitement about the book! I have been so busy this week it is crazy — I can't believe it's already Thursday! I took a ton of photos of the studio last night. I love this room so much, and have so much to tell you about it that I am sorry it's taking me a while to get the Big Reveal together. But I am working on it and I think I'll finish today. It is going to be a very long post. Clover's resting up.


Alicia - much love to you and Andy, I am so excited about your book, congrats! Things have been oh so busy, in a good way, but I am going to get on Amazon this week and buy your book. How excited I am for you and your success! I am still working on my book, but I have a lot of irons in the fire for various things. Life is too busy and moves fast...I need to focus! Love your blog, as usual, and hope you are both doing well! x0x000xx0

Your wonderful book arrived today...Thank you...Can't wait to see your new room!

Ohhhh! Can't wait!

Alicia, most blogs come and go. Yours is always beautiful, original, and inspirational. It's worth the wait. Say hey to Clover! Best regards, Gretchen

Can't wait to see it. Congratulations to you on your beautiful book. It seems that it was truly a labor of love.

Can't wait!
They say that a home is a reflection of your personality. I agree with that, but I would add that a studio is a reflection of your soul, your dreams, and your hopes for the future. I am quite positive that the reveal will be all those things. Looking forward to it. Carolina

Don't mind me - I'll just sit here and continue waiting with baited breath for the big reveal.


One of you biggest fans

Alicia, I just want to tell you that I enjoy your blog so much. It is a beautiful oasis for me to visit throughout the week. I'm with T. Crockett; you should really consider putting together a calendar of your photos. I would totally buy one.

Take your time. I'm not going to be able to handle so much goodness when you reveal your studio! I'm resting up,too.

Alicia, you live inside a Carl Larsson painting. Lovely.

Your new room is absolutely fantabulous !! and as a room should be to shelter and nurture such amazing creative (and sweet) spirits (Andy, Clover & ctas included of course). Thanks for the great tour & photos !

WOW. "a room of one's own." it certainly gives us all something to aspire to ...someday (sigh) enjoy it :)

Alicia, I got back from holiday yesterday and found your new book waiting for me. I got a little teary at the dedication, and again during the introduction. Then I read the entire book cover to cover. Thank you! What a great book! I heart you. :)

did i mention there is a review in Bust magazine?

Just ordered the book and can't wait to receive it....I actually paid for shipping...


This is the most beautiful studio I have ever seen! I'm very jealous of your space :). Happy crafting!

Oh my, what a transformation. I am Buxton Blue with envy. You should be so proud of your efforts! The colors are gorgeous (red and blue together are a favorite of mine). I would love to remodel something someday.

You know, no one would fault you if every single post you write for the next month or two is about how pretty your new studio is...

What a super duper excellent studio you have. Thanks for sharing.

What an amazingly lovely blog site. My mom was a pattern maker and sewed many a wedding dress for her friends daughters. At no cost but for the materials,. Your site stirs thoughts of my beautiful talented mother! Thank you. I only wish she would have had such a perfect sewing room in her time here. She workred for Columbia Sportswear, Pendelton and others. One favorite memory of my mom was witnessing her teach a draping class for Portland Community College students. I was mesmorized buy her teaching talent- as good as her pattern Making skills. The students loved her joy at her craft & the easy way she explained how to learn pattern draping. A bittersweet memory was when she was very ill with mezeothelomia at 62 and with all she had to muster delighted in drawing a pattern in her hospital bed for the hospice nurse who wanted to make her daughters Halloween costume. As a girl mom had made her own doll clothes. In my childhood, she used to buy my sister and I goodwill glamor gowns in adult sizes and scale them down to our size. I was Cinderella in Baby Blue tafeta. My, the most cherished of moms- was as pretty as this amazingly stunning visual delight you've created and share here. Thank you and many blessings to you!!! I especially love the little yellow knit sweater. Mom's favorite was yellow roses.
I had a good cry about my mom. This is a "Good Thing". Thank you Sincerely, a Martha Stewart wanna be with ADD, Colleen

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