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Thank you so much for joining me in my enthusiasm for my new room! Thank you! I have been working in it all week, and it has been just awesome. I love it. I'm very thrilled, inspired, and contented, all at the same time. Watch this space — studio-inspired things are coming.


Midway through the last month of summertime. The beginning of the summer was so slow, and so cold. Now, in August, it is so hot, and going so fast. We always have a lot going on at the end of the summer, most of it happening outside. At the end of a long day last week, we went canoeing on Blue Lake. I love canoeing. I am thinking about taking a class in canoeing.


A heron flashed us.


Blue Lake is a man-made lake in a very urban neighborhood. I guess it looks more green in these pictures than blue. But it's so close, and a really nice place to relax for an afternoon. We come here for a quick getaway whenever we remember to. 


I like that sound of the oars going into and out of the water. I love that easy glide. It's just nice.

Portlanders, are there any places where you like to canoe? Flat water? Not too far from town? (Update: Ooo, I found a nice list!) I hear kayaking is easier, though I've never been. It doesn't seem as romantic, somehow. Canoes are such pretty looking boats. And they make you feel like you are back at summer camp.


What a pretty lake. The lily pads are gorgeous. I simultaneously love and fear lily pads. I keep thinking something is lurking beneath them-like a frog. Canoeing is so relaxing, quiet and gentle; it's meditation for me. I'm looking forward to seeing your studio creations. Your new room is incredibly inspiring. I am still not over it. ;)
Peace, Angela

So lovely. Oregon has so many great rivers and places for canoeing!

Hey- I used to teach canoeing at summer camp! Good times, good times...
I haven't gone canoeing in a long time and I don't know about flat water in Portland, but if you go north across the Mighty Columbia, you can reach Vancouver Lake (near me) and further east is Lacamas Lake (not near me).

Love, love, love your craft room. Mine is smaller and beige-er, but also IKEA-ed and I so enjoy working in it.

Take care!

I'm not from Portland, but as far as kayaking goes, you would probably enjoy it! It's very "duck level" and you're more submerged. I think it's a lot of fun. Give it a try!
Love the new room....

christine says: August 17, 2010 at 08:24 AM

That is so much more peaceful than how I generally experience Blue Lake (from the beach or water park)! Do they rent canoes there or do you have to BYOC?(bring your own canoe)

It's not close to town, but Sparks Lake in Central Oregon is probably the most beautiful place to paddle a canoe in the entire state. We go canoe camping there every year and it is the most gorgeous and peaceful retreat we have found yet. Speaking more locally, canoeing parts of the Tualatin River is a nice, relaxing way to spend an afternoon. Some kind of car shuttle is necessary, however. I'm looking forward to the suggestions other readers post! :)

Tho I live in Indiana, we go to our place in Michigan often and canoe/kayak on the AuSable River. It is the most relaxing thing ever! I have never gotten good at canoeing but I love kayaking! It is easier and you are sitting closer to the water. On a river, you pretty much just have to steer and the river does the rest. :-).

We love canoeing on the Tualatin River - it's shallow and slow and sometimes you feel like you're a million miles away from civilization even when you're only five minutes!

To be honest, I haven't thought about canoeing in the Portland area; kayaking always seems to come to mind, and in other parts of Oregon. But you've given me an idea here, and I'm thinking about where one might also go canoeing here on the west side. Nice post!

Truly a gorgeous lake... I'd be in love with canoeing there too! I feel blessed to have a number of wooded areas around me for hikes.

And the craft room? LOVE. And some envy. Enjoy it!

Well, I don't know about Portland, but there are many places to canoe on Vancouver Island, if you want to come back for a visit some day. It's a very Canadian past-time, after all. I agree that it seems more romantic than kayaking.

"The Heron flashed us", so cute!

The lake looks so placid and the lily pads so cool and inviting. I have friends that kayak and it doesn't sound as peaceful as canoeing. Although kayaking in that lake and down a Colorado river is probably completely different experience. I love being near water and painting water but don't go in water.

Can't wait to see the new projects you have for us.

I didn't mention it, but the Vancouver Lake in my comment is Vancouver, Washington... not the OTHER Vancouver.
(We were founded/named first, so I think the other Vancouver should change its name to CANcouver- you know, for CANada...).
Anyway, the original 'Couve is just a few minutes north on I-5!

Happy trails!

LOL had to laugh that the Heron flashed you guys... that is a really cool picture.
I love canoeing - just hate the getting in and out of the boat part - I always fall in the water.

we are very lucky to have an aunt with 140 acres lined by the Tualatin River, out past Beaverton, on Scholls Ferry.... we take the kids canoeing there often. Last weekend~ we saw two deer, and a beaver. Really, Summers in Portland are the best!

I prefer kyaking-just because it seems safer, I'm not as likely to fall out of a kyak! If you want to travel a bit there is a beautiful little river to paddle on in Clatskanie OR~quiet and peaceful and near the Columbia if you dare to venture out onto the big river!

Melissa L. says: August 17, 2010 at 09:32 AM

We have sea kayaks, not river kayaks (skegs vs. rudders, which is a whole technical thing I won't go into). My husband kayaks on the Columbia but that's too scary for me; Vancouver Lake is more my style. He's kayaked everywhere: Canada, Mexico, Hawaii, TONGA...me, I'm happy to paddle in a finite body of water with no power boats, waves, sharks, or scary lilypads. Because I always fall in too!

I can just feel the sunshine, and hear the lapping water through your pictures! Beautiful.
After I read your post on your room, I decided to at least tidy mine up, and promptly started sewing my dress. Thanks for the inspiration as usual.

Ah, I just had a great big belly laugh when I saw the picture of the flashing heron! How bold of him!

We have a canoe, and we LOVE it so much. Our two kids think it’s the best thing in the world. We live in Hillsboro and like going to Hagg Lake, which is near Forest Grove, it’s really pretty. I want to go up to the Mt. Hood area to Trillium Lake before summer is over, it looks amazing!

Looks so beautiful and cool there -- well, compared to here in Texas. And yes, there is something more lanquid and romantic about canoeing compared to kayaking, isn't there? When my DH and I married, we dreamed about getting a red canoe -- never did ;-(. Must work on that!

When I was 15 years old I traveled to Norway as an exchange student. I arrived as a somewhat spoiled-driven-everywhere-by-my-parents to the land of walk, bike, ski and canoe everywhere. During my first couple of weeks at a sports high school (how I ended up there I'll never know) we went on a canoeing trip that consisted of miles and miles on water. My canoe partner certainly got the short straw during that adventure. I was so out of shape and tired. The positive side though is the fact that it was some of the prettiest land that I had ever seen. Crystal clear water, stunning blue sky and a quiet that I've yet to experience since. I'll admit though that I haven't been in a canoe since. Maybe I'll try some kayaking soon.

oops...my daughter was playing with the names. I'm Selena not Stella. :-)

The Tualatin River gets a thumbs up from me. Early morning is especially nice. Look for beaver (you'll hear their tails slap the water) and lots of birds.

barb in Edmonton says: August 17, 2010 at 10:46 AM

Ahhh, canoeing... there's nothing like it. Around here there's a saying that the definition of a Canadian is someone who can make love in a canoe!

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