I Love Canoeing

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Thank you so much for joining me in my enthusiasm for my new room! Thank you! I have been working in it all week, and it has been just awesome. I love it. I'm very thrilled, inspired, and contented, all at the same time. Watch this space — studio-inspired things are coming.


Midway through the last month of summertime. The beginning of the summer was so slow, and so cold. Now, in August, it is so hot, and going so fast. We always have a lot going on at the end of the summer, most of it happening outside. At the end of a long day last week, we went canoeing on Blue Lake. I love canoeing. I am thinking about taking a class in canoeing.


A heron flashed us.


Blue Lake is a man-made lake in a very urban neighborhood. I guess it looks more green in these pictures than blue. But it's so close, and a really nice place to relax for an afternoon. We come here for a quick getaway whenever we remember to. 


I like that sound of the oars going into and out of the water. I love that easy glide. It's just nice.

Portlanders, are there any places where you like to canoe? Flat water? Not too far from town? (Update: Ooo, I found a nice list!) I hear kayaking is easier, though I've never been. It doesn't seem as romantic, somehow. Canoes are such pretty looking boats. And they make you feel like you are back at summer camp.


Oh, Alicia! I just know we were separated at birth! I also love canoeing...and regarding the above comment, ahem. I am also Canadian. I will have to get back to you on that one.


I agree with everyone about the beautiful calm and quietness of canoeing. No motor noises like other boats..they are slim and sleek not round and robust like row boats. You are right they are romantic.

oooo it looks so peaceful! i can picture myself in one of those chairs, watching a canoe slip by

I tried kayaking recently, and I think you are lower in the water than in the canoe. It makes you feel like you are part of the water.

Last time I went canoeing (about 2 weeks ago) my 8 yo son kept trying to paddle with the wrong end of the paddle in the water "just to see if it worked". Sigh.

I just got your new book and i love it! wish you would come up with a crochet and knitting book next.

Canoeing is number thirteen on my list of 30 things to do as I'm 30. http://asimplebreath.blogspot.com/2010/06/30-things-for-turning-30.html

Let me know if you hear of any good ones up the Seattle way.

i wish i could be there. it is so amazing natural

Paula Munter says: August 19, 2010 at 07:21 AM

You crack me up. I love the line...and "a heron flashed us". It definitely gave me a smile.

Have a lovely day! Thanks for the smile.
Paula ;)

Heather M says: August 19, 2010 at 07:27 AM

Thanks for sharing your lovely pics! What a glorious countryside, no?
BTW, I'm a little late to the Room Party, but I'd like to offer my own congrats, as well. And big juicy smooches to Andy for all his hard work! It can be overwhelming to see all these huge boxes-lol. I'm still amazed at how quickly you got the room together. Not just the building of said furniture (by your very own Handy-Andy Man!) but that you had everything pic-perfect that week! You must have been exhausted but exhilarated at the end of each day.
All those glowing and beautifully inspiring pics (love the golden one with your yarn bowl!) I so wish I had more than a pathway behind the sofa (bookshelves full of supplies behind sofa & large freezer [aka workspace] on the other. I love it just the same, but will use yours as my crafting inspiration ;)
Oh, not sure how your garden went this year, but it seems all of my yellow Toms ripened in this last week alone. Five plants & dozens of tomatoes-Yikes! Guess I'll be making a huge vat of sauce this w/e. Even better than the red sauce, it's oh so yummy on shrimps and pasta:)
It's a beaute of a sunny day here in Montreal - here's wishing you two the same in Portland!

Hi! I don't comment much, but your blog is my absolute favorite :)

I've been following this blog: http://imjustwalkin.com/ . He is walking from Rockaway Beach, NY to Rockaway Beach, Oregon. I think he's in Portland now. His post on "Day 145" reminded me of a picture from your blog. Thought you might be interested!


You can canoe for me too . I get antsy at the thought of it !

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