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Thank you so much for joining me in my enthusiasm for my new room! Thank you! I have been working in it all week, and it has been just awesome. I love it. I'm very thrilled, inspired, and contented, all at the same time. Watch this space — studio-inspired things are coming.


Midway through the last month of summertime. The beginning of the summer was so slow, and so cold. Now, in August, it is so hot, and going so fast. We always have a lot going on at the end of the summer, most of it happening outside. At the end of a long day last week, we went canoeing on Blue Lake. I love canoeing. I am thinking about taking a class in canoeing.


A heron flashed us.


Blue Lake is a man-made lake in a very urban neighborhood. I guess it looks more green in these pictures than blue. But it's so close, and a really nice place to relax for an afternoon. We come here for a quick getaway whenever we remember to. 


I like that sound of the oars going into and out of the water. I love that easy glide. It's just nice.

Portlanders, are there any places where you like to canoe? Flat water? Not too far from town? (Update: Ooo, I found a nice list!) I hear kayaking is easier, though I've never been. It doesn't seem as romantic, somehow. Canoes are such pretty looking boats. And they make you feel like you are back at summer camp.


I learned how to canoe at Girl Scout summer camp- so it can't be that hard! I found it very relaxing and fun, even at the age of 10.

Oregon sounds like a great place to call home. Thanks for the great photos.

what a pretty pretty lake, I love the heron and all the lily pads :)

I love canoeing, too! And the new room...lovely, wonderful, and fine.

This has nothing to do with canoeing, sorry, but I just opened my mail and found my copy of your Embroidery Companion. I am in love with this book! So many absolutely gorgeous projects ... I don't know where to begin. The projects I tried from your last book were the most successful crafts I have made and the most special gifts I have given, and I can tell that the projects from this book are just as amazing. I am so very touched that you signed the book. I know this is a book that my family, my friends and I will cherish for years and years. Can't wait to fill our home with a bit more Posie!

I prefer kayaking, myself. But then I am an Own Boat kind of girl.

I'm so glad you're enjoying the fleeting days of summer. Such beautiful pictures!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

My husband and I like to kayak in the small lakes at Sauvies Island. It is quiet, still water (the only kind I will kayak in!)cows munching grass and occasional birds flying overhead. I have a small boat and my husband has a longer, faster one, because they best fit our personalities. I like to look at everything and he likes the workout. It works for us! We haven't got out in them yet this summer, but will try to this weekend. Maybe Blue Lake . . .

Beautiful...very peaceful pictures! Love the lily pads, and that flashing heron is hilarious...:)

Ooh, canoeing! Doesn't that look like it's spelled wrong? The last time I went, on the lake on my parents' farm, the water was so still and reflected the sky above us so clearly, that I had this weird vertigo sensation, like I was rowing in the sky. But isn't it the closest thing to swimming, without touching the oogy things with your feet? We could go right up to the beaver hutch and in tight spots where the fishing boat could never go. Adventuring!

PS, the mailman delivered your new book today, right at naptime! So while the kids were quiet, I was busy trying to invent a 28-hour day so I could fit some new needling time in. It's lovely, lovely. You all must be very proud.

Looks Great! I am going for the first time on my birthday the end of month. As always gorgeous pictures!

We love to visit Lacamas Lake near Camas, WA...not that far away. We usually go in May or June. We tried to go later in the season and the best part was dried up. There is a nice meandering stream that feeds the lake that we like. If you want more info, just e-mail me and I'll give you all the details.

Sea kayaks are the way to go. They're lower in the water and technically, you are sitting below the water line, so they feel a lot less tippy than a canoe. If you wear a spray skirt, you and your stuff (in watertight hatches) stay dry. And as a woman, I find paddling a kayak to be much more pleasant physically. In a canoe, you raise your arms to shoulder height over and over, and my arms, despite being strong, just get tired after a while. Kayaking, your arms stay in front of you, below shoulder height, so you can paddle for hours and never feel it unless you're paddling super hard. Plus, it's an awesome abdominal workout without you realizing. And the boats are far more elegant. Check online for Pygmy Kayaks, a Port Townsend, Washington, company (I own one and covet another) - wood kayaks that you either put together yourself from pre-cut wood, or you can pay for someone else to build. THE best designed kayak I've ever paddled. And head-turning beautiful. Canoes - bah! (and I'm Canadian! My citizenship is probably being rescinded as we speak ... ;)

debora bartlett says: August 18, 2010 at 06:01 AM

i just wanted to let you know that i love your new room!!!! and i love your new book---i know i am a bit late in my
comment-summer stuff going on- but as usual you are

When I kayak my favorite thing to do is watch the drops fall from my paddle onto the still water of the lake early in the morning, before the rest of the world has woken up. Carolina

April Moore Skelton says: August 18, 2010 at 06:37 AM

I love canoeing too. I always picture myself at a girls' camp on a mountain lake, paddling furiously across the cove with the outcome of a critical Capture The Flag battle at stake.

Le sigh.

How beautiful! Canoeing and kayaking are fun, but I also recommend finding a genuine "swimming hole" to dip in during summer's-end. There is nothing like it to make you feel like a child again!

I love canoeing too but I live near a fairly fast river where people mostly float. I need to find a place to canoe!

That's something I miss so much about living in Austin. Dallas just doesn't have the types of places and outdoor activities I love so much.

I received my book and it's wonderful! I'm SO happy, but my family is afraid they will never get fed again.

I went canoeing in the Florida Everglades for 5 days on an Outward Bound and it was incredible! Here in Portland, we just went to Cathedral Park (under the St. John's bridge) over the weekend and there were many putting themselves in the river there, with canoes/kayaks. If you have a canoe, could be nice!

In May my husband, his uncle and I went canoeing in Willamette River (http://snowedinn.blogspot.com/2010/05/gliding-mirrors.html#links) while we were visting your city. It was absolutely beautiful. Herons a'plenty, a racoon and a bald eagle - wildlife galore! I highly recommend it. We canoed again last night in Great Slave Lake of the Northwest Territories. Perfect. Nothing better.

I just got your new book from Amazon and love it! I have been waiting for it to come out. Your embrodiery is so beautiful. It almost makes me want to break something so I can lay in bed and embrodiery all day. LOL

Hi Alicia -- I grew up canoeing and have a similar romantic attachment to it, but kayaking is even more delightful. A properly sized kayak makes you feel like the boat is an extension of your body, plus it brings you even closer to the water for that duck's eye view.

My husband and I are finally going to Oregon on vacation in two weeks and I am beyond excited. I've been wanting to go for a long time but even more since I started reading your blog: you make it look and sound so lovely and appealing. We'll be spending some time in Portland and several days driving around the State. A kayak outing would be great so thanks for linking to that list. I have been reading some travel books but a few tips on restaurants or anything else from a local would be most welcome!

oh, that sound. I get it. I prefer stand up paddle boarding right now, I love the feeling of my legs working in syncroncity with my arms, the perfect combo of strength and balance. I get it...

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