Late Summer

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(Springwater Corridor, between OMSI and Oaks Bottom.)


It is so pretty out there. Hey we have a Tanglewood too. Summer is blowing by way too quickly! I am behind in getting the kiddos ready for school and the trees are already starting to turn here and there. What gives?! Thanks for the beautiful views of your summer adventures; it was a nice break from my 'anxiety'. ;) Peace, Angela

Oh, those roadside Oregon sweet peas. Love them!

Bookaholic says: August 19, 2010 at 08:22 AM

You make me miss Portland-- we were just there visiting my sister and her family. Thanks for the photos, and the Portland tips-- we spent a morning in the lovely Berry Botanical Garden during our stay, and I really hope someone who loves plants will buy it. It was wonderful, and so peaceful.

Love these square-format shots. The images are so familiar to me - at least once a week in the summer I make the ride from NW Portland, across the river, down the corridor to Oaks Bottom. This weekend's weather warranted a jump in the river when I got there.

deeeep sigh. summer just started in portland... and now it's misty and grey and I'm wearing corduroy. and you're posting about "late summer," which means it must be true.
and I'm glad someone else has been enjoying the insane number of wild sweet peas around town... we have had them in a vase on the table for weeks.

Looks like a beautiful bike ride....sweet peas and queen anne's lace is lovely too!

Must get out an enjoy Portland while we still have great weather. Beautiful photos.

Oddly cool but lovely August morning today...

So enjoyed your photos! The landscape of summer is rather parched here on the east coast...I'm ready for autumn...thanks for sharing these in the mean time though!

I love your photos! It's like taking a little vacation right at my desk. Beautiful!

Hi Alicia,

I received the embroidery book yesterday. I peeked through it (I'm trying to save it to savor each page in the hammock over the weekend), and it is just lovely. Thanks for including the postcards and business card (with the HEXIES!!).

We all love reading your thoughts, but I want to cast my vote for an Andy guest blogging appearance... we haven't heard from him in a while.

I've been wanting to go bike riding on the springwater corridor for so long now! I'll have to do it one of these days. Thanks for posting the pretty pictures!

Christine says: August 19, 2010 at 10:46 AM

What a lovely bicycle ride! Your pictures are always beautiful and so clear. I'm sure you mentioned this in the past (sorry), but do you use a tripod for the photos?
After a wonderful summer it's hotter than blazes here in So Cal and your photos were like a glass of iced lemonade. Thanks for posting them!

Even after spending ALL of yesterday pulling Queen Anne's lace out of my yard, seeing it next to cow peas in your pix, it looks pretty. Which is not to say that it didn't look pretty next to the dandelions in my yard, but really, there's a time and a place. Thanks for reminding me.

Love that stretch of the corridor too -- and the cute little bee smelling the sweet peas - I almost missed it!

The corridor is also pretty and different looking going out from Foster to Gresham -- feels like you've stepped into some old time farmland. What a rich and diverse city we live in!

Troy Louise says: August 19, 2010 at 11:59 AM

That is just the epitome of summer!

You make me so homesick! I miss Portland desperately, I currently live outside London...very far away. Lovely photos, a breath of fresh NW air for me!

You live in a beautiful State. Thanks for sharing your photos.

Lovely views, and I especially like the wildflowers in the foreground with the view of downtown through the Ross Island bridge. Today is cloudy and cooler, but Portland is beautiful no matter the weather. Nice posting!

Gorgeous to see these calm, pretty photos after a rather frazzled day in the busy city. It's amazing how water and flowers can do a world of good.

unrelated to the enviable shots of PDX, but I hope of interest -- a vintage sewing site I just discovered via Buscut:

It looks like a lovely day:)

I love these shots, envy you for having such places close by, then reflect that I might find similar ones, if only I was getting out more, and I don't even live in a downtown place. Love your blog, as ever.

Aunt Janet says: August 20, 2010 at 05:27 AM

Your photos make every place seem so magical. Not that Oregon isn't gorgeous even without your camera. But you capture just the right essence of everything you photograph. Lovely. Just lovely.

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