Weekend at the Lake House

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Weekend at the Lake House


Oh love!!! I would want one of everything as well .. in my size and looking like a super model. Have a great weekend :)

Would that I had the body or the budget...

Oh, how I love to play!

Oh please come back for me...

Claire Ashworth says: August 27, 2010 at 05:35 PM

haha you are too cute. how long did it take to pick that stuff out? it looks totally you and totally lake-worthy :)

Lovely - a capsule wardrobe. Must copy and get it all for summer - thanks Alicia - you think of everything :0)
Have a great weekend!

It's all so pretty, but I second Abbey . . .
Have fun at the lake house :)

Too cute! Isn't polyvore fun!

All of it ...

I was just at a lake house, don't forget to pack the mosquito spray!!

Spot on perfect!

Have fun! :)
Vivienne x

Ooh me too. I so wish I could carry that look off!

very sweet...don't forget a wooly sweater...or perhaps....A PONCHO....perfect

Susie Sears Taylor says: August 28, 2010 at 06:07 AM

We just returned from a lake house owned by friends....the best kind! Pontoon boat rides, eating, (LOTS of eating) and bid euchre! Just enough good weather at Indian Lake Ohio to have fun. Hope you have a great weekend.

oh Alicia, your style knows no bounds. Here is wishing a lake house for you in your future.

Ooooo love these -- classic!
Funny, my DD and I were just talking the other day about how much we still (after decades of wearing various takes on this look) like our striped tops, moccasins, jeans and overalls. Oh, and a soft as butter suede fringey jacket -- or maybe red plaid. And totally into fair isle anything lately.
Come on fall!

Alicia, you could make every single one of those items -- well, maybe not the jeans or the espadrilles, but definitely the mocs!

P.S. I keep forgetting to tell you how very dear the dedication page in your new book is -- so sweet -- what a catch that Andy is. And your photo on the author page is adorable! You have the prettiest, friendly, kind, little face, and I love that little bit of a mischevious twinkle in your eye.

Looks perfectly comfortable.

Utterly perfect. I had that swim suit once, except that it actually belonged to my Barbie doll. Super cute plaid dress...perfectly evening at the pavillion lake-ish. Have a wonderful time!

Gah! The shoes are sold out.

Ah, polyvore, the ultimate staycation. (I love that camel blouse with the pleating but I have a rather ample bosom that would make it look like cheap maternity wear.)

Too fun-I especially like the brown dress and the checkered shirt. They beats the heck out of my raggedy, tired t-shirt and shorts. Peace, Angela

oh goodness. sign. me. up. for that wardrobe girl. (or i would at least want some of those things in my daughter ellie jane's size as she might look a bit cuter than me...hee, hee.)

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