By the Lake by the Sea

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We went to the beach for the weekend with Keely and Josh.


We took the back roads to Lincoln City the headed on our way down the coast to Florence.




Keely's aunt and uncle have a house surrounded by flowers on a little peninsula on Lake Woahink. It's absolutely gorgeous.




Keely's aunt, Julie, is a gardener, and everywhere you look she has built little rock walls and planted flowers by the lake.






We arrived in late afternoon, when the water was navy blue.




Andy kissed the fish before dropping it back in and it slapped him across the face.


Har har.


The house is on the lake, but:


The lake is next to the ocean. 




Throwing the football on the South Jetty. It gets dark so quickly now.


We went back and built a fire by the lake. The stars covered the sky in every direction. Keely and I saw the same one shooting, huge and bright. It was the first time I'd seen in the Milky Way in way too many years to count.


And the moon rose over the trees.


Sunday morning coffee, and Andy bathes in the lake.




We are headed back north, to the tide pools.



Heceta Head lighthouse (in the distance), from the car.


Devil's Churn.


Rocky tidepools.


Not like they used to be, said Josh. No more starfish, no anemones.







We headed several miles further north, to Yachats.


Andy and I used to come here ten years ago, when my parents lived in Corvallis for a while.


I think this is my favorite place on the beach.




Every single time I'm here I feel like this would have made a great setting for an Agatha Christie novel.


We went back up to Florence for dinner.


I thought Popeye was going to step off of one of these boats


After dinner, back at the house, I sat by the lake and watched the swallows.


There was barely a breeze. The water was like dark glass.




We said goodbye the next morning in the misty rain.


What a beautiful place. Such a wonderful time.


just beautiful, alicia. it looks like you had a lovely time.
your pics make the place look like it's out of a storybook.


Wow just lovely! Love all that driftwood on the shore - I think I wouldn't want to leave!!!!

A great post, a pleasure to read as always, but the best part is what you said about Agatha Christie. I feel vindicated. Sometimes I listen to Satie or Chopin and think, this is music to listen to while writing a whodunit set on the Oregon coast. Preferably to be written while drinking coffee in a cottage overlooking said coast. I've mused about it for years. If I ever write it, I promise I'll send you a copy.

Thanks for sharing.

Can I come with you next time?

great photos, looks like a lot of fun.

So beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

Terri in Lowell MA says: September 01, 2010 at 11:45 AM

Simply breathtaking. So different from the East Coast!
Your photos make me want to visit in person......

Such pretty pictures! My husband and I just spent some time around Florence a few weeks ago. We went to Devil's Churn and the South Jetty and hiked up to the viewpoint at Cape Perpetua...I posted pictures on my blog but yours are prettier. :)

Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your trip with us. It reminds me of my family's great trip we had last year on the Oregon coast. Absolutely wonderful. :)

Stunning photos! I can tell what a wonderful and magical time you all had. So I am thinking there is nothing better than a lake near the ocean. I could get my water fixes quite easily. I love your photo of the 'campfire', and I can't believe a fish popped Andy in the face when he was being nice to it. Thanks for sharing.

enchanting - simply transported me away from the humid 97 degree NY September day!

What is it about lakes and oceans that makes you feel so alive, refreshed, and at peace? I've never known anything else in the world that makes me feel as wonderful as spending time in those places. I loved this post!

April Moore Skelton says: September 01, 2010 at 12:20 PM

The driving one, on the highway, with the blur? My favorite.

Thank you for sharing! I haven't had a runaway weekend this summer, so I'm going to borrow yours, okay?

Must ask: why no more starfish? Why no more anemones?

Thanks for sharing. Beautiful!

Thank you.
I needed that.

The pictures are so beautiful and brought back such great memories. My husband, who grew up in Victoria,BC, spent several summers of his youth camping at Honeyman National Park. We still live in Victoria but have done the trip to Honeyman and Florence and the whole gorgeous coast twice in the last few years and can't wait to go again. Glad you had such a wonderful trip, thanks for sharing the pics!

I just found your lovely little spot here. I had to let you know that we vacationed at a beach house in Yachats a month ago and I absolutely fell in love. I had never been to the Oregon coast before, but it is now among my favorites. Thanks for reminding me of our vacation with your beautiful pictures :-)

Ah! What a wonderful weekend! So peaceful...I haven't been to the coast yet since moving to Portland, so you've whetted my appetite for getting over there as soon as possible! Thanks for taking us along...

I wish you would write a book about your travels, really. Your day travels.. weekend travels, those near and far. Because you write about them with so much passion, and post the most magical photos.. it's as if I'm right there with you. And here I always am, adding them to my my 'Bucket List'. I live on the East Coast (Vermont), and it's your posts that have intrigued me more than any other to want to travel out west. Over simple things. Like, hazelnut orchards! I had never seen anything SO magical!!

Thank you for sharing all the photos. What a beautiful place! By the way, my daughter was in Chicago this summer and loved it. I thought of you.

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