Off (Again) to the Country

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From Embroidery Companion

We're headed back out again today, this time to the Oregon state fair. Yippee. I mean Yeehaw. The sun is shining here and it is a gorgeous late-summer day. The fair goes through the weekend if you haven't made it out yet.

Something extremely exciting happened on Tuesday when I got a seeeeeerious, like professional-grade, photo printer with archival-quality ink and all of that. I have been wanting one for several years. I have been playing with it nonstop for the past two days and I am in love love love love love. I think it's time for me to start making actual photo albums again. More on this to come.

I picked up a bunch of bookplate requests from my P.O. box last week — thank you, thank you! — but I've been so busy fooling around that I haven't signed them all yet, but I will this weekend, I promise. I also ran out of books (both of them) because I am a space cadet and can't count, either, but more are supposedly coming today, so all of those will go out tomorrow (promise promise). Sweet Margaret the gardener is giving away two copies of Embroidery Companion if you will tell her how you are transported by gardening — either with real flowers or embroidered — by midnight tomorrow. And, as always, if you would like a signed bookplate for your book, just send me a self-addressed stamped envelope and a note about who to sign it for (and yes, you can certainly request more than one! :-). My address is P.O. Box 33274, Portland, OR, 97292-3274.

Now, Avett Nation: You know I don't want to make you feel bad if you missed Monday night's show at the Crystal, but oh my word. Holy awesomeness. We were literally twenty feet from the stage. There were only 500 people there. The boys were . . . oh man. That was a once-in-a-lifetime show for me, I know that. Our conversation on the way home:

Me: "Oh my gosh."
Him: "Wow."
Me: "That was awesome."
Him: "Oh my gosh."
Me: "Seriously, right?"
Him: "Totally."
Me: "Holy."
Him: "Dang."
Me: "I can't hear anything" [ears ringing].
Him: "What?"

Man. People, if I haven't convinced you yet, if you take one single thing away from ever reading this blog, if you can allow me to give you just the slightest bit of unsolicited advice, please do yourself the biggest favor ever and go see these guys live. It was seriously beautiful to be that close to the stage and look back and see the crowd, singing every word, as we were. I was right next to the curtain that separated all of us from the backstage peeps, and all of the Terra Nova High School kids (the show was a benefit for their farm) were back there, watching. They'd made dinner from their farm for the band and crew earlier. There are some great videos of the show here. JFC, this set list is for you (they covered Woody Guthrie's [very dark] "Portland Town," and there were also a couple of songs ["Let Me Live," "Pretty Girl from Michigan," and "Never Been Alive"] I can't get on Grooveshark).

The Avett Brothers set list, Crystal Ballroom 8-30-10:


Oh how I love State Fair. My husband and I went last Sunday. Make sure to get a milkshake from the Oregon Dairy Women's Red Barn!

Thanks for sharing the Avett brothers I think we would really like them! Off to purchase :)

Thank you!!!!! Loving Portland Town... raised my hackle!

Avett!!! I have been seriously considering a very long drive up to NC to see them in Oct. The closest they're coming to where I live is Atlanta, which is still a good 6 hour drive. :( It would be a dream come true to finally see them live.
::Oh, swoon::
You lucky, lucky girl!!!
Jenny -in the middle of Florida where the Avett Bros. won't play.-

Hi Alicia,

Great post on you in Margaret's blog. I'm so happy for you to get that exposure for your lovely book. I will send you pictures of my gardener's tea dish towels inspired by you days-of-the-week ones in the book when I have them finished. I am if you want to check out my garden across the river and up the hill from yours.

Heather Bond says: September 02, 2010 at 11:52 AM

The Avett Brothers is just one of the many awesome things that I've gotten from you. Love them! I stayed up way too late one night to see them on Austin City Limits and it was totally worth it. I would love to see them live! I'll be at the Puyallup Fair in two weeks. You'll find me eating soft serve from the Dairy Bar while purusing the exhibits at the Hobby Hall. Good times!

Oh, I SO wanted to go to that show...sadly we missed them at the Edgefield, too. I'm hoping they play there again next summer (or the zoo again for that matter) as my four year old loves them almost as much as I do! Awesome fellas...

THANK YOU for sharing the Avett Brothers. Now I get what all the fuss is about. I've been listening for the last 1/2 hour as I cruise around the house picking up scattered dollhouse furniture and dress up clothes - seriously digging it. I now have "Decide what to be and go be it" up on the fridge on a Sesame Street post-it note.

(Actually, I am what I want to be, I just want to be it better.)

(Also - "Murder in the City" made me cry - kept thinking about this young soldier killed in Iraq and just buried in VT yesterday and how glad I am my own brother made it home safe.)

LOVE the Avetts. They and Mumford & Sons are my soundtrack for this autumn - such wonderful music to listen to with the fall breeze blowing the curtains, while I bake bread and can all the garden goodies.

Have a good time at the fair!

You'd appreciate that my 11 month-old Wally's all-time favorite song to dance to is "Kick Drum Heart". He climbs on my lap while I am on the computer and bounces until I open up itunes. Never seen them in person though!

Neat! I saw my favorite band (Crowded House) in concert a couple weeks ago. Isn't it awesome to have a favorite band and know all the words to every song and just feel so moved seeing them play live?! And I just joined the fan club for mine. First fan club I have ever joined. And I am nearly 40.
Thanks for sharing your love for such a fun band, the Avett Bros.!

Fairs are the bees' knees. I love them more the older I get. Thanks for sharing your music! It's so difficult for artists to get their stuff out there. Loving the vintage (?) dress and that quilt. Have a great time at the fair. Peace, Angela

Alicia, I'm embarrassed to tell you that you left me behind days ago with those Cool Tap Dancing Guys.....I just can't seem to catch up after that!!! You made an old(ish) woman very happy there! xxx

Hey Alicia,

What about that fresh and summery little yellow dress in the pic at the top of the post??? Can you give us details please? It is simply gorgeous!
Thanks :)

Love the little yellow dress and the chicken. Your book is on my birthday list...I've been hinting for a while now. (Tap, tap) is this mic on?? I got hooked on Great Big Sea and can't seem to sing anything else.

I was just listening to the Avett Brothers today and thinking about how I wanted to see them in concert. Sadly, I do not see any Pittsburgh shows in their future :(

If I drag myself out the door, and in to a book store, will I find that rooster in your book?
I do want the book, but the rooster is lighting a fire under me!'d Seth look with the short hair...I sort of like that vintage, hillbilly thang he's got goin thar! : )

They seriously are one of the best live bands anywhere, ever. Can't wait for next month at the Ryman!!

I love your books :)! I had to get them back from my 3 yr old daughter because she loves the pictures so much and keeps saying "Me want that and that and that". Have fun at the fair - I am like Templeton the rat when I go.

They are coming to our State Fair in Oct and I can not wait. I bet it's going to be awesome!

The top part of this dress is to die for.

When I heard they were doing that show I was so jealous! We saw them in Michigan but are coming to visit Portland for the first time and will be there this Monday...why oh why couldn't it have been this Monday! Glad you got to experience such an amazing, intimate concert with the boys:)

So, this is entirely unrelated to your post but please, oh please, can you tell me what color your wall is in that photo? I've been staring at that photo in your book since I picked it up last week and I really, really want to paint my girls' room that color. Then I want to make them that quilt. And hang a darling vintage dress on the wall. Is that too much to ask?

Thanks so much for posting the Avett Brothers' set list! I listened to the whole thing and dreamed myself a part of their audience at last Monday's show. :) So glad you got to go!

Oo! Just read that another commenter caught the Avett Brothers on Austin City Limits, which reminds me: Did you guys know you can watch Austin City Limits episodes online? The Avett Brothers and many other cool acts are posted, and you can watch for free! Check it out:

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