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We have hardly been home at all lately. A lot of going out. A lot of running around. A lot of fun. But a bit tiring. Not our usual schedule here at Paulson Place. My fellow couch mushroom communicated her dissatisfaction with the current state of non-sitting affairs by giving me this plaintive


look the minute I finally did sit down to pick up my knitting and hang with my pack. "Finally." Andy was working, so I spent most of the day with a lately neglected corgi on my legs, a watchful kitters looking over my shoulder, and another sideways sweater in my hands, watching the U.S. Open. It was wonderful (except that I was sad that Maria Sharapova lost — I really wish she would win big one of these days). In the early evening Clover and I went for a long walk around the neighborhood and she was such a good girl. She sits at every corner. I love walking with her. I have missed it lately. I confess, I'm looking forward to a little bit slower pace now that fall (i.e.: rain) is arriving. And one look out our window says it is. It definitely is. I don't mind the weather of fall. I just have a hard time with it getting dark so early. Need light. Better get some candles. Even in the morning: It's 8:14 a.m. and I can hardly see anything in my house.


Oh that sweet pup. Adorable.

Oh dear ... You better stay home for at least a week now. With that sad, bewildered face looking at you how could you not??

That is a sweet face. Yeah I'm looking forward to slower days myself. A little yarn and snuggling sounds good about now after a nice summer. Maybe the dog is trying to tell you something slow down and knit:)

We had a busy vacation also, and I look forward to the slower pace. I am enjoying the cooler weather and the rain, although like you said it's sad that the night is coming sooner.

Your blog is such a delight to read, it gives me such joy to see the love you have for Clover and your lovely life. Thanks for letting us all share a part of that. Ox

The cuteness factor is way high today, kiss kiss Miss Clover (couch mushroom).

I'm looking forward to things slowing down as well. Fall is wonderful because the time you are able to spend outside you cherish, because you know that those moments are coming to a close. And then it gets dark earlier so you have a reason to be inside tackling all of the projects you set aside to soak up the sunshine. It's definitely the season where I find balance.

Clover looks very content to be home and on the couch. :o)

the summer has been soooo a good way, but still busy.

Fall for me will continue to be busy with homeschooling and extra curricular activities of the kids BUT a more organized busy.

I started blogging about my new house and new start out in the country. If you get a chance stop by and say hi :o)

I was so disappointed when Sharapova lost as well -- I have really vegged on the US Open this year. I miss it being on USA.

Yes, it's DARK over here this morning! I think I need more coffee and cinnamon toast. Are you going to post about your visit to the state fair? I wanna see corndogs and giant pumpkins! Kiss kiss, Miss Clover Mushroom.

Look at that girl! She just wants to spend time with mom. I have a basset that is the same way. He doesn't like us out and about. He wants us home and on the sofa!

Clover is so cute. I am ready for the Fall too! I was so happy to look outside this morning and see evidence of rain! The only problem is my pug does not like to get his feet wet...

I would love to be spending fall in the Pacific Northwest. Here in the central valley of California it will be hot (and boringingly sunny every single day) until Halloween. :(

It's raining here, too. But it's kind of cozy. Inward thoughts prevail.

I LOVE your doggie's face. :-) And I love your row counter, I have the same one. I LOVE clicking it at the end of a row, such a feeling of accomplishment! It could only be improved with the addition of a "ding!" sound. That would totally rock my world. I know, silly huh?

I feel the same way! We have been so busy that I feel as if I've hardly connected with my dog, Rocco, in the past month. Last night after our latest set of houseguests left, I plopped on the couch for some mindless TV time and Rocco was in 7th heaven laying with me. It does feel good to slow down.

Oh how I miss Portland! Enjoy fall! LOVE reading your blog!

Aw. The little four-legged manipulators in our lives do indeed have an efficient way of making sure we do what they need us to do. The eyes are really powerful, aren't they? You cannot resist them.

Oh, and her little tucked front paws are ADORABLE, BTW.

Welcome back! Look at that little face. Candles sound like an awesome idea. I love the cozy weather too, but less light isn't too cool. Hmm, now for a candle hunt! Thanks for the inspiration.

I FINALLY took your advice about the Avett Bros. Downloaded their latest album. What can I say? Thank you!

It is such a dark, dreary day today! It weirdly energizes me, but I absolutely agree with the light. Must get candles indeed!

Sounds like you had a very relaxing day, and there is nothing better than having a "helper" when you are knitting. Nice picture of your cute "helper"


I know the feeling. Being gone brings something fresh and new and stimulating to our lives......from time to time. Afterwards our homes look fresh and new and .... a really good consequence.

Sounds like a lovely stay at home day. I was sad Sharapova lost too - admittedly mostly because I really liked her dress!

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