Dispatch from the Assembly Lines

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It is cold and foggy out this morning. Right here on our street is a layer of wispy fog, made obvious by the pale sunlight filtering through. Red leaves and cobwebs. Frost on the grass. It's very, very pretty today.

You were right — the root canal was no problem! Of course, I did have IV sedation which my beloved dentist strongly recommended (she knows me), so I missed the whole thing (yay). I was nervous. The endodontist's chairs faced this huge wall of windows that were about six feet away from the most gorgeous stream, peppered with lazily swimming wild ducks and bordered by long grasses and small trees. This was a real stream, not a hallucinated stream. It was ridiculously beautiful. I felt a little sorry that I was going to miss it. Right before the drugs kicked in I said to the doctor, "Are they working?" and he said, "You tell me." I said, "No." He said, "So what do you do for a living?" I was about to say, "I wind skeins of lace-weight yarn so that people can knit tiny scarves for miniature polar bears," but instead I said, "I . . . ."

The next thing I knew, people were smiling at me and telling me it was over, and Andy was escorting me out the side door. An hour and a half had passed, but it had felt like about four minutes. As we walked out, I had a strong urge to sit down on a little patch of sopping wet grass in the parking lot and take a rest. Everyone thought that was a bad idea and I let them think that ('cause I'm cool like that) and instead clambered into the passenger's seat. Then I proceeded to sleep for about fourteen hours. There was a pumpkin milkshake and a small hamburger in there somewhere, and I think I watched Leap Year and Green Card, but mostly it was all a long, pleasant blur. I was plumb tuckered out by the past couple of weeks, during which I've spent many sleepless nights worrying over (the usual existential questions like) which tile to choose and whether or not to add wainscoting to things (yes). I had to get a root canal to catch a nap, apparently.

Today I have GOT to stop fooling around and get back to work. We are almost finished with the cutting of felt/bagging of beads and sequins/winding of yarn/packing of patterns part and about to start the actual kit assembly line part. Kits are all still going to go out as planned, by the first of November. Andy has a post for you. He's already styled and photographed his snack station, I know that.


Yay... an Andy post... stock up on those harvest-colored M&Ms!!

Oh, and I'm glad the dental work went well. Isn't sedation wonderful?

Oh, how I love your job description!

that whole day sounds like a dream! lucky YOU!! haha

"I wind skeins of lace-weight yarn so that people can knit tiny scarves for miniature polar bears,"

funniest job description ever! =)

You make me smile.

Melissa L. says: October 15, 2010 at 09:27 AM

So glad it wasn't a trauma. And pumpkin milkshakes - I know you went to BV, didn't you. LOL They're the best.

My one experience with sedation was very similar to what you describe. I also had some lingering effects - I was in need of two naps a day for a few days before I finally threw off the last of it. Happy napping!

I love a bit of sedation!!! I feel very happy realising that I've known you for a year now. I know that because I remember Andy's post this time last year! Rest up now! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Hooray for tiny scarves on polar bears!!! I love it. I am going to practice my stitches this weekend - can't wait for my ornament kit to arrive!

I thought of you yesterday while getting my own root canal done - my DDS also has offices with a beautiful view they look out over a river with leaves changing on the banks.
P.S. your job description is perfect.

Ah, sedation dentistry. A wonderful thing. Glad it went well. We are on the precipice of signing the contract for our bathroom remodels, so I'm hanging on every word that you mention about yours!

I'm so glad your root canal is over- just have to add my declaration of love for sedation! Maybe we should all enter that dreamy state on a regular basis just to give our anxious brains a chance to chill. Oops, is that what booze and drugs are for??? Don't want to go THERE! Still.....I'm just relieved that all went well for you!

LOVE this post! Thanks for the update -- so glad to root canal went well.

Also... cannot WAIT to see the snack station, Andy! :)

Your last few posts have had me cracking up, but the bit about the miniature scarves for polar bears did me in!

Glad everything went well--I have a major dentist-phobia, and had a root canal under sedation a few years ago, and it was great. I wish I could get sedated for every dentist visit!

okay, who is your dentist? I need a dentist, and yours sounds lovely and kind and mostly normal, all of which are rare in dentistry, imho. Plus after being here for two years, i really need to go to one. thanks!

glad the dental work is done - and hurray for being able to sleep through it! hopefully there's been no lingering pain and you are fully back to your sweet life.

Cannot. Wait. So excited. Thanks for the updates and glad to hear the root canal went well!

Now I know no one wants a root canal done but you did make that sound like fun!!!!
Vivienne x

I must be in the minority here---I am TERRIFIED of IV needles and drugs, so I when I had to have a tooth extracted, I begged to have it done with just some Novocaine. The first shot was killer, but after that, I didn't feel anything, but hearing it was kind of gross. Anyhoo---changing subjects---between your fall feast and that no-knead bread you make in a dutch oven, I'm thinking I need to buy one now. Being somewhat *thrifty*, I'm leaning toward the old-school Lodge cast iron 5-quart model with the double lid. If I'm still all enthused about it Monday, I think I'm going to order one from Amazon. Have you baked bread in your DO? Do you use it on the stove, like to make chili, stews, and soups?

Glad your home safe and sound. I don't think I've gotten a decent nights sleep for four years maybe I should go and get a root canal...

Glad the root canal went great ... my least favorite thing to do is go to the dentist. Can't wait for an Andy post :)

I'm visiting my son, daughter in love and my grandson in WA this week, leaving today to head back to my home in CO. I just had to tell you why I was here I found your new book and their book store. I almost screamed in the store when I saw it!!! I have been looking for it at home but no luck finding it there yet. I'v been reading all week why I have been here and can't wait to get home and start working on something fun!!! I hope to start tomorrow why I am reating from my trip. I sure love the book....thank you so much, have a GREAT weekend!!!

Lorraine Frischkorn says: October 15, 2010 at 11:43 AM

I love "Green Card". Gerard Depardieux and Andie MacDowell were great for the leads. If you were a bit out of it, then that's an excuse to play the movie again! Lorraine, the one who lives north of Chicago... P.S. Another great movie about accidental-falling-in-love is "It Happened One Night" with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert...a scrumptious movie to see over and over again...One of my absolute favorites! YESSS!

Glad to hear your root canal went well. I may have to check into this IV sedation route. For me it's not the pain so much, it's the panic! I hate hearing all those whirs and gurgles, etc. ::shudders::

And I love your job description - best one I've ever heard! A job everyone should aspire to -as it makes a lot of people happy! :-)

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