First Fall Feast 2010

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Oh, it was good. It always is. Way back in 2006 when we got our Dutch oven, we made our first fall feast using it. We've obviously used the D.O. a hundred times since then (still looooooving that thing), but our annual first fall feast is still my favorite thing to make. This year with Andy's mom it was Ina's chicken with morels, those Brussels sprouts with chanterelles from Fine Cooking I mentioned, and an enormous tray of roasted winter vegetables, including squash, carrots, and parsnips. We also made a sour-cream apple pie with the most delicious apples in the whole wide world, my favorites, the Honeycrisps. I looked back to see the apple (note singular) we used for the FFF in 2007 (I think it was a Gravenstein — and Andy's mom was here for that FFF too!). I noticed I made my mom's creamed spinach last year. No, this is never a meal for the lactose intolerant.

The Brussels sprouts were insanely delicious (though next time I would roast them at a bit lower temp, or for a little less time) — kind of bitter in the best way, and then the chanterelles have that woodsy floppyness. I'll be thinking about it all while I have my root canal tomorrow [fake cries/bites nails/grimaces nervously]. . . .


Okay, I am OBSESSED with honeycrisp apples. I actually think all other apples should kind of ashamed of themselves. :-)

Melissa L. says: October 13, 2010 at 10:32 AM

Don't worry about tomorrow! Take your iPod or ask them to use theirs (they all have them) and don't forget that nitrous oxide is your friend. Whatever it takes.

Seriously, don't be afraid. I've had 3 and I am the world's biggest dental coward.

Don't lose sleep about tomorrow. I'm a dental hygienist so I know that your dental office will take good care of you. RC treatments are a long appt but not painful. They get a bad rap from tv etc...
You'll be good and numb and enjoy the laughing gas. Just think about your cute pets and what you are going to knit next!

I absolutely cannot waist for the Posie Gets Cozy cookbook...whenever it gets published!

I just had a root canal Monday (first part) and it was OK. I even had to go to a specialist because it was "too complicated" for my regular guy and it was STILL OK. You'll be fine and don't worry ... they don't hurt at all!

I'm slightly comforted knowing that my blog idol is going through the same thing :)

Loving your beautiful Fall Feast photo!
Sorry you have to have a root canal. I have had one before. You will do just fine.. it will be over before you know it! hang in there! :)

It sounds so yummy. I love how you have this tradition :)

Good luck with your dental procedure tomorrow. A cracked tooth is how my first root canal came to be as well. Bah. xo

Oh no, root canal!? Alicia dear, that is SUCH a drag. After it's over, you should definitely get under blankets and animals on the couch and do nothing for as long as you can get away with it.

My cracked tooth turned out to be dead and so it was extracted. I was knocked out and happy when I awoke only 30 minutes later in the company of such nice folks. They took good care of me. I hope you are feeling much better with at least some of the process over by now.

Hi Alicia!

I love your FFF photo - have you ever seen the cookbook called "Glorious One Pot Meals"?
I got this wonderful green Staub "French" oven and have cooked many meals in it.

Your post has inspired me to make our dinner in it tonight with a few sweet potatoes I have on hand and some chicken tenderloins. It's a GLORIOUS day here in Oregon, isn't it? :-)

My husbands been hunting (no animals were hurt in the telling of this story) and bringing home chanterelles instead. We are loving them! So far we've had them in soup, made into grazy, sautéed in butter & garlic then last night he sautéed them in the bottom juices/oils/chicken bits from the chicken he made in our cast iron pan. They are so yum!

Your whole meal sounds wonderful.

My mouth is watering! I think I'll go start on dinner right now.

ummmm, yummy! you are right...honeycrisps make all other apples look sad...and don't worry about the root'll be fine...just close your eyes and go to a happy place.

Honeycrisps for life!!

And Fall Feasts for life, too. I need to get on that and stop having Mac n' Cheese Feasts most nights.

Dear rosylittlethings blog, I have to appologise. I forgot about you, I got busy with life and school and school and forgot how much I love this blog. And it's pictures and especially the words. The wonderful way you express your words. It is good to be back to reading you and lurking (aside from this note of adoration ((perhaps my comment style is why I should continue to lurk.)) I was just so excited today when I remembered how much I enjoy this blog. Thanks for that and welcome back to my world ;).

Yum. I really have to go eat something roasted right now. Good luck tomorrow.

Never had a root canal, but I've heard they're not so bad. Honeycrisps are the best apple ever! I love them so much. I love them way more than a person who is not dying of starvation should love a fruit.

Again with the "don't fear the dentist" refrain. I HATE dental work. Hate, hate, hate it. My root canal was a breeze. Much less pain and suffering than many other things I've done in life.
The worst part really, was the bill. Egads. That is the REAL reason I brush and floss like new found religion.

Lauren (in PA) says: October 13, 2010 at 02:53 PM

ha son and I downed your delicious sour cream apple pie this weekend! I can't remember the apples, they were from the farmers market, from my friends orchard. they were very tart and VERY delicious! I'll find out the name for you!

Your life is full of traditions, Alicia. I love that. It makes me want to make some up, of my own....start a few new ones! Invent some. Hmmm, I'll have to get my thinking cap on. We haven't had our first frost yet so maybe I'll do a First Frost Feast. What do you think? Little J would enjoy that. Now I just need to learn to cook! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Eeks! A root canal! I need one too and I'm dreading it. Let's not think about it and concentrate on that wonderful food!

Alicia, do you and Andy grow your own veggies?

Oh my, yes...H.O.N.E.Y.C.R.I.S.P. Period. None better. Nuff said! :)
Well, okay. Maybe just a little more. hehehe I am soooo happy that other people love them as much as we do! That kind of guarantees their being around year after year!

I made Ina's chicken TWICE last week - it's that good (and that includes enough for leftovers)

Sorry about the dentist thing. I hate going, not because of the work, but the after-effects. I get sleepy and headachy for the next day or two. Hate it. Good luck. I hope you do better with the stuff that makes it feel better.

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