One Man’s Thoughts on Cutting Felt

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I know what you’re thinking. What makes this man’s thoughts any better than the thousands of other men’s thoughts on cutting felt.

I really have no answer to that.


1. Rotary cutters are awesome. CRUNCH! Exactly straight. Every time.


Wear and tear. Alicia says I should get a new board. Pah.

2. Math is awesome. You can count by fours. You can count by threes. If you cut three 6” strips and start three different stacks, in three more reps, repeated three times, you’ll have three piles of te3n. Wait. Let me count this again. Yea. Thrity. I mean Thirty.


3. When you’re cutting felt, your hands start to manage themselves. Your brain is free to do whatever. In my case, it wanders. Julius Peppers, right? The Bears’s defense is back, I think. Neil Caffery – how does he stay so calm? I love that about him – in spite of those hats. That fall feast was so good. Morel mushrooms. I wonder where they come from really, the woods? A clearing in the woods? I wonder if there will be a baby here next year at this time and if I’ll be cutting felt in the nursery. Will I have time to cut felt at all? I’m hungry. What time does Chipotle open I wonder? (Alicia knows: 11.) Look at this cute corgi! Scritch scritch good dog. We'll go to the p-a-r-k (spelling)later. I should prolly count these stacks of felt again. Right. Thirty.


4. Setting up temporary work stations is necessary. In front of the TV? Sure! Outside? OK! By Alicia? Always. Look, there’s my mom watching TV and playing Cut the Rope or Sneezies on her ipod.

5. The Posie Sweatshop Carryout Meal Plan is awesome. Burgerville, Chipotle, Pizzacato, Kettleman. As Shawn and Gus would say… what!

6. Listening to album after album of music. This time: Avett Brothers, Wilco, Electric Wizard (after Alicia goes to bed), OCMS, Sufjan Stevens, Wild Tchoupitoulas, My Morning Jacket, Bob Wills, Radiohead, Willie Nelson, Modest Mouse…


7. Set up snack stations by temporary work stations. Obviously. M&Ms, candy corn, Gardetto’s… what!

Oooooops. Wheel casualty. No one got hurt.

8. Working at home is awesome. You almost never have to worry about a defective foley bag busting open on you and then having to take a shower after throwing your pants away and begging the administrator on duty for an extra pair of scrub pants that won’t fit and don’t have anywhere to put your wallet anyway. That just does not happen at home.

8. Imagining these little squares of felt becoming polar bears and mittens and skates somewhere out there, all over the world, is awe… pretty cool. I love being part of it.


See you guys soon with thoughts on assembling kits. Thank you for buying them! Stay gold.


Oh, Andy posts always make me smile.

I love it when Andy does a guest post!! The Posie Sweatshop sounds like an awesome employer.

Dear Andy, I love your writing almost as much as Alicia's. One of those kits is coming to meeee...

A) I'd be happy (thrilled, actually) to take you morel hunting in the spring. On a side note, we took our baby when she was just a couple of weeks old. You know, just in case...
B) You must add Josh Ritter to the play list.
C) Thanks for the inside story from the other half of the Posie household!

Susie Sears Taylor says: October 21, 2010 at 08:51 AM

It's so nice to have a man around the house! Keep the snacks coming and the take out/delivery numbers by the phone. KEEP HIM HAPPY! Great post.

Frances from Florida says: October 21, 2010 at 08:53 AM

Excellent post about the PSweatshop. Keep up the good work.

Great post - really gave me a smile today :)

Oh, I will have so much more appreciation for when I receive my felt in the mail. All that wonderful energy going into it. Thanks Andy!

What a sweet post! Love the Psych reference!

Alicia!! How dreamy is your hubs?! Ooooh what a keeper, cutting your felt, imagining polar bears. I've gotta keep my eyes peeled for a dude like that!!

Heh. I see no beer was involved in this endeavor. Smart man, that Andy. Cervaza is post-felt!

This was my first big smile of the morning. If I had a prize, I'd send it. :)

Hmmm...while the defense may be back, I think hope may be springing eternal in this Bears fan. But it does to all football lovers every year. I would like to know where Nurse Andy falls down on these helmet to helmet hits.

Love, a pessimistic Colts fan.

Ok, I so want a baby update but am too afraid to ask but since Andy put it out there any news :) Hoping and praying each day that I see a new blog post that it will be THE.ONE.

I got my kit in the mail yesterday so I thank you for all of your manly felt-cutting work Mister Paulson!

I sometimes make boyfriend help me wind wool...I've always wondered what's going through his head...I think now I have a taste.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thank you Andy. You crack me up every time.

So sweet. I hope you two are really as happy as you sound.

Entertaining! Thanks. I look forward to receiving my kit in the mail:)

Morels pop up after a good rain. They like sandy soil. They are TONS of fun to pick...

You two are the sweetest business partners ever. Love this post Andy. I've never seen a rotary blade shatter! And you had me right up until Willie Nelson....Willie Nelson? With Modest Mouse? I guess I have to give it a try.

Loved the references to two of my favorite shows: Psych and White Collar! Seriously, USA network rocks. :) Oh, and so does Andy for all this work and the awesome post!

Love it. Here are my thoughts on cutting felt. Are you cutting on a wooden board? Invest in a self healing mat. You can cut and cut and cut and cut and it will take years before you see any grooves.

#2 - You are a nurse man! Believe me when I say you don't want to be a patient in the ER.... so also invest in a handle for that ruler, They have suction cups and sticks to the ruler. That means that your hands are on the handle and won't accidently slip into the path of the blade. I'm speaking from gruesome experience here!!! HA.

#3 - Keep an extra set of scrubs in the trunk of your car. Also, blankets, shovels and chocolate bars in case you get caught in a snowstorm. You never know, it might happen. You might be in Chicago to catch a Bears game and it might be the worst snowstorm in history.

One more thing....


Been there and it's all good.
Nothing like working at home with loved ones, pup-dogs and oh yeah' snacks... hee hee

Julie G. in Iowa says: October 21, 2010 at 09:35 AM

Yay! I love Andy posts! :D

You are awesome, Andy. I sincerely hope there's a little one by your side for next year's festivities. Stay gold, indeed!

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