Changing Days Cardigan

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PATTERN: Style No. 6043-87 by Bernat Design Studio (1960)
SIZE: 12 months
YARN: Classic Elite Yarns Fresco in 5364 Celestial Blue (I think)

LOVE. HAPPY. GREAT. HAPPY. Oh, it came out just like I'd hoped. I only wish this wasn't an out-of-print pattern so you could make it too. (It's from Bernat pamphlet #87, published in 1960, in case you find a copy out there. I have a call into Bernat to see if there is any hope for a re-issue?) It looks fancy and complicated but I assure you, it is so much easier than it looks.

There were so many beautiful suggestions for what to call this sweater when I sent out the request for help in naming it a few weeks ago — thank you! I was going to take a poll, but then I realized that there was one comment that was really sticking with me and felt just right. Allison said, "What about 'Changing Days Cardigan'? It fits the remodeling during which you made it, the time of year during which you made it, and the preparation and anticipation time for/before baby." Yes. That's exactly it. And since everything I've we've painted is blue-gray, gray-blue, blue, or gray (and the rest of the house was already blue-gray, gray-blue, blue, or gray), this feels right, too. But look at all these other pretty suggestions: Arwen, Winter Sky, Snow-Dusted Meadow, Snowy Skies, Sea Glass. Dust Bunny. Lady Grey. Snow Cloud. Austen. So many other pretty ones, too. Well, I will just have to make more. For now, this one is Changing Days Cardigan.


This YARN. It's 60% wool, 30% alpaca, and 10% angora. I love love love it. I must be way into alpaca. It just feels like everything I want yarn to feel like. It blooms just the right amount. It has just the right feel, the right sort of "finish" — not shiny, not too twisted, slightly fluffy/fuzzy, always soft. It just feels very classic and cozy and delicious. Good colors, too.


So nice. I will make you again, prettiest sweater pattern ever.


I'm loving aplaca yarn lately too. I found the softest acrylic/wool/aplaca blend and then made several beanies. Too many, in fact :)

This is just heavenly, like a baby cloud. I'm working with some Berrocco Alpaca right now and loving it, too! And alpaca is gorgeously warm. xo!

Such beautiful stitches, and so tiny.

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Perfect name, and it looks so wonderful! I want one for myself!

just gorgeous! happy holidays, Paulsons. xoC

Beth Lehman says: November 30, 2010 at 12:56 PM

for adults??? please would someone make a pattern in my size??? it is stunning!

Gorgeous sweater. I'd love to make it also if the pattern could be found. Alpaca and soft cotton are my hit yarns.

Perfect name :) - it looks so cozy. This would look wonderful in an adult size.

Wow, it is lovely and the blocking seems necessary. I've heard some knitters say they never block, how?? That looks like a completely different sweater! Beautiful.

Lovely! It will look sepecially cute with some wiggly, chubby arms squirming in it!

How lovely--both the sweater and this time in you and Andy's life together. :)

It's gorgeous. That colour, beautiful! I am sure it will look lovely on one very lucky little lady :-)

It is just beautiful! Please let us know if they agree to a re-issue. Knitters want to make it!

It is stunnning, I wish I knew how to knit

i'll bet its soft.....xo

It's just perfect, both the name and the cardigan..

You did a fabulous job knitting it. I might have chucked it in the trash before the blocking did it's magic. It just looked like a misshappen lump to me. Thank goodness for people like you with vision!

Awww, it looks so much the color of the sky today... during the few hours of light we had. So pretty.

Merry December Eve!!!

Gorgeous sweater, and I am COMPLETELY on board the Fresco love train. I knit a shop sample in Fresco last year, and have been itching to use it again ever since. Such beautiful colors, and such a wonderful hand .... your little one will be so cozy/cuddly in this sweter!

You are a beautiful knitter! Personally, I stick to flat things only, but maybe a New Year's resolution for me will be to try something 3-D. This would be an adorable cape if it could be adapted somehow - how cute would that be with a little hood attached?

absolutely and sweater...perfect!

Oh what a beauty! Wish I could knit, because that sweater looks like perfection.

Dear Alicia, love the sweater and love the name! It was neat to see you mention my name idea, "Winter Sky" in the blog.

I mentioned your name and blog in my blog yesterday... and I gave your "Snow Day" Ornament packet to my sister for her birthday today over lunch of coconut shrimp. :-) We plan to work on our ornaments together, I kept the "Walk in the Woods" set.

I'm going to try to come to the book signing and buy your book on Friday! :-)

Hugs from Corbett, Teresa

Ah, so pretty!
Wish these came in grown ups sizes :0)

It truly is a beautiful sweater. I can only imagine how each stitch is crafted with love and hopeful anticipation for the love that will come into both of your lives. Not only yours and Andy's, but her life too.
I can well picture this small, but powerful being, waiting in "the wings" to be enfolded in love everlasting, knowing that the commitment and eternal connection is the door that is and has been open for a long time.

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