Changing Days Cardigan

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PATTERN: Style No. 6043-87 by Bernat Design Studio (1960)
SIZE: 12 months
YARN: Classic Elite Yarns Fresco in 5364 Celestial Blue (I think)

LOVE. HAPPY. GREAT. HAPPY. Oh, it came out just like I'd hoped. I only wish this wasn't an out-of-print pattern so you could make it too. (It's from Bernat pamphlet #87, published in 1960, in case you find a copy out there. I have a call into Bernat to see if there is any hope for a re-issue?) It looks fancy and complicated but I assure you, it is so much easier than it looks.

There were so many beautiful suggestions for what to call this sweater when I sent out the request for help in naming it a few weeks ago — thank you! I was going to take a poll, but then I realized that there was one comment that was really sticking with me and felt just right. Allison said, "What about 'Changing Days Cardigan'? It fits the remodeling during which you made it, the time of year during which you made it, and the preparation and anticipation time for/before baby." Yes. That's exactly it. And since everything I've we've painted is blue-gray, gray-blue, blue, or gray (and the rest of the house was already blue-gray, gray-blue, blue, or gray), this feels right, too. But look at all these other pretty suggestions: Arwen, Winter Sky, Snow-Dusted Meadow, Snowy Skies, Sea Glass. Dust Bunny. Lady Grey. Snow Cloud. Austen. So many other pretty ones, too. Well, I will just have to make more. For now, this one is Changing Days Cardigan.


This YARN. It's 60% wool, 30% alpaca, and 10% angora. I love love love it. I must be way into alpaca. It just feels like everything I want yarn to feel like. It blooms just the right amount. It has just the right feel, the right sort of "finish" — not shiny, not too twisted, slightly fluffy/fuzzy, always soft. It just feels very classic and cozy and delicious. Good colors, too.


So nice. I will make you again, prettiest sweater pattern ever.


Jane T in NW Louisiana says: November 30, 2010 at 05:18 PM

This definitely needs to be written in an adult size. What a gorgeous sweater.

Oh! This came out sooo beautiful!!! Changing Days is perfect! I'm so impressed with how perfect all of your stitches look! You're my hero!

I got so excited when I saw you asking for help naming it your sweater and started daydreaming lovely names. I was actually a little mad when I saw the comment for "Changing Days" because I instantly knew that was going to be the winner :)

It's the absolutely perfect name!

Wow! I really like how you demonstrated how you stretch the cardigan. At first there I thought maybe it was for the doggie. I mean, I'd make a nice cardigan like that for my doggie. Neat blog! Great cardigan!

Sigh. If only I could knit...
The only thing more lovely than this sweater will be seeing it on your beautiful baby :)

so gorgeous!!!!

How lovely!

that's beautiful and the name is perfection...if you can get them to re-issue the pattern, make them release a pattern for adults too!

OK..... blocking makes the difference !~! Truly a beautiful piece, crafted with love in anticipation.

Pretty pretty! Good job! It's a keeper

Oh, it is just darling, really that's all I can say ... because from the buttons down to the yarn and the color and the pattern it really is perfect ... thank you for sharing, Alicia.

It's beautiful! I'll join the queue of knitters petitioning for the pattern to be reissued please.

It looks divine. Does the knitting revert to pre-blocked state once washed again, though? Is blocking something that is done once, or every wash (or so)? I Admire your knitting (all of it) very much. I am also a big fan of alpaca.

How fabulous! If only I had a girl to knit for amongst my boys!

Such a sweet sweater, Alicia! My, how many handmade sweaters are there now for that much-loved little someone whose heading your way? I've lost count! How wonderful to have the time for making for her!

Thank you, Alicia. It's an honor that you found my suggestion fitting. The sweater turned out beautifully. Best wishes.

If it's out of print, the copyright has probably expired and there's likely no problem scanning the pattern and sharing it(say's the hopeful mother of 9 1/2 month old triplet girls who has skeins of wool/alpaca that never got knit into newborn sweaters, ahem)

Just saying,


(the sweater turned out beautifully, by the way)

Beautiful sweater and I love the name. It's just right for the color that's somewhere between summer and winter skies, and the ribs that shift into cables. Lovely.

Ooh oh oh!

Seeing this pattern makes my hands want to knit so very badly.

Oh, thank you so much for sharing!

I have no knitting skills at all so I don't always read these posts (sorry!) but this is just beautiful. That is my favorite colour in the whole world. Your name for it is lovely too.

A gorgeous sweater! Have you always been a knitter? I am just learning to make sweaters. Lovely color.

I wish I could email you so as not to post here.

I have a nephew,Bryce Stewart 37 who is dying of Pancerous/Liver cancer. He has just a couple months left. They had a benefit for him at Knights of Columbus Sandusky, Ohio if you'd like to confirm. 419-625-8751. He is leaving behind 3 little girls, ages 5, 3, 4 months. He found out he had cancer a couple days after the birth of Lizzie.

I am having a give away on one of my bunnies which will have a donation button even a dollar donation would be very nice. There will be a post on how the winner will be chosen for the bunny.

Bryce has not given up fighting for his young daughters, however, the battle is sadly being lost. If you can find it in your hearts to help I am sure Alicia, Bryce's wife would be more than grateful as would I.

I deeply apologize Alicia for leaving this on your post, but, I think of the 3 little ones he's leaving behind and all the medical bills and I find myself needing to help anyway I can. Thank you so much. Blessings, Bunnie Marie

Jody Johnson says: December 01, 2010 at 10:06 PM

Oh my. I haven't read your blog in months and oh what I have missed! To say I am thrilled to hear of your upcoming adoption would be an understatement. God bless you and Andy. You will make wonderful parents! !!

It's very possible that the pattern was never copyrighted, or that the copyright is expired. I don't mean to imply that anyone sell it, but it may very well be okay to photocopy it. Just sayin'. It's a fantastic sweater!

Oh what a lovely blog. Haven´t visited it before but I can promise I will read it many times after this!

That is so beautifully made. I adore it. I'm not a knitter but I'm tempted to give that pattern a go now.

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