New Art for the Rearrangement

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"Spring at the White House Farm" by Billy Jacobs

I just got this print at a cute little store here in Portland (Sellwood) called American at Heart. It's going to go in this little space right above the TV inside the "entertainment center" (I always think that is such a hilarious name for this piece of furniture. I picture it like, you open a drawer — someone pops out singing showtunes! Behind the cabinet door — a clown juggling apples! That's entertainment!). Anyway, I have always really liked paintings like this, and the sheep in this one enchanted me. I actually saw this on Tuesday and couldn't get it out of my mind for the past couple of days, and went back and got it today. The sky in the painting looks EXACTLY like the sky here in P-town looks today. Someone told me they are saying snow for us here, maybe, sometime next week? Oh please oh please!

Thank you for all of the sweater-naming suggestions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are too many good ones. I don't know what to pick. Too many good ones! Maybe we'll have a vote. I'll try to find one of those vote-taking widgets. The sweater is still sopping wet, so it'll definitely be a few more days before button-time. It seems that it didn't dry at all in the past day. The weather yesterday was stormy stormy stormy. Clover froke. The heat in the house was off because there is tile being set in the bathroom, and the tile saw is outside, so the back door is open most of the time and the wind was whistling. Cold cold cold. Clover Meadow = nervous and cold and pleading for things to go back to how they used to be. Before her sofa went from being over here to over there. Before her pillows went from being over here to over there. Before wind and rain. Before, when everything was perfect. Yesterday Miss Jenny sent me a link to the most hilarious blog post ever — Allie at Hyperbole and a Half just moved, and the dogs . . . oh man, you just have to see how funny this girl is.

Speaking of funny, did anybody see that Martha Stewart Thanksgiving special that's been on, where she shows the bloopers at the end and drops the turkey on the floor and then says, "Oooops." I rewound that about five times and laughed so hard. The way she drops it just cracks me up.


I love that painting. I'll have to look that artist up. It's rather nostalgic.

I love Martha bloopers! Not because I'm a Martha-hater, but just because, like you said, they are funny! In case I didn't already said it, I think you sweater is one of my very favorite sweaters ever...I really need to learn to knit!

I would love to see Martha bloopers, she's usually so put-together! And I absolutely love Hyperbole and a Half. Her post this week about moving with her dogs had me in tears. She is a riot!

ohh ahahaahaha haha Allie's blog post is really cracking me up!! I have to shut my office door to keep my laughing a secret!

I love your new print, the light in it is wonderful! :)
Vivienne x

Is it just me? The sheep has an endearing Clover-like expression... most appealing.
Martha bloopers? That could be *a good thing.*

I'm just stoked because you said FROKE. Made my day.

That blog post made me laugh uncontrollably.

That painting reminds me of an old Currier and Ives print I have in my 1/2 bath. Great Taste :)

Loved the blog link... totally hilarious, and brightened my day!

Lol - Love the post you linked to! The illustrations got me more than anything!

Thanks for the link to that blog - that post was hilarious!! :o)

yes, the gray skies~
We just recently relocated here to the Pacific Northwest and the gray skies are going to take some getting use to.
I'm off to check out the blog you linked.
have a good one!

That looks like an old house in Pennsylvania! I have a similar painting in my family room... everyone always comments on the sheep. I guess sheep are it. Oh, I so want to see Martha dropping the turkey! Do you think it's on YouTube yet???

Love those grey skies. We have them up here in Washington too! I think one of my favorite sights is a harvested cornfield filled with white geese under Northwestern gray skies. Its so melancholy and comforting somehow.

My friend sent me Allie's post about moving the dogs, and it made me laugh AND snort out loud! It is truly hysterical. "Clover froke" made me snort, too. :-)

Love your print! Loved your post too, and thanks for the link to the dog moving story. I read the whole thing out loud for hubby (didn't know how long it was!) and I giggled until I had tears in my eyes. We took our dog on a 5,125 mile trip this summer and I can so relate on the dogs not enjoying it all, but happily, ours did not make noise like that or we might have left him in Oklahoma. :-)

Hugssss, Teresa from Corbett, OR

claire ashworth says: November 18, 2010 at 08:35 PM

hahahaha thanks so much for a link to that post!! i had seen her blog in the past but never found my way back to it. that post is AWESOME! haha... also on YOUR last blog i laughed out loud when i saw the pic of your board on top of your dog. awesome! i love how we use our dogs.

Love your new piece of artwork! Yes, the sheep in the pic would have won me over too. Hope the door to your house can close soon and Ms. Clover recovers from the "trauma", poor little honeybunch.
Thanks so much for the link to Allie's blog, I laughed so hard I cried!! Laughter is so good for the heart and soul.
Take a look at this Tim Conway skit. Also pretty funny!

that's some link to some blog...thanks

Your sweater collection is beyond precious. The love eminates from them in every stitch.
I have a tip: after wetting the finished masterpiece, roll it in a Sham-Wow which will get most of the H2O right out. Then you can block it by pinning it on those big rubber puzzle like squares used for kids that go on the floor (obviously I don't know what they're called, so I hope you know what I mean). Can you tell I love to knit?!
All the tedium of renovation is worth it in the end; it shows in your "afters." Hang tight.

Just this morning, I posted the link to the "dogs moving" post. I actually had tears streaming down my face -- laughed so hard there was no sound coming out. I think you have to be a dog person to get it, and perhaps you have to know a "special" dog to really get it. :)

That's a terrific painting. Up here in SEA the air just SMELLS like snow. You know that smell? There's something very particular about it. Anyway--the Hyperbole and a Half post rawked. "I made food! I am magical!" Guffaw! Poor Clover, I've seen my pets over the years move across the country and up and down the coast and there's just nothing fun about it. When they see those boxes they KNOW.

I read the Hyperbole and a Half comic yesterday at work. It was bad! I had to keep taking breaks so that I wasn't histerically giggling in my cubicle.

After work when the hubby and I were all cozy I pulled it up and read it to him and all the held-in laughter came bubbling out. I laughed for hours constantly. At anything, to the point where the hubby thought I needed to be committed. Such an ab workout and a wonderful thing to share

Geez was that dog thing hilarious! Thanks for sharing. I was almost crying, I was laughing so hard!

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