Animal Activity (and Not So Much)

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My abs hurt just looking at this photo. He was in this position for, oh, ten minutes or so. Yesterday we decided to try to have one "bird"feeder for the squirrels, and one squirrel-proof feeder for the birds (thanks for that idea, those of you who mentioned it). So we got a new squirrel-proof birdfeeder (the one in the photo is not it — that's the old one; the new one is still in its box). The squirrel-proof one is hard to describe but the food window basically closes whenever there is weight on the little perch sticking out from it; a bird is not heavy enough to close it, but a squirrel is. The saleslady had said that we needed to put the squirrel-proof feeder far enough away from a branch so that the squirrel couldn't stand on the branch and eat out of it. I joked in the car afterward to Andy that since she said "branch" she probably didn't mean "tree trunk," and anyway I didn't see how anything could actually stand on a vertical surface. . . . HAR! Wrong! :-) Clearly I have not spent enough time observing squirrel behavior. I was cracking up when I took his photo from my window this morning. We'll see how it goes!

I finished the doggie beds yesterday — basically just covered two fleece dog beds we already had with heavyweight ticking, one for the bathroom (she likes to lay in front of the heat vent while we take our showers), and one for the front rooms.


My sweet little darling. She likes them. Mwah little black nose I could just kiss all day long.


Prepare your abs for another workout. Watch this video:

Note that is part 1. All 4 parts are worth watching.

The squirrel has some balance! Love the fabric for the dog beds .. give her a kiss for me too :)

How cute! I love how that little squirrel is hanging on for dear life, but still very determined!

Clover Meadow looks like she's ready to settle in for winter. Such a sweet girl!

, Bethany

awww,jus wanna reach down into this pic and wuv on her a little. She looks very shiny and sweet:)

I love your braided rug. I'm in the midst of trying to buy one but I have to do it online since we live in the middle of nowhere. Hard to tell what's quality online! I know you don't usually respond to these sorts of things, but maybe some of you commenters have suggestions?!

I have to ask what kind of dog she is - we recently got a "new" dog from the Humane Society and she seems very similar to yours, although ours is white. Our Daisy is such a sweet little girl!

Never mind - I just read on another page that she's a corgi! So cute.

We have a needy little squirrel in our yard too.. my dad started throwing nuts in the yard during the summer when he went outside. Now the squirrel runs up to the door whenever he hears us come outside and waits for his food!

Squirrels can be a real problem they are very talented creatures. Feeding birds is so very soothing to watch.
We love feeding finches they are so beautiful.

Love the ticking on the dog bed it always adds a bit of warmth.

She´s so sweet - just as my dog. Could kiss her nose all day long too. :-)

I'm amazed at how squirrels can get at the feeders. When we used to live in a house with a tree in the yard (Wyoming, not many trees out here :) we tried in vain with many many feeders and they always got into them. It seemed like they could stand in mid-air if they were determined enough.

From my office window I have been watching squirrels in similar positions eating from the persimmon tree in our neighbors yard. They are certainly acrobats.

The inert squirrel photograph is hilarious. I'll bet you'll get another even better shot very soon, Alicia.

My urban fire escape squirrels and I have a love/hate relationship. They're just so darned cute...until they come along and nibble at my jade plant or sever my rosemary plant at the base. And then they just leave it there to rot! I mean, come on, just EAT the thing if you're going to sever it!

But then sometimes, just sometimes, one will take a nap on a tree branch outside our window and I can't help but say 'aawww'. Oh well, not much I can do!

Squirrel determination... it's legendary, and you have good evidence.
I love that Clover Meadow can comfortably go about her business, while you go about yours!

Who needs to watch TV when you have all that entertainment right out your window! You can't begrudge them a little food when they have to work soooo hard for it ... can you??

That squirrel photo is priceless! We have lots of squirrels that run amok in our backyard, always getting into mischief of one kind or another. Each of them remind me of Squirrel Nutkin from the Tales of Beatrix Potter. The doggie beds look great. Thank you for some inspiration. My husband and I just adopted a little Cavalier named Daisy. Maybe I'll take a few of her new doggie beds and spruce them up a bit!

We have a couple of nimble squirrels who hold on with their back feet to the wire upon which the feeder hangs, and scoop food into their mouths with their front paws. I figure if they're that determined, they're welcome to it. At least if they're on the feeder they're not in my garden! :)

that squirrel makes me laugh out loud!

do you have a source for the heavy weight ticking? I can't find any locally anymore.

I heard this spot on the NPR last night when I was driving home from Skokie to Edgewater/north Andersonville in Chicago. You might find it interesting about feeding animals!

Hilarious photo of the squirrel! Happy holidays!

Squirrels can and will contort into any position to swipe some grub. I have seen some crazy things in my time. The worst thing is when they give you the stinkeye while they take the bird food. Peace, Angela

Very cute dog!
Very crafty squirrel!

Over the weekend I added some breads and peanuts for our birds and the squirrels was trying to go to the bird feeder. He was looking at every angle trying to figure out how to get up there. I was looking at the squirrel for at least 10 minutes also and start we threw some peanuts on the ground.

Our dog loves the bathroom also. For bed he is quite picky...he growls at my husband when he wants to sleep with us...laughing.

Okay, your next purchase will be a "squirrel feeder." Talk about fun to watch! Its a piece of wood that you attach to a tree trunk. It has a little wooden seat for the squirrel to sit on and a nail that sticks up in front of the seat that holds a dried corn cob. They love them! And you'll love the pictures you get!

hee hee, acrobatic & strong squirrels - I once watched one manage to steal an entire large bag of nuts.

Your dog looks sooo comfy! x

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