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From Embroidery Companion

I did nothing I said I was going to do yesterday. 1) I didn't stay in, I stayed out. 2) I didn't bake, I ate out. 3) I didn't go grocery shopping, I went to the bookstore. 4) I also bought two regular candles. I don't even know how it all happened. It was happening before I even knew it was happening. When the two candles showed up I almost screamed. Conclusion: Don't listen to anything I say.

I also accidentally let my domain name expire on my web shop, so if you were trying to order a pattern or a book or a kit in the past day or so and couldn't find the site, I'm sorry about that. (SORRY ESPECIALLY TO LINDA!!! And thank you to Sylvia for letting me know. :-) Whoops! It's working now.

I am excited about the book signing tonight! I am baking cupcakes and my mom and Arden are baking cupcakes. Please come so that my family and I aren't there eating 48 cupcakes by ourselves. We are surely capable of doing that, if necessary, but we'd much rather see you. I forgot to mention that a few people asked me about the sampler on my mantle the other day. That is a cross-stitch project from the book and I will be bringing it with me tonight, along with tons of other projects from the book. You can purchase a book there, or bring a book that you already own, or just stop by and say hi! It's all good!

Embroidery Companion Book Signing
Friday, December 3, 2010
5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Modern Domestic
1408 NE Alberta, Portland, OR 97211

I also wanted to tell you that Annette at A Simple Breath is having an Embroidery Companion Sew Along! This will be a monthly sew along of projects from the book that goes all through 2011. Everyone is welcome to participate! Please see Annette's blog for details -- and there is a book giveaway as well! One of the very, very best things about making books is watching how people interpret the projects, and seeing what they make. I am always so amazed at how the projects go out into the world and become so many other things. Awesome.

Speaking of awesome, have you seen the ornaments that are being made? LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I just want to kiss every single one of those P.B.s on their little black noses.

Also, has anyone ever covered a roller shade with fabric? I know you are supposed to be able do this but I never have and I'm kind of scared. Spray glue and I don't have a good history together. Any tips?

Are you going to Scan Fair this weekend? Word to the wise: Go early. It gets so crowded you can hardly move! I'll be there with bells on at 10 a.m. And Farmers' Market is right outside (on Saturday, at least) starting at 9 a.m., so what more could you want. Can't wait.


Oh how I wish I could attend! I'm in New York State. I know your appreciative audience will have a wonderful time. How could they not? At how many booksignings do you get cupcakes?

P.S. Still working on my ornaments and loving the process.

When I read your question I thought you said "has anyone ever covered a roller SKATE with fabric..." And I wasn't even confused by it because of course only YOU would cover a roller skate in fabric and it would turn into something lovely! ha!

When my son was a baby I made a fabric-covered roller shade for his room. I bought the roller shade at Calico Corners and it already had the adhesive on it! It was so easy to do--had directions and everything! I added a cute chain-stitch cord for a pull with a glass ring on the bottom. Hope you have a Calico Corners where you live--or look for another fabric store that specializes in upholstery and drapery fabric. Good luck!

I have replaced the vinyl shades with fabric several times. It works really well - I use some lightweight interfacing, fuse to the back of the fabric (leaving some extra on each side to fold over, which I use steam a seam to hold down so no stitch marks), and then just rip the vinyl off the little cardboard tube and replace with your fabric. I've actually found that duct tape holds the fabric on the best (just make the shade long enough that there is a full wrap around the tube when fully extended and the tape will never show). Other than the fusing being tedious, it's really easy. You can fold a little open hem at the bottom to slide the little stick (technical drapery term) into to make it rigid, although if you're using the shades with a pulley instead of a tension spring, that's probably not necessary.

Your yesterday sounds EXACTLY like my today. But I defend myself. Some days you've just gotta do what you've gotta (or wanna) do. And I did. And you did, too. So good for us.

Hope the signing is fabulous.

If I was anywhere near Portland, I'd be there - have fun! As for the ornaments, they look great. I have your first two kits and barely finished the first one, so I have vowed not to buy the 3rd until at least one kit is done (maybe over xmas holidays).

I think Martha Stewart did a roller-shade-to-fabric thing in Living a few issues ago. Or was it roller-shade-to-wallpaper... Either way, worth a look. Have fun at your signing. Wish I could come!

I love that little table set up in the photo. That shade of blue and red are so pretty together! Have fun at your book signing! If I lived anywhere near Oregon I'd be there :)

Enjoy your signing - it's a fab book! I'm sure there will be heaps of people coming along to eat the cup cakes and I hope they all buy your lovely book too. Wish I was but I'm in the UK.

Hope you have fun at the book signing :) Wish I lived closer - I would help you eat some cupcakes and would love to talk with you.

I use spray glue-super 77. Works great. I roll the fabric up and only unroll a bit at a time going down the shade so I have control of the bubbles. Good luck, you can do it!

Dear Santa,
Please send me to Portland.
I have been pretty darn good this year, and going there could only make me better!
Have a wonderful weekend Alicia!

Haha! That's hillarious, especially the part about you buying two regular candles. I laughed out loud.

Brett Bara has a great tutorial for fabric covered roller blinds here:

I just wish I had time to make some!

Fingers crossed for a great book signing!

Dear Alicia,

My sister and I had planned on coming to the book signing and I was going to buy a book and say hello. Unfortunately, I contracted a cold from my little grandsons and must stay home today and recuperate, plus I would never want to give this to anyone. ::sniffle:: ::wah::

No cupcake for me! :-P

Teresa from Corbett, OR

Yay! I just talked my hubby into taking the kids for the evening so I can come to your signing. I've wanted your book for some time now, so here's my golden opportunity. I can't wait.
Too funny about your day too. I do that alot--make a list a promptly to the opposite. I blame kids in my case. :-)

Getting to meet you, your family, AND get homemade cupcakes! Sounds like a great deal. If I didn't live on the other side of the country I'd be there in a heartbeat. I'll eat a cupcake tonight in your honor :)

cupcakes sound divine...virginia, however is a long way to travel from to oregon to get i will sit by my little fire and stitch on my little ornaments and eat my own cupcakes, which will not be as good as yours i am quite sure. good luck at the signing!

For the roller shade thing, I made one eons ago and I recall buying a kit from the fabric store (Joann's) and you used fusible web to iron on the fabric of choice.

Wish I could magically transport myself to the bookstore tonight. If only to help you eat cupcakes. Have fun.

Julie G. in Iowa says: December 03, 2010 at 02:25 PM

Hold everything!
Stop the presses!
I haven't even read this blog entry yet because I've just been stopped in my track by THOSE CURTAINS!.
Must. Have. Polka-dot. Curtains. In. Kitchen.
I feel like I need to go to the fabric store, arms out zombie-like, in need of polka dot fabric.
Just sayin's all.

Julie G. in Iowa says: December 03, 2010 at 02:32 PM

OK. Now I'm calm again and have read your post. I had good luck with my bathroom's roller blind shade. I didn't want it lumpy or wrinkly or too heavy to roll up so I sort of cannibalized it. I threw away the ugly plastic-y shade. Hemmed some cotton fabric into the correct width and length, and then used very sticky double-sided tape to attach the new fabric shade to the existing roller. Voila! New and improved shade. :)

Best of luck with the book signing, I'd eat a cupcake virtually if I could....

Wishing you were in Houston. No...wishing I were in Portland. Sigh.

I love this photo.

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