Cinny Buns

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Thank you for all of the living- and dining-room love! I updated Monday's post with some source information in response to the questions that came in, so check back there for answers. Our downstairs bathroom is pretty much finished, and our hallways have new paint, too, so I'll have more house photos soon.

I have been so very much enjoying the quiet of the house these past two weeks. I guess I am someone who really likes it quiet when I am home alone. It seems to make the day go slower, somehow. I especially like it quiet when I'm baking. I like to hear the sound of the dog snoring, the traffic outside, the baking things clattering. I thought about this lately because we have a new oven and it is bizarrely loud. It is electric, convection. When it is on, I can actually hear it from all the way across the house, in the living room. I read in the instruction book that this is normal; I think it is the convection fan whirring. I guess that is a sound of baking, too, now.

Whatever it is, it baked these cinny buns perfectly. These are the Bakery Cinnamon Rolls from The Grand Central Baking Book: Breakfast Pastries, Cookies, Pies, and Satisfying Savories from the Pacific Northwest's Celebrated Bakery. I love this book. I have made the Irish soda bread, the blueberry muffins (many times), and now the cinnamon rolls, and every single thing came out well. This is all totally because this is a good book, and not because I am a good baker because I really am not. I try hard, and I have one cake and one pie that always work, but I would say other than that I'm about 50% (bewildered) sweets-fail. Not always documented, but sometimes (those cracked me up. I forgot about those). But this book, and maybe the new oven (maybe the old one had even more problems than I thought?), is giving me more confidence. Possibly even already a fat head, as I told Melissa, a cinny bun–making veteran who advised me on the cinny process (and oh my stars did she ever just make the most gorgeous and special quilt in the world). Because these cinny buns tasted very much like the bakery version and I was amazed. (They even have whole-wheat flour and eight-grain cereal in them, which in your mind can help offset the absolutely sin-ny twelve tablespoons of butter and the crazy amount of brown sugar.) I do aspire to be a better baker. Watch out, friends and neighbors, potential recipients. For my next trick, I have mini-loaf pans here on the counter and they are trying to tell me I can do this thing. We'll see.


Mmmmm...Cinny buns! Your postings always make me happy!

One more question re: "Paint and Switch" ... What is the color of your fireplace paint? 'Tis lovely!

Thank you for sharing your generous and talented self!

I am gonna have to check out that cookbook. And I love the little mini loaf pans too! I usually make pumpkin bread with mine.

I love to bake! I was so sad when we had to go gluten-free for the girls, but I've mostly figured that out to my satisfaction now :)

I was trying to thank of what else might be nice to make and give for the holidays. Mini loaves, it is! Thank you for the sweet idea... and the hungry tummy.

I have to check out that cookbook. Those look delicious!

I've heard that convection ovens cook beautifully. Maybe that's all you needed to reach a 100% success rate. Oh, yes, good recipes do help, too.

I LOVE my convection oven. LOVE. IT. A whole batch of cookies baked to perfection at the same time? Done that. Love it.

Just wanted to say I love your blog, and get tons of inspiration from it! (And cute furry animals to boot!) I wanted to send you this link to a Swedish embroidery company's site:

I have gotten a few kits from them, the kits are very nice and great quality. Just thought they may be up your alley, and fun for inspiration to look at at least! Not really sure where to get the kits from; I got mine in Sweden, some of them have English translations and some of them don't, but they aren't too difficult to figure out I don't think.

MMMM they look delicious! I love to bake. I use farm fresh eggs from my moms chickens and if I make anything chocolate I add a tsp of instant coffee to it (brings out that chocolate flavor). Can't wait to see what your gonna make next.

I think baking is just a matter of practice, like anything else... and that practice makes for a happy husband!
~ the Chocolate Chip Cookie Queen

quiet! ha... i used to love cooking/baking in quiet...
since having a child i don't remember what that sounds like anymore... everything is done to his noisy soundtrack!

I love baking. I would be happy to send some of my extra successes your way, because I always make more than I should especially at this time of year!

Mmm... These Cinny Buns look cinn-fully delicious! (Couldn't help myself. :)) Do you deliver to Ohio?

Dear Cozy Posie,
I just found your blog and simply can't stop swooning.
I believe I found a kindred spirit.
I ordered your gingerbread girl ornament right away and am beginning work on it right now.
Oh, by gosh by jingle, you have made me exceedingly happy.
Thank you for this charming blog!!
And yes, it's true, but my husband has been calling me
Cozy Pozy for almost 21 years now.
Oh my,
Lynda Gail

I had the joy of watching this earlier in the week from our Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall:

at about 30 minutes in there is a great recipe for spiced buns that you may love!

Love this.

I have a giveaway going on at my blog. A gift card sponsored by CSN Stores. please do come over and enter

And one more question about your living room - is the coffee table vintage or handmade? It is so unique. I have been loving it for a long time!

why OF COURSE you can bake! and that new oven is just waiting to see more of your bakey goodness!

YUM! :) I use to have a convection oven and they do make the noise you described. It did cook things very nicely though, so you can handle the noise if it cooks good.

I like the quiet too though. My daughters think I am wierd for that! I tell them... you better be careful if you can't handle a little quiet time...:) I don't understand how anyone wouldn't want "quiet times"? NOW that sounds like a MOM! Oh well! I am what I am!

Enjoy your beautiful-baking-time!!!

Merry Christmas to you!

XOXO Gloria

Darn! I had a self-imposed moratorium on cookbook purchasing & you made me break it, lol! That book looked too tempting!

Oh I love that cookbook! I am glad you posted on it because more people should know about it. Have you tried the jammers yet?

I am also loving the runner you have behind those delicious looking buns...Scan Fair?

Thanks for the inspiration- I made my first recipe from that cookbook tonight (the shortbread). We made two large batches so I have six dozen cookies to bring to work for the cookie swap. More than a few cookies "broke" and we had to eat the evidence!

I wonder if it's too late to add that book to my christmas list....

I was just there having those cinny buns last weekend and saw the book. My boyfriend was saying that I'd probably like it, but I didn't buy one. Now that I know those cinny buns are in there, I must have :) Maybe Santa will bring me one, we'll see!

If you haven't already, try just using King Arthur flour. It has a high protein and it is consistenly held to that spec. Flour can really ruin a recipe and you'll have no idea why.

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