Gingerbread Morning

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Dried cherries, almonds, peppercorns, red beans, black-eyed peas, pretzels, and banana chips on the houses. Waffles and whipped cream for breakfast. (The holidays.)


The houses are adorable, really yummy looking, and oh, those waffles, yummy too!

: )

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

That looks so inviting and fun! Merry Christmas and happy new year.



They came out wonderful!!

I love your gingerbread houses! We make ours into a trailer park every year. I love the different versions of the traditional!

Love those gingerbread houses! Looks like you had a fun time.

They are magnificent, as is your dining area. I just look at it and think how charming, beautiful, cozy, and perfect it looks. It makes me want to redo my entire house when I see yours! HA. :)

Ooooh lovely! :) We love gingerbread houses too! In fact we made a whole village this year :) I've put a few pictures up:

I love your plates and mugs too!


Those kids must love coming to your house! I have a "grammy" who had the same kind of appeal when I was little. My mom was uptight about things staying clean (and we were VERY clean little children) but grammy would let us come over and make gingerbread/"experiments" in baking however we wanted, no matter what the mess. She also had a special cupboard with cinnamon gummies that she didn't exactly tell us about, but we knew we could sneak some and she wouldn't be mad.

They look woodsy and delicious!

Absolutely simply beautiful~

Your gingerbread houses look very rustic - almost like they belong in the deep Oregon woods. I'm sure a good time was had by all.

They look great,
Merry Christmas

I don't believe I've ever seen cuter gingerbread houses than those. I adore the sliced almond roof tiles. Adorable! And is that Perry's or Arden's hand holding the fork? What a lovely post.

What a nice photo to welcome the table to its new photogenic spot.

Merry Christmas to you all. I think 2011 is going to be a corker.
Thank you for being here.
Annie in New Hampshire

I just love how woodsey those gingerbread houses look. So apropos for the Pacific Northwest!

I love how the gingerbread houses turned out too!

Your pictures just kill me. It's like I've been transported into a Carl Larsson painting every dang time.

Such inviting photos, so cozy and welcoming. Wishing I could crawl through my computer and sit down with you!

What pretty pictures! Looks like fun! I have to know though, where did you get the dinnerware design? Gorgeous!

Oh, your Ikea gingerbread houses are wonderful! Ours was very basic in comparison. Next year though I'm absolutely going to try this Moomin house...we love Moomin.

Oh and I forgot--that top photo looks like it came from a Pottery Barn magazine :)

Everything looks perfect !

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