Lazy Day Yay

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Today will be an unusual day for me in many ways. It already is, in fact. 1) I did not sit on the sofa while eating a bowl of cereal. I sat at the table, and had a napkin. And buckwheat pancakes. 2) I will go grocery shopping. 3) I will actually bake something in the actual kitchen. 4) I will probably not go anywhere except for the grocery store if I can at all help it. 5) It will with any luck be the last day that anyone else who is working on my house will be in my house [cue parade of one: me, high-stepping through the house with glee, twirling an imaginary baton].

Should you need a birch-covered candle, inspired by Blair's gorgeous birch-covered vases, here are some handmade options, though mine are these. I'm all about the flameless candles this year, though. Lately I don't like the smell of any kind of candle scent, or even the smell of the wax from unscented candles, or especially the smell of candles that have just been blown out. I usually blow out a candle and then run out of the room. I know, weird (I'm told). I do have a few candles, but I like to have a lot. Especially in winter. So, flameless is so nice. There are a ton of flameless candles out there — I'm still trying to find ones that are really realistic (i.e.: in my mind, ones that don't flicker like crazy crazy, and are not totally orange-y), because they do look a bit fake, but still I am thrilled with how long they last on (rechargeable) batteries, and from across the room you just still really get the jist. I "burn" mine constantly and have only recharged the batteries once in about a week and a half.

Remember the runner I made for Thanksgiving a couple of years ago, from a tutorial at the Purl Bee? I still think their version is about the prettiest thing I have ever seen. I would like to make another one, but this year I believe we are more in need of a new tree skirt. Hmmmm. Thinking, thinking. . . . Iron-on interfacing piecing method might be good for this. . . .


a day like no other! a day for YOU!

Oh man, I LOVE the smell of just-blown-out candles. Funny how things like that can be so different for people.

I was inspired by your old post of making your runner, and made one of my own this year. Love it! So much work, but so, so worth it. Thanks for the inspiration!

they are gorgeous!! I'm all about flameless candles too. Ever since I started using them for photo shoots I'm sold. Plus I'm OCD with worry over open flames.

Now a tree skirt tutorial I would love! I've wanted to make one for a few years now but I can never quite get my head round it.

Love the runner! I've been working on one for my friend Kat for Christmas. It's such a big project, for just a table runner, but so completely and utterly worth it.


I love having work done on my home but I am with you on workers leaving your house and having it to yourself. Enjoy your new improved home.

Can't wait to see your new tree skirt. This year I've settle on a few yards of see-through glittery material.

Also love you new changing day sweater I only wish it could be in my size :)

Oh, Alicia, but what about your little spinny thing that is candle-heat powered? Battery-operated candles won't work on that!

Yesterday was my official lazy day, deemed so because when I checked the internet I had to take a break from SITTING ON THE SOFA AND CROCHETING. Ah, life is good. Today, up go the sparkly lights.

Unless I happen to make pancakes for an afternoon snack...

Happy day - you'll have your house back!!

I think the most realistic flame less candles I got were at the dollar store - they are just little tea lights but I put them in mason jars on our window sills.

If you end up making that tree skirt I hope you'll share it. We are desperate need of one too. :)

Julie G. in Iowa says: December 02, 2010 at 12:14 PM

The smell of just-blown-out candles always makes me think of birthday cake and birthday parties!
Enjoy your lazy day.


Troy Louise says: December 02, 2010 at 12:52 PM

Enjoy your home w/out all the workmen - sounds nice. My husband is freakish about real candles as his childhood home burned down after his brother left candles burning in his room! Can't blame him, so I love the new flameless ones. Those pancakes look yummy!

I'm totally with you on the smell of a blown out candle thing. You're not weird at all! Just like me- taking a candle outside to blow, then leaving it there until I don't smell it anymore- isn't weird. Right? :)

Lots of "Someone elses like me". I also HATE the smell of just blown out candles. I run away coughing and gagging like the house is on fire! Sisters of the always lit candle-unite!

So long, fare well! What a relief to finally have your home back to yourselves! Congratulations.
I have been loving our faux candles too (from Costco: light flicker, soft white color) I like that I can put them under cloth or behind otherwise flammable things and not worry.

Hi Alicia, when I read the part of your post about your high stepping,
baton twirling parade, I just.....
laughed so hard!! I could envision
you doing this. Ohhhhhh, you do have
such a gift for writing. : )
I'm with you on the candle smell!
blech!!! I used to be ok with some
scented candles awhile ago but, no more. The scents give me headaches
and sometimes an upset stomach. I
thought it was just me. I like the
scent of beeswax, (I think) and I
believe that soy candles are better
to use. (read that someplace).
Glad that you will have your house
back. I KNOW the feeling.

I love the runner and I've added it to my list of things I want to make. I would be interested in any tree skirt ideas, too.

Are your Christmas cards done? Because I'm freaking out here... too much to do, too little time, no card idea yet... aaaaaaaaahhhhgg!!! (picture a crazy girl running around the house shrieking).

Have you not heard of scentsy the wickless candles. They plug in and have a low wattage bulb. The wax never gets hot enough to burn all the way out so there is no fire danger and they smell divine. Once you go scentsy you will never be the same again.

so many little time...and i am with you on scented candles....hate them...hate. unscented, i am good with....just repeat after me...i am not crazy, i am not crazy.......

convinced me to go pick up some of those little battery powered tea lights. i can think of a few neat places to put them...and not worry about a flame. THANK YOU ALICIA. again xo

On the same page, once again - read this after just returning back from Costco with flameless candles as the blowing-out smell of the real ones made me gag too. I was also worried about setting my cedar garland on fire with the real ones. These are way cool!

A question for you: This is my first year in Oregon, and everyone I know has fake trees. What's that about???

I would have totally had you pegged as a happy-to-have-candles-lit-all-over-the-house person. :) The flameless ones are nice, though. As are quiet days at home. Enjoy. :)

Sounds like a nice day. I love that table runner.

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