Nutmeg Cardi

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PATTERN: Sweet Baby Cardigan by Nancy Pietraczek
SIZE: 0-3 months?
YARN: Cascade Yarns Eco Alpaca

I'd like to just knit all day. And all night. I have knitting fever bad these days. I've had it all this year, of course, but now that it's winter, and wintry, and woolish, all I want to do is knit. Knit knit knit. Knit and then knit some more. And when I'm not knitting, all I want to do is surf Ravelry, looking for new things to knit. Like, say, this and this and this and this and this.


The little Nutmeg Cardigan kept me happily knitting (and by knitting I mean hardly any purling, as this is almost entirely made of garter stitch and bee stitch, the cutest little sponge-y, plump-y little stitch you ever did see — love love love bee stitch) for the past couple o' weeks. You just knit, knit knit. Perfect for watching Christmas movies (this one is still our favorite), stoking the fire, giggling at squirrel antics out the window (I now know they can literally dangle upside down — and I mean, completely upside down — from one paw, which is attached to an almost-vertical surface, one paw which does not seem to be particularly sticky, or grippy, and which, in fact, looks not even in the least bit strained, and stuff their little faces until they have eaten an entire birdfeeder's worth of black-oil sunflower seed in one sitting [or one dangling, as it were] ). It's perfect for being sat on by a displaced puppers who wants her dog bed back (it's become a whole thing now: Kitters gets on the dog bed around 6 p.m., Puppers skittles around anxiously, staring at/imploring me to do something already to restore order to the universe, I pretend I have no idea what is going on [this works in all sorts of situations, actually] and continue to k1, k1b across row to last 6 st, oblivious to all animal drama. [I mostly stop caring at 5 p.m.; at 6 p.m. I declare myself oficially off the animal-drama clock, turn on Judge Judy, and make everyone wait until their father gets home for anything else they might need] ).

Yes, it's a great little cardigan for all of those wintry things. I made a bunch of mistakes on this, and still am wishing that I had used a size smaller needles for the button band (came out too long, in my opinion). But generally, if you have four adorable little painted wooden buttons and you are wondering what to do with them, I would strongly suggest making this sweater. I wish that it came in sizes bigger than three months, but it seems a bit bigger than that, actually. If I have any motivation toward doing math in the coming weeks (can't really think of anything more unlikely than having any motivation toward doing math in the next few weeks), I'll try and upsize this cute little warm little squishable little sweater. Or else I'll just sit here and think about it instead. Or else I'll just sit here.


I've never heard of the bee stitch!

How darling! I just *love* those buttons.

Firstly I want every sweater you've made in an adult size please. And secondly those buttons are the cutest..buttons..EVER!

Completely adorable!! If I had any idea how to knit or read a pattern, I would offer to do the math for you :)

That is just the sweetest cardigan ever. :-)

That is a stunning piece! I wish I knew how to knit or crochet. Must learn in 2011.

Love love this! Especially the sleeves. You are so talented!

I looked at your Rav links; I LOVE Tora Froseth's designs. A friend of mine made "Little Sister's Dress" for my second daughter with a sweet owl in duplicate stitch, and Baby has worn it since she was 3 months. She's almost two now, and wears it as a kind of vest or shirt, and I'm sure there are many months of use left in it. Have you seen Magda? So cute.

Oops, no html. The "Magda" pattern is here:

Wow! Such a beautiful cardigan. I just downloaded the pattern through ravelry. Thanks for the inspiration!

Beautiful sweater...I love the color. I love to knit but, as a lefty, am not very good at it. Wish I could make something as beautiful as this. I love the photos on all of your posts..will check back often. Happy New Year!

Adorable!!!! :)


This cardigan is so beautiful and the buttons are just adorable. I would like to knit it for my baby too. Can u pls help me with the pattern. It wil be great help. Thanks

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