She's Trying to Tell Me Something

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What oh whatever could it be? Clover paced around her in big circles, worriedly — cat on a dog bed had never actually happened before. Cat on a regular bed, of course; cat on a standard pillow, cat on the sofa, cat on the counter, cat in the shower, cat on a sweater, cat on the mail, cat on someone's neck, but never before cat on a dog bed. Someone else's dog bed.

The funny thing is that if I made her her own cat bed? She wouldn't touch it. Unless it was cashmere, shaped like a sweater, and I had just taken it off.


So sweet! I believe it is a cat thing. My sweet Sunni will lay on everything piece of fabric, clothing, pillow, blanket which is not his, but if I ever thought about making him a bed of his own it would go unused.

Poor Clover. Maybe your little kitty will get off it sometime and Clover can temporarily reclaim it for her own.

Sabrina Foster says: December 10, 2010 at 02:23 PM

Adorable......and very much just like a cat! I love reading about your wonderful life!

Oh how I remember that worried corgi look!

Like most cats, mine will almost immediately sit on anything I set down. I got something in a flat box the other day, and tossed it onto the unmade bed, so that it sat at a steep angle. Within 30 seconds, Lucy was precariously crouched in the not-really-a-box, daring me to take it away from her.

I'm just sitting here doing great big belly laughs! Kitters has not a caaaare in the wooooorrrlld. As we can all very well see. ;)

Ah, the life of a feline...

Our cat regularly sleeps on the dog's bed when the dog is in her crate for the night. Every once in a while he'll still be there when she's released in the morning and she never seems to know quite what to do.

I love the ticking. Our dog bed needs a cuter cover.

Our elderly cat sometimes goes into the dog's kennel for a nap. The dog just looks at us as if to say, "Excuse me, but there's a kitty in my house." We've given up trying to have a dog bed or basket. It invariably becomes a kitty bed.

Hahaha! She looks and acts just like the kitty here in this house...She has been known to drink dog water, too...ew, ick...hasn't slept on the dog bed yet, though...I do think she would be over the moon with a cashmere sweater bed! =-)

Well, she was in the family first. Maybe she's just slow in staking her territorial claim?

Silly cat! :)

She'd sleep on a sweater-shaped cashmere bed? What are you waiting for?

I agree. I think you have to make her a sweater-shaped cat bed. Look how cute she is.

I always find it funny that a finicky cat will deign to sleep on a dog bed. Goes to show how great that bed is. Our cat was undeterred by his gigantic dog siblings. Sixteen pound cat vs. 130 pound Great Dane and 98 pound Ridgeback. Cat won every time.

lol - have you tried to persuade her with the granny square blanket?

Too cute, Alicia. Reminds me of my beloved dog, Maxi. When I first adopted him I went crazy in Petco buying up toys - which he never touched! (He preferred my socks.) Same thing at the dog park. He'd take an interest in another dog's toy and I'd rush to buy him one of his own and he wouldn't even look at it. I tell you, being a pet-mom is a lot of work.

Makes sense to me. Don't we like things better if they aren't our own?

Poor Clover!

Maybe she does need a cashmere sweater pillow. With rhinestones. Lots of rhinestones ;-)


This makes me miss my cats. Time to call it a day and go home.

Cats are the best. This one of yours looks just like my little (rather big, really) Atticus, named after Mr. Finch, of course.

could be that this one is right in front of the fireplace? maybe that's it:)

We have the same thing around here! It is musical pet beds, all the time. Cracks me up. :)

Kitty-dear kitty.
Who can unravel the mind of kitties, dear kitties?

oh those silly cats...

i like's how it should be...stake your claim...let it be known that the "nice" bed should be shared. i do feel for poor clover though...but if it gets cold, that warm kitty fur might feel good to her!

I think she is sweet, she wants to let Clover know how special her new bed is . . . she's approving it :)

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