Cecil. And Dorie.

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I made a little bunners.


I turned around for one quick sec, and there was another one.


That's how bunnerses are, you know.


Hee hee.


BEYOND cute!!!

I'm dying over here, these ar so freakin cute! Please tell me there is a pattern somewhere for these so I can make one too. Although I have a feeling you probably just threw them together from nothing.

ok, my "to make" list just got longer...

Cecil and Dorie are perfect names for these adorable bunnies. I wonder how many you'll end up with??

Ack! You're killing me.

Oh, my bad just saw your links!

Well, I, for one, am surely smitten.

Hop, hop, hop.

I like the bunnies...could I modify the pattern for a scarf ala the famed fox Anthropologie scarf?

I have been reading your blog a long time and have never posted a comment but those bunners are the cutest things I've ever seen. Also I love every time you write about Miss Bee. So sweet.

Holy moley! They are cute! How did you get them done so quickly. You must have nuclear turbo boosters your fingers or something!
Peace, Angela

These are great bunnies. Makes me want to try some.

those are absolutely adorable! wish I had the patience (and skills!) to make one for the new baby!

They are wonderful!!

Oh these little guys are so cute. I love the clothes. You are so clever.

Oh my!!!!!!! Beautiful.

My word Alicia! So very very cute!

My goodness, I love the little grey one with the blue jacket.

They are so very darling!! I love the facial expressions!!

You do have a lot of talent - they're charming. I also call them bun-buns, like Holly C.

oh my!!! those are adorable and the outfits couldnt be sweeter.
i NEED one of those!!

Oh dear! They are adorable!!!!

Sarah west mids uk says: January 31, 2011 at 12:28 PM

Lovely little bunnies!! Also had to look up those book titles on amazon uk. I just had to order one. I really enjoy
books set in this period of History. Will be looking up some more on the list. Had to hold my laptop sideways to read authors/titles.

AWWWW...TOO cute...

*Clunk* Me falling over from all of the cute. I needed that! xo

I know others above have said it already but "oh my gosh, those are soooo cute!!!"

: )

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