Snow Day

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As you head away from the city, it may be warm and raining.


But at the mountain, the world (and time) has frozen.


We went to Timberline Lodge with our friends Keely and Josh like we did for my birthday last year. It's become a sort of unexpected tradition I am happy to continue, as I honestly cannot imagine a better or more beautiful place for a new year's birthday.


Andy gave me an iPhone for my birthday. I wasn't that interested in the iPhone until I got one and started playing with it and now I love it. I took all of these pictues with the phone. I love taking pictures with the phone! (Which is good, since I left my huge bag of knitting [I think I had four WIPs, a brand new book, all of my tools like tape measure and yarn needles and stitch markers in there] and my big black camera [also in the bag] at the hotel. But we won't talk about that. It was supposed to be overnighted to me but has yet to arrive; hopefully the camera will survive the trip.)


I had thought I wanted it to snow until I saw that we were going to get a sunset, and then I didn't mind at all that it didn't snow.


This sunset was magical.


Hipstamatically enhanced, but that only makes it look how it felt, I think.


I really had no idea how to control this camera so I just let it do whatever it wanted. It was like a corgi in that way.


Thank you so much for your birthday wishes last week! I hope someday you go to Timberline Lodge and you are there sitting next to the huge fireplace as the sun is setting. That's my birthday wish for you.


We had dinner in the restaurant and then sat in the hot tub outside, under the stars. I didn't really sleep the whole night, though I tried (hotel pillow too squishy: "What is this? A bag of frosting?"). The next morning, though:
















Taken from the window of our room. Seriously.


J+ K adorableness.


Too soon it was time to go home.


It was such a great day. I even got to walk around in the snow with my special traction chains. That was just amazing.


Double rainbow, all the way.


Wow! That place looks amazing! What a place for a birthday. One day I'll make it to Oregon!

Oh, You tell it like a magical trip to the snowy mountains!!!! Congratulations with the Iphone, although I hope Your big camera is ok. Iphone's pics are awesome, makes me miss my Norwegian mountains.
Welcome back;)

wow looks like an amazing trip! Happy Birthday!

Oh wow! That looks amazing. What a wonderful way to spend your birthday. It looks very magical. What gorgeous pictures!!!

It looks like an amazing trip. So glad your birthday was a success. I hope your bag comes home unscathed!

happy birthday! the timberline is a perfect place to spend it. i can't wait to go again! (which i predict will be within a month of our move to portland next week!)

Aw, this post made me feel so good. Every birthday girl deserves such magic.

I hope that package arrives soon. I am patient with all things, except mail and shipping.

Hopefully we are going to get a snowday right here in Portland this week! I keep checking the changing weather forecasts! You must have the new iPhone bcz my old one doesn't take great pics like these you posted. Loved them- so beautiful. Happy Birthday!

A very happy birthday to you!
I was already envious last year after seeing your amazing birthday weekend, but it's wonderful to see a bit more of that fantastic place.

perfect and happy birthday. i'm glad you are having a nice time
i got a gift card to buy an iphone for christmas but haven't made it to the store

...the heavy clouds on the tree beautiful

Happy birthday! That looks like a fabulous weekend trip (love the Hipstamatic pictures)! A few months back I got my own little birthday-in-the-mountains, and the mountains near us were covered in golden aspen trees and windfall apples and just the right amount of crisp autumn air. It was great. I'm struck by how birthday appropriate it seems to travel to a place where the season is particularly *seasonal* for your special day.

Awesome pics!

Jennifer O. says: January 10, 2011 at 11:07 AM

I would love to get to go someplace like this for my birthday (tomorrow)!

Double Rainbow all the way - Classic.

Oh...Happy belated Birthday!! (so sorry I missed it)...It looks like you had the most awesome time! I am so happy you did, you deserved to have a wonderful day!! :)

Your photos are amazing!!!!!!! :) LOVED viewing them!!! thanks for sharing your beautiful birthday with us!! :)

Happy birthday and you always make me want to go there... I still can't stop playing with my hipstamatic! I love it and the unpredictable quality of the shots. It is definitely the best iphone app around.

And....very beautiful photo of you and Andy! SO nice to see the two of you...:)

Your photo's are stunning & what a beautiful place!

You guys are so adorable. That one shot of Andy looking out the window, with you standing back on the other side of the restaurant, could be in an old railway car with a HUGE window. The iPhone was the perfect tool to capture your weekend weather!

I want to be there !
do you want to do a house swap sometime - I live in central LONDON ?

I'm glad that you had a great birthday. It looks like the phone will be a hit as a cool gadget even if it doesn't give you everything you want as a phone.

I need the Hipstamatic for my iPhone I only have Iris...which I haven't played with much. FYI, there's a Hipstamatic FB page where they have periodic promotions!

Love the photos, and the story, but I must say, the double rainbow comment made this post. I might just have to go watch that video now.

your little iphone photos are spectacular! But my fave was the one of you and Andy! Awww....

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