Snow Dream

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PATTERN: Plain Vest by Anna and Heidi Pickles
SIZE: 12 months
YARN: Cascade Eco Alpaca in Cafe au Lait #1521 held together with Misti Alpaca Handpaint Sock Yarn in color #05

I finished this little vest over the weekend and then whipped out a little dress (like this one but smaller) that looked a snow flurry to go with it. When I uploaded all of the photos from the big black camera (which by some miracle, yes, came home all in one piece) I found this one from Timberline, which was pretty much exactly the scene I'd had in my mind, just from memory, the whole time I was knitting and sewing:


Speaking of photos, how cool was that rainbow picture yesterday? He said he couldn't even see what was on the screen when he took the photo because he was holding the phone down really low. Awesome. (And thank you to those of you who mentioned Audrey, too. I was very touched by that.)


The whole idea of vests is pleasing me very much lately. I was looking at some kids' knitting patterns from the 1950s through the '80s and it was kind of interesting to see how differently the sizing works based on general fashion trends. Sleeves from the '80s were crazy huge — armholes so big, and sleeves so bulky, with so much fullness built in (mimicking shoulderpads or something, I'm guessing). They all looked really uncomfortable. This vest has armholes that look quite small to me — smaller than several of the other sweaters I've made that are supposed to be this size. But I don't know. In general I just make things exactly as the patterns says to, and make the size that corresponds to how much yarn I have. I like the wooden flower buttons for the vest so much. I picked them because they reminded me of all of the carved banisters at Timberline.


That's the back. I wish you could feel how soft this little knit is. It's so cuddly. Alpaca is so, so nice.

Almost forgot — here is my Ravelry page for this :-). I'll definitely be doing more of this one.


My grandmother, who lived with me throughout my childhood made vests for me {among other things} much like this one...beautifully done by the way! I can almost feel soft, warm and cozy feeling now. I have to learn to knit :)

Yes, please tell where you found the fabric for the dress!

Just gorgeous. Now all you need are some handknit leggings and the girl is good to go! I love the wardrobe you are making for your soon-to-be precious little girl. She will be richly blessed!

Sweater vests are the way to go! Its been a great compromise for my daughter and I: I stop worrying about her catching a chill and she feels less like a stuffed sausage. I've noticed a lot of children don't too many clothes on no matter what the temperature! Have you ever heard of one actually asking to put a sweater on?

It's a gorgeous little vest and that dress is a beauty! That fabric is perfect.

I love the snow pic. It's kind of hard to explain to Southern Californians that I miss the little things like the way that breathing on a cold day almost hurts your throat, yet feels so good.

Know what else makes vests so awesome? They make great gifts for friends making and raising babies in warm climates. I'm putting this in the to-do file fo sho.

Alicia, you are my knitting hero! I love all of your wee knits for girls. Thanks for all of your inspiration!

Nice vest, I loved since I saw it, I was inspired for you to knit it, thanks for sharing!

ALexander Grahahl Bell was showered with the praise of the world. Honors came to him from all the points of the compass. Yes, he would go on to other discoveries, many of them. But in his own view, he was most proud of his efforts to help the deaf.

ALexander Grahahl Bell was showered with the praise of the world. Honors came to him from all the points of the compass. Yes, he would go on to other discoveries, many of them. But in his own view, he was most proud of his efforts to help the deaf.

Where do you buy your fabric for Amelia's dresses?
I'm finding the cotton available is quite heavy, not like
The cotton fabric from years ago. Thanks for your Inspiration and help.

Would this adorable vest come in Adult sizes?

je souhaite avoir une traduction.
Merci d'avance.

LOVE this top. I see it was made for a little girl. You could also use the same concept and make a ladies so you have a Mother & Daughter's top. You can also wear it year round as well. Thank you for showing us your top. KUDO's on a job well done. Keep up the GREAT work.

Diane morgan says: June 20, 2016 at 12:48 PM

Love your patterns but need them for a two year old, can you advise?

It says pattern is free, but it is not.

sue vincent says: July 09, 2017 at 05:24 PM

Am I able to get the pattern for the knitted vest?

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