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PATTERN: Swing Thing by Theresa Belville
SIZE: 2-3 years
YARN: Garnstudio DROPS Nepal in Gray-Green 7139
BUTTONS: Orange Gerberas and Leaves wooden buttons from Apples and Eggs

The adorable Amy, Rob, and Dax the corgi came for dinner a few weeks ago (which reminds me that I need to remind Andy about that pizza post he was going to write). Clover, naturally, lost her mind with excitement. After several hours of being chased around the house, Dax effortlessly performed several tricks to the bewildered amazement of all of the Paulsons (including Clover Meadow). On command Dax sat, stayed, rolled over, played dead, danced, and offered his little paw in a delicate shake, then trotted away modestly to enjoy his treat. We sat, mouths open, deeply impressed. Andy (middle child) was immediately motivated to display Clover's skills to the crowd. He called her over to the living room and asked her to shake. Instead of offering him her little paw, she became a misguided tornado of earnestness: she fell over, sat, barked, laid down, rolled over, turned in a circle, knawed on his hand, collapsed to the floor, jumped to her feet, and barked again (it was more like a shout) in his face, all without ever really giving him her paw. She basically did everything she knew how to do and then some, all at the same time, kind of like if you'd said to your kid, "Sweetie, why don't you show our nice guests how well you play the clarinet?" and instead of picking up the instrument she started riding a unicycle around the house, speaking fluent Ubbi Dubbi, scratching her stomach, dribbling a basketball, and making cappuccinos for everyone in the room. It was hilarious. I sat on the edge of the sofa and smiled sheepishly as if to say, "Kids — what can you do?"

Anyway, ever since we've been trying to teach Clover the "give me your paw" thing for reals, and I think it's finally sticking (although it's still more of a pawing kind of thing as she lifts up her paw way too high and then tries to scrape my hand off as if she's digging a hole, but, you know — some kind of progress, at least). What any of it has to do with this swingy little knitted coat I don't know, except that . . . No. It has nothing to do with it.


Except that I'm showing it off. According to my Ravelry page for this, I started it on December 18 and finished it on January 19. I have several things that I actually did finish that I never did get around to posting about, so I will try to trot those out and show them off (hopefully they'll behave) over the next few days to try to maintain this effort at housekeeping I am making. Thank you for all of the comments on the little hat yesterday! I'm writing a pattern for it and am almost finished, so I expect to have that ready for sale next week (hopefully along with some finished hats, as well — fingers crossed!). I've also gotten a lot of questions about whether I am ever going to finalize the patterns for last spring's Tulipfield dresses (Anneke, Mina, and Saskia) and the answer to that is: Yes. I really am! I have to first knit the taxes and then I will work on those patterns next.


I love this coat, it's beautiful!

Hilarious post! That Clover is a doosey. There's a street sign on my way to work called Clover Meadow. After following your blog, passing that street sign makes me smile! The coat is amazing. I'd like to add that to my list. Thanks so much for sharing. Happy Friday to you.

I'm speechless. Just beautiful!

that clover...what a ham! does she take after you or mr paulson? this coat is so chic...i think i should have one to putter around farm and fru fru feeding chickens, passing out donkey cookies and watering little calves...i think it would lend a rather boho chic to my overalls....yes? adult pattern perhaps?

Love the dog story, hilarious! I too am impressed when owners teach their dogs tricks... not because I think our dogs couldn't learn them... more because I feel like I have my hands full just trying to get them not to jump on guests or chew up rug corners.

Those little knitted beauties are so inspiring. With the role of grandma and great aunt in the not-too-distant future, I'm taking it all in and honing my (very beginner) knitting skills. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. It's truly a joy to visit.

i think you should have a fashion show with all of these incredible pieces...beyond adorable. every. single. one.

or a gallery show! yes! hang them all up (i'm sure you would think of the perfect way to display them) so people can come admire the yumms! can you just see it? oh... i can. totally...

& of course a book to go with them...yes! i have your next year all planned out :)

35 years from now, the little girl who gets to wear this adorable coat will be picking out paint for her new apartment. She will gravitate to the teal because it reminds her of her favorite childhood memory - wearing that coat. Seriously. Give Clover a ear rub for me.

Good dog, Clover Meadow. Good dog!
Alicia, this coat is darling. You are making so many beautiful clothes... they exude love and artful skill. I am starting to wish I could buy my own clothes from you... it's no fair that sized-up, adorable children's clothes rarely look as dear on grown women.

"misguided tornado of earnestness" You sure know how to paint a picture with words. Your love for your life, family (including the furry ones), and friends is evident in your posts. Have a wonderful weekend!

So gorgeous!!! Amazing work, really!

That coat is beyond sweet. The buttons just make it. You know how to make calico look so posh.

I loved envisioning the Clover Meadow tornado of earnestness! :) What a cutie pie.

And the coat is just sweet as all get-out! Love all the details, which you set off perfectly with those dear buttons.

Oh, another piece that I love!

Our dog's wires get crossed like that all the time. Too funny!

Sorry to be commenting again, but after looking at all the finished products from this same pattern on Ravelry, I'm amazed at your interpretation! From the color, to the buttons, to the little x's, i'm just in awe.

The coat is really sweet, but the Clover story had me giggling out loud.

I burst out laughing while reading about your little tornado! Having my first Corgi after 30 years of Siberian Huskies, I can so see it! Blue becomes a wiggling little mass of excitement when I try to focus on any training like shake or down. He has sit nailed (but then he's only 2" off the ground)! LoL!
That little sweater is so cute, love the buttons!

Just like Victor. We've been teaching him paw (umm, shake), but if he is excited it doesn't matter what the command is. He will just start going through his list.

seriously laughing my a.. off reading this. and love the darling (!!!) little sweater coat too!
I'm spending my days addressing wedding invites in un-caffeinated silence so I don't mess them up. Would welcome a conversation ... so any time ... xo

Beautiful! I love the color of this yarn.

Kathy McDonald says: February 18, 2011 at 08:34 AM

Oh, Alicia, what a great post! I'm always ecstatic when you share a Clover story, and this was a great one! AND we even got a beautiful little coat today, as well. A good day, indeed. And, by the way, I looked at the pattern and was struck by how much MORE I like yours. You really have an eye. Thanks for sharing!

That coat is just so cute and will be so useful in Portland's weather. The hat will look darling with it. My daughters' baby girl is just 6 months old and this hat will perfect on her -- can't wait to try my hand at it. Finally after spending quite on bit on dog training for our little Llaso apso, he can sit and lay down. Stubborn little guy he is, that's all he will do!

Love the Clover story. We've just gotten a puppy back in November and are taking obiedence classes so I can relate. There are two corgis in my class and they always remind me of Clover! The little cross stitches on the coat are a beautiful touch.

When you look as gorgeous as Clover, you don't need to do tricks!
Beautiful coat, such a pretty colour and the buttons are so sweet. :)
Vivienne x

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