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PATTERN: Swing Thing by Theresa Belville
SIZE: 2-3 years
YARN: Garnstudio DROPS Nepal in Gray-Green 7139
BUTTONS: Orange Gerberas and Leaves wooden buttons from Apples and Eggs

The adorable Amy, Rob, and Dax the corgi came for dinner a few weeks ago (which reminds me that I need to remind Andy about that pizza post he was going to write). Clover, naturally, lost her mind with excitement. After several hours of being chased around the house, Dax effortlessly performed several tricks to the bewildered amazement of all of the Paulsons (including Clover Meadow). On command Dax sat, stayed, rolled over, played dead, danced, and offered his little paw in a delicate shake, then trotted away modestly to enjoy his treat. We sat, mouths open, deeply impressed. Andy (middle child) was immediately motivated to display Clover's skills to the crowd. He called her over to the living room and asked her to shake. Instead of offering him her little paw, she became a misguided tornado of earnestness: she fell over, sat, barked, laid down, rolled over, turned in a circle, knawed on his hand, collapsed to the floor, jumped to her feet, and barked again (it was more like a shout) in his face, all without ever really giving him her paw. She basically did everything she knew how to do and then some, all at the same time, kind of like if you'd said to your kid, "Sweetie, why don't you show our nice guests how well you play the clarinet?" and instead of picking up the instrument she started riding a unicycle around the house, speaking fluent Ubbi Dubbi, scratching her stomach, dribbling a basketball, and making cappuccinos for everyone in the room. It was hilarious. I sat on the edge of the sofa and smiled sheepishly as if to say, "Kids — what can you do?"

Anyway, ever since we've been trying to teach Clover the "give me your paw" thing for reals, and I think it's finally sticking (although it's still more of a pawing kind of thing as she lifts up her paw way too high and then tries to scrape my hand off as if she's digging a hole, but, you know — some kind of progress, at least). What any of it has to do with this swingy little knitted coat I don't know, except that . . . No. It has nothing to do with it.


Except that I'm showing it off. According to my Ravelry page for this, I started it on December 18 and finished it on January 19. I have several things that I actually did finish that I never did get around to posting about, so I will try to trot those out and show them off (hopefully they'll behave) over the next few days to try to maintain this effort at housekeeping I am making. Thank you for all of the comments on the little hat yesterday! I'm writing a pattern for it and am almost finished, so I expect to have that ready for sale next week (hopefully along with some finished hats, as well — fingers crossed!). I've also gotten a lot of questions about whether I am ever going to finalize the patterns for last spring's Tulipfield dresses (Anneke, Mina, and Saskia) and the answer to that is: Yes. I really am! I have to first knit the taxes and then I will work on those patterns next.


I made this pattern too, loved it. Mine was dark brown with pink accents. Love your buttons! It's in my finished projects on Ravelry if you want to take a look.

on Rav: homemadeoriginal

Man, oh man, do I ever wish I had this coat for me!

Oh my gosh! My little Honey is just like that! Lovely, lovely little jacket. sigh.

I think this may be my very favorite Swing Thing, ever. It's just absolutely lovely, Alicia!

Beautiful knitting Alicia..and fun dog stories too. I miss you! Won't you come to tnna in Columbus this June so we can meet up.. Xx Susan

Really nice coat, I'll try to knit it....I hope do it as yours. Congratulations, beatyful creation.

Too funny - this showed up on pintrest today and I knew it was yours, and I was astounded that you made a sweater I didn't see from the blog! But here it is, hot off the presses.

Hi there!
We would like to feature your post in a new section of our site that lists bloggers around the world knitting in DROPS yarns :)
If you are interested in taking part, please write us back!

Karey Ingalls says: February 12, 2013 at 11:23 AM

I was wondering how to buy a knitting pattern from this site how so I do this. I have tried to register on Ravelry and cannot seem to do this any suggestions.
Thank you Karey

Carolyn young says: February 21, 2014 at 01:31 AM

Love this little jacket exactly the pattern I'm looking for we're can I get a copy of this I'm a beginner ,young new g mommy and starting to look for spring knitting patterns

Debra Fernandes says: February 24, 2015 at 04:00 AM

I can't seem to find this exact pattern anywhere. Are there any links to it please Thank you in advance
This really is so stylish and sweet

maricarmen avalos says: July 27, 2015 at 02:32 PM

hola buenas tardes me pueden madar el instructivo en español. me encanto este vestido y quiero hacerlo ojalá si

Can you post the swing thing pattern or scan and send to my email? The website for it has been taken down! So sad, I wanted to try it as I am learning to km
Nit as grandma of 2 girls. Thanks.

someone please tell me how I can obtain this patter Posy gets cosy, Thank you.

Yvonne Maisonette says: March 18, 2018 at 07:08 PM

Hi, Will this pattern ever be available again on Ravelry? If not, is it available elsewhere? Would love to make it for my granddaughter. Thanks, Yvonne

Patty Leonard says: May 06, 2019 at 07:47 PM

New to knitting and I have fallen in love with the Swing Thing pattern. Looking to make this for my granddaughter. The pattern is no longer available on Ravelery. Any idea where I can get this pattern? Any help would be appreicated.


Por favor si pueden enviar instrucciones en español, les agradecería mucho, quiero aprender.

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