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PATTERN: Chauffe-coeur by Astrid LeProvost
SIZE: 2 or 3, maybe?
YARN: Mirasol Miski

I've been watching a lot of movies with beautiful fabrics and beautiful shawl-type things in them lately. The Young Victoria, Bright Star, Emma. There were so many beautiful shades of purple in The Young Victoria. It got me thinking about purple. Violets and mulberries and grayish-lavenders and slatey plums. Pluots. I see that I need to pay more attention to these colors. I have neglected them; they are not the colors I normally choose, but for some reason lately I am quite drawn to them. Plans.

This little shrug is called a heartwarmer, of chauffe-coeur in French. The pattern comes from this book that's written entirely in French, and I'll just say that yeah, I pretty much wung it. It's a simple shape, and I had a pretty good idea of how it was going to work. French knitting patterns are totally hilarious to put into Google translator. I don't think it helps at all! I had a lot of high-school and college French, so I sort of piece it together in my way. It's a clever little shape, and buttons (with flat, round oyster-shell buttons) on the sides in the back, though I forgot to take a photo of the back. Here is my Ravelry page.


The yarn is baby llama, which I've never used before and oh wow, is it ever scrumpdillyumptious. It's even softer than alpaca. I think it was a bit floppy for this pattern — my guess is that it will really sag — but it was gorgeous to work with, and made my hands very, very happy.


PATTERN: Solveig by Citronille (made longer than the pattern)
FABRIC: Moda Regent Street Lawn in Petite Floral (I got this at Fabric Depot sometime in January, but last time I checked they were out of it)

I really really really really really hope fabric designers start making more little calicos. They don't seem to be very popular right now. They are always popular with me.


Yummy little berry purples.


Some fabrics just make me so happy. This is one of those.


anna dorothy says: February 22, 2011 at 08:36 AM

I never knitted from a french pattern before, but I was teaching my french friend to knit in english and searching around and found this! maybe it'll help you! :)

Yummy. Now I want a heart warmer for myself.

Oh I love little calico prints too, especially in purple and plums and like you wish fabric companies would make them again. I've been swooning over all of yours that I've seen. Maybe some commenters will post some sources :-)

Does the dress pattern come in English. When searching around the link you gave it looks like its only in french....Do you know of an english versions of the dress pattern?

The dress and wrap combination are adorable. No french for me as I took Latin and Spanish. I have dabbled a bit in Japanese patterns and whoa there is a lot of winging it there!

So cute! I have been obsessed with purple lately (or rather my whole LIFE) and have been happy to see purple in its various forms making a comeback in fashion this week. I've gone a bit crazy with it - even ordered booties in "eggplant" and a new raincoat from Land's End in "Lilac". Purple has so many beautiful variations....

Adorable! The colors are dreamy and so rich, and it looks so soft and cuddly. Oh, I have big plans for my future daughter :)

I want this all!!!! :))))) Super!!!

That's a lovely set. I like calicos, but I cannot imagine wearing a skirt or a dress of just calicos. My mind just thinks of it as a pattern for youth!

Lovely, lovely, lovely!

I don't think my resolve to not spend money is going to hold out much longer. Those Citronille patterns! My god!

Ahhhh, it's like a drink of water for my artistic soul. Speaking of there are some pics (they did not turn out great) of the skirt I made using your pattern and design from Embroidery Companion up on my blog.

Both of these are so sweet. And I completely agree about the need for more tiny calicos.

I am so with you on the calicos! Not for me or my house, mind you - but I love dressing my daughter up like a little Laura Ingalls Wilder :)

Lisa in Lincoln says: February 22, 2011 at 10:21 AM

So Sweet! Love the combination and the colors.
Calico is the end all . . . As a child of the sixties I didn't care what everyone else was doing - I made, and wore, calico print dresses just like this one. At 19 I made one with a print of little wooden dutch shoes and I wore it out! The best people are those that march to their own drum beat!

Hmmm...I know the shrug is not your pattern. And you can't print their pattern in English. But, is there any way, you can come up with your own pattern in ENGLISH that is similar, that we all could follow? For those of us who took Spanish instead. It's really cute!

So nice. I love the calico, too. It seems that most times if you don't want the "new" quilting fabrics, you're out of luck.

I love this! You're making me wish I knew enough French to try out some patterns. I might have to see how far I can make it with Anna's link...

These pieces are certainly ripe for daydream inspiration and perfect for a chilly day. Beyond sweet. xo

what a perfect outfit. when you post these outfits i imagine a little girl stunned with sheer joy that they are all for her. even though i assume you will be welcoming a little infant who won't understand quite yet, i still have that image and someday it will be true won't it? :) i also think i may have to order some citronelle adult patterns!

I love both of these, and especially the two together. I bought the Citronille book a couple of months ago and am three quarters of the way to finishing the first little shirt that I've picked for my daughter. They are such lovely clothes.

Cette jupe est absolument belle. French minor aside, I'm speaking in English now. So pretty -- and the little calico's do need to make a comeback in a big, big way -- they are sweet, delicate and so very pretty.

Gorgeous, Alicia! I've loved everything you've made lately, although I suppose I always do :)

This is sooo sweet! Every time you make something new it is my new favorite!

That's beautiful,Alicia!
I love little calicos, too - always have. My favorite dress when I was in high school was a prairie style long dress in a little yellow calico with a ruffle at the bottom. Even though I wore it out, I wish I still had that dress.

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