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It's a very quiet day here and I am working on designing a little hat pattern. I have so many different projects I started back in December (and before that) that all need finishing. I start things because I don't want to forget that I had an idea that I wanted to start. Then I have about seven WIPs hanging around all over the place. I'd better finish some stuff before I do one more new thing.


After reading "These Is My Words", the first thing that comes to mind is, "That man makes me feel like I have my bonnet on backwards."

That is cute as can be, Alicia!

Well, yes, you need to finish it, because now we are CURIOUS and want to see the sweet little bonnet. A pattern too of course!

Hi Alicia, I've been a quiet fan for about a year now and I've enjoyed all your stories & photos. In fact, you've inspired me to start my own craft blog. I'd be honored if you took a peek and found even a fraction of the enjoyment I've gotten from you. Thank you for sharing. And inspiring.

Followup ... Clearly I need more practice at this! ;)

Oh, that looks cute! :)
Vivienne x

This is gorgeous! I'd love to make something like this for my daughter :) is this one of your patterns? I hope you post it :D

i totally do the same thing! life isn't complete without multiple things going on at once...

Barbara Snyder says: February 16, 2011 at 03:11 PM

Put me on the list of buyers when you finish this pattern.

Looks adorable! :-)

That's how I feel sometimes too. "Finish this or that before you start a new one!", I tell myself. But sometimes anticipating the next quilt is what motivates me to finish the last one. Going and buying that fabric pushes me to finish so that I can get started!

That hat is gorgeous! Love the stitching, the fabric, the ribbon. Everything! :)

Looks like a Little House hat- Mary would wear it, Laura would not!

Goodness! Your little hat is making me swoon.

oh dear. now that's flippin' cute! your daughter is going to be the best dressed girl in town, hands down.

That is one cute hat!

Ditto with Kar...if you make something boy I'm on it too...well, some of the easier stuff at least. However, I've found myself making things I thought I never could--enjoy seeing it all!

I will purchase this pattern as soon as it is available. This is just precious.

This is adorable, you are so creative! I wish I had your skills!

This hat is the cutest hat I've seen... ever! So clever.

I am the SAME way. Home early today, an afternoon off because a prof is out sick. I'm a little sick myself. I know I need to get some work done (desperately), but I'm also thinking it might be a good time to just *chill* and affix some butterflies to a hat I'm making. Let's see, I'm making a butterfly cloud hat, have a leather hat to trim with silk ribbons (to make it a bit more Victoria than Old West, you know?), leather strips I am weaving into thick ropes to make into a bolero (darned Russian vogue, being so inspiring and all) and a set of blank matryoshka dolls that I want to wood burn and give to a friend. Which is to say nothing of the David Garrick sock monkey I want to make for my friend's upcoming birthday.

All this, and I'm take my doctoral exams in March. Dang, I need to focus!

Are we sharing this wonderful pattern? My daughter used to be Laura from "Little House on the Prairie." Wouldn't it be fun to make one of these for her little Laura one day?

Oh please share!

Alicia: This is just precious! I'm kinda the same way with WIPs. I start something to remember it or because it's bugging me to start it. Then I need to start something else for the same reason or because of a deadline (!). Then . . . well, you know it very well. Glad I'm not alone and that you were able to verbalize it for us.

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