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PATTERN: Neighborly by Jennifer Casa
SIZE: 12 months
YARN: Malabrigo Merino Worsted in color #606 Frost Gray

Thank you for all of the sweet bunny comments! I had soooo much fun making them. Both bunnerses were made from the same pattern by the incredibly talented and wonderful Barbara Prime — she designs the most adorable animals. Her sweet bunnies have been my Favorites folder forever; I'm on an animal kick now. It's always so fun to make animals because they all really have their own characters, and their expressions seem to just come out all on their own. As with everything else I knit (or crochet), just click on the links (the words in red :-) for further information (yarn, pattern, needles, etc.) on my Ravelry page.

I have finished several other projects from December and January recently, and that is always such a good feeling. I was actually hoping to get all of the WIPs finished by the end of January, and I almost did, but not quite. I cast on for my Neighborly the night I got home from my birthday vacation. Since almost everything else I was knitting at the time was in the bag that got left at Timberline, I was happy that this yarn and pattern were waiting for me. I honestly can't say enough about either this gorgeous yarn or this gorgeous pattern. I've made a lot of things, but this is one of my very favorites. I wish you could feel how soft this is! Bunny soft. I have not used Malabrigo yarn very much, but I'd heard people talking about it a lot (as you do, you know, when you hang around people who talk about yarn). So, yeah — I get it now. Totally get it. It's awesome. I wish the camera could pick up the pinkish-purple undertone in the yarn that is obvious — but not too obvious — in real life. I just love this color. It's like twilight alpenglow. Neighborly, by the lovely Jennifer Casa, is a very popular pattern on Ravelry and I can completely see why. Total pleasure to knit in every way. I left the ribbing off of the sleeves. I used this video to help me sew up the hem and it worked so well. (The adorable wooden button is from here. The little dress is, again, a version of this one. The fabric is Farmhouse #23403 by Windham.)

Anyway. Some projects just make you happy from start to finish. The more I knit the more I realize that it's important (to one's general happiness with something) to match the right yarn to the right pattern. That's subjective, yes. But if you're going to knit something you'll be spending a lot lot of time with that yarn (and that pattern) so it's really nice if you love it. It can be hard to tell if it's working well until you're into it a bit; that's the tricky part. Yarn can be so different in the finished item from what they seemed to be in the skein. At least to me. I still don't have great intuition, or maybe it's radar, or maybe it's experience, for this. But that's why they often include knitted swatches of yarn at the yarn shop. Sometimes it's totally amazing how differently the yarn knits up from what I would expect.

But anyway. Er, have a great day!


Your dresses and other children's things create a very serious longing in me to try a third time to have a girl. I just asked my dog what he thought about that and he said, "No. Please don't. I have enough to deal with with the two boys you already have." It's good that he's here to talk me down.

Thanks so much for the links. That's such a sweet outfit! I second the love of Malabrigo. It's like knitting with a cloud!

Your knitted things are so precious! I cannot figure out how you get all of these projects done. Your knitting needles must be lightning fast!

it looks gorgeous! thanks for the link for how to do the folded hem, I've just gotten past one of those on a wurm beanie and it was the most painful knitting of my life. We were away camping so unfortunately I couldn't google anything. You've saved this pattern for me, and inspired me to try the malabrigo, thanks :)

I just cast on for a Neighborly with some Irish wool this weekend. Neat to see a finished one here. I am making it for afghans for Afghans.

You make me want to learn to knit! I enjoy your blog so much--thanks!

/dies of dearness overload. I can't take all these adorable little girl clothes and this mother-of-boy has been pushed over the blue line into little-girl-craving! A daughter, someday, perhaps. In the meantime, I will just pine/dream/swoon over all this loveliness.

And speaking of... surely I'm waaaaay late to this party and you are already in the know... but I just ordered a book for my god-daughter that just seemed so very Posy. Have you seen The Gift, by Carol Ann Duffy? Beside myself with the paper-cut cover and snippets I've read. Can't wait to peek inside!

This is beautifully knitted; such even tension. The yarn looks great with the pattern dress.

Very sweet!!! You are amazing, Alicia!

Oh I really love this one. The button is just the right touch. And that yarn is the perfect gray. sigh.

nuttin' is cuter than that button! totally adorable little ensemble.

happy february ~


Love it! Especially the button.

Love, love, love that Malabrigo. Makes even my wonky-ass knitting look good!

I am loving all the pretty things you're making for your future little girl! You're a knitting (and sewing) machine - but that's good because I've learned from experience that once she arrives, your knitting/sewing time will decrease dramatically.

I'm crossing my fingers that your girl arrives in a timely fashion!

I just can't get over haow quickly you knit up things. I realize most are little, compared to the adult sweater I'm knitting and seems like it is taking forever, but.... I have loved every pattern and your yarn choice is perfect! The wearer of all of these will certainly be the best dressed girl ever! :-)

So absolutely adorable!!! I have been so busy quilting that I haven't had a chance to get to my sticks!!! Something's gotta give!

haven't commented in a very long while... but seriously... this is crazy adorable. this is one lucky babe (in more than one way).

I love this pattern. I love Malabrigo. Great choices for a little girl. You can feel your love just by looking at the sweet things you are making for your little one.

oh, lovely! this sweater is so pretty. the grey is perfect for a daydreamy winter's day.

Adorable... I've knit this too, and this inspires me to knit it again! A question for ya - did you do an increase round in the middle? It looks great! Would love the details...

yup. love this one.

It's amazing how such a plain colour and lots of stocking stitch can look so lovely. I really have to try this pattern now :-)
Totally agree about patterns and yarn - but I think I need a crystal ball to get it right - I tend to do a lot of frogging :-)

I love the combination of the grey knit and the tiny flower batiste. It's charming!

Melissa D. says: January 12, 2015 at 06:02 AM

Contemplating knitting this vest...yours looks a bit different then the ones pictured on Ravelry. Did you do the "sleeves" differently? Thanks(: Love your creations, thanks for sharing them!

Melissa D. says: January 12, 2015 at 06:05 AM

Just reread the post, you left the ribbing off! Sorry(: Thanks again(:

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