Silver Snow

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PATTERN: Clara by Karin Vestergaard Mathiesen
SIZE: 12-18 months
YARN: Madeline Tosh Merino Light in Silverfox

Thank you very much for sharing our walk with me yesterday. It was really a very magical day. By nine a.m. all of the original morning snow was gone and the sun was shining as if there had never been a cloud (or a snowflake) in the sky. But then, later in the afternoon, the whole thing started up again: Tiny flurries buzzed the yard, and then larger flakes started to fall and stick, and then a full-blown snow squall enveloped our neighborhood. Clover and I sat on the sofa and watched from the window; it was like being in a snowglobe.

Taken from our living-room window, around 3 p.m.

Oh, how my heart twirled! It lasted maybe another hour. All the little girls across the street came out and threw snowballs at each other and chased each other through the yards. They reminded me of squirrels, playing up and down the oak trunks, wild in their delight. It was the lovliest of days. I really don't think I'll ever forget it.


I finished this dress last month and for some reason just never got around to posting about it. Apparently I was waiting for a fairy-tale snow to come and enchant me with its charms; the entire time I was working on the dress it seemed like a fairy-tale dress. When I finished it I was simply flabbergasted that I was able to make something like this. It felt conjured more than knitted, though I knew that there were parts of it that had been so hard, where I'd had to rip out and redo more than once, where every stitch was hard-won and utterly prosaic. But I couldn't remember where those parts were (and I definitely can't remember now). (Lord, please let that be a metaphor.) I just sat and looked at it for a whole night. I kept shaking my head. Really? How did I do that? Since I don't even really know how to knit?


That's sort of what I've been telling myself all these years, anyway. Knitting was so hard for me, and came so un-easily to me, that even though I've been able to knit and purl more or less without complication since about 1999 (I started trying to learn back in 1994 or so), I still never really think of myself as someone who can knit. I know that's strange, and not meant to sound falsely modest, but it's true. That is my perception. A year ago I wrote the story of how I eventually learned to knit. I think it is one of a small handful of things I've written in my life that help me tell the story of myself to myself. Eventually I will amend it to include what knitting has meant to me this past year. This dress will figure into that part of the story, how the whistling work of these days and their many stitches gave us hope and happiness. And confidence, when it was sorely needed. When I finished the dress, I hung it on the wall next to the sparkly lights on my side of our bed and we looked at it for a long time. For someone who doesn't know how to knit, I will admit that I felt very proud.


*For those who have asked, you can buy a kit for the dress from the US yarn distributor here. I bought the kit but didn't use the recommended yarn. Unfortunately I don't know if the pattern is available on its own; I have called Isager to see if it is and have not heard back. I am sorry but that's the best I can do, as this is just something I knit for myself and is not my original pattern to distribute or otherwise make available. You will have to contact Isager with any questions about the Clara dress pattern. Thank you for understanding.

**Update, 1/4/2014: The pattern is now available here:


Lovely knitting. Sweet hopeful dress. And, I hate to be the one to tell you but you no longer get to say you don't know how to knit. Knit on!

Oh that is so beautiful!

I actually stopped by because I thought of you this morning. I was perusing patterns on ravelry and came across one that made me think of you.

I have no reason, it just looks like something you would knit.

As an adoptive mom myself, I've been praying for you and your little one - thoroughly. (grin)

here's that sweater:

i am never surprised by what you create. beautiful work alicia. xo

It's gorgeous, what a beautiful dress. I recently re-took up knitting after a very frustrating start. I'm slowly gearing up to more complicated patterns, I hope that one day I will be able to knit something like that, absolutely beautiful.

Sigh. I love that dress. Every new baby girl I have I think I will make her this dress and I never do! Surely this time?

We had the magical (brief!) snow here yesterday too. perhaps all the more magical for being so brief, though I admit I was very sad there wasn't more.

Thinking of you! xox

That is so gorgeous! I wish I could have one in my size to wear as a tunic. So pretty!

Your little dress is beautiful! Enjoy your winter wonderland...

A lovely little dress! You should be very proud. The last photo is magical.

How very lovely! Really,just lovely!

I opened the page and this photo popped up and I was so taken! It is so gorgeous. My favorite of all you have shown so far. I know what you mean- I knit too but I don't feel like I am a knitter. I really do think this dress is beyond beautiful.

That dress is just very sweet. I love it.

It's nice to hear that you didn't take to knitting right off, as I struggled, mightily, with it. I finally gave away my knitting needles and small yarn stash because it just wasn't working.

Maybe I'll take it back up, again, some day.

It's the most delightful little knitted dress that I've seen in a long long time. It makes you want to have one more little girl just to put her in that dress..... wow....

Oh my. That is gorgeous! Does anyone know a baby girl who needs one so I can make one?

Beautiful, beautiful dress!
You know what, I now think you know how to knit!!!!! ;)
Vivienne x

I love this one! I love it so much that when I saw it on ravelry I called my mother and demand that she get on and look at it.
Beautiful work. I crochet, but I want to learn to knit too, or maybe I should say that I want to learn to "not knit" soon.

That thing is crazy beautiful. I would run out of patience after about 4 rows of that pattern. :(

How very exquisitely beautiful. Wonderful considered work as ever. Here is a link to my Snowbunny hat from your ravelry page:
Thanks for such a quick and clear pattern. Miriam x

This was the first thing I knit almost a year ago when I found out I was pregnant (even though I didn't know what I was having). I had saved a link to the pattern for years and told myself I could not purchase it until I was actually pregnant. I did end up having a girl and she wore it to church last month. By now, she's already outgrown it, I will put the dress away and save it for the next girl to come along or, if none do- hopefully I will have grandchildren to wear it someday :) You can see mine here:

Oh Alicia! That dress is beautiful. This little girl is going to have the most spectacular wardrobe. That will make the cutest little party dress, with white tights and patent leather mary-janes.*sigh* If there was a grown-up size I would totally wear it. :) And seriously, I think you are officially a knitter.

As I sit here on bed-rest, hoping to bake my little bun for just a few more weeks, you make me wish I'd picked up yarn while I was at my LYS yesterday. I thought I was resisting temptation, with all those soft and pretty yarns around me. But now I feel more like you - that a sweet little pullover, hat, or socks on my needles would have given me more hope and confidence that I can make it through the next month.

Beautiful! I am a bit envious of your ability to knit. I remember reading about how you learned. I guess if I just put forth some effort... I am happy just looking at your gorgeous creations for now, though!

this is one of the most beautiful knitted things i have ever seen, i actually gasped when i saw it. bravo!

Beautiful, beautiful little dress. And what a great photo of your neighborhood! That one should go up on the wall.

okay, your little dresses have amazed me constantly, and now you've convinced me at last. now i know that i MUST learn to knit, just so i can make this dress for myself (scaled-up, of course!). 'twould be so cute with some tights/skinny pants and kneehigh boots! and a crocheted flower in my hair! :)


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