Silver Snow

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PATTERN: Clara by Karin Vestergaard Mathiesen
SIZE: 12-18 months
YARN: Madeline Tosh Merino Light in Silverfox

Thank you very much for sharing our walk with me yesterday. It was really a very magical day. By nine a.m. all of the original morning snow was gone and the sun was shining as if there had never been a cloud (or a snowflake) in the sky. But then, later in the afternoon, the whole thing started up again: Tiny flurries buzzed the yard, and then larger flakes started to fall and stick, and then a full-blown snow squall enveloped our neighborhood. Clover and I sat on the sofa and watched from the window; it was like being in a snowglobe.

Taken from our living-room window, around 3 p.m.

Oh, how my heart twirled! It lasted maybe another hour. All the little girls across the street came out and threw snowballs at each other and chased each other through the yards. They reminded me of squirrels, playing up and down the oak trunks, wild in their delight. It was the lovliest of days. I really don't think I'll ever forget it.


I finished this dress last month and for some reason just never got around to posting about it. Apparently I was waiting for a fairy-tale snow to come and enchant me with its charms; the entire time I was working on the dress it seemed like a fairy-tale dress. When I finished it I was simply flabbergasted that I was able to make something like this. It felt conjured more than knitted, though I knew that there were parts of it that had been so hard, where I'd had to rip out and redo more than once, where every stitch was hard-won and utterly prosaic. But I couldn't remember where those parts were (and I definitely can't remember now). (Lord, please let that be a metaphor.) I just sat and looked at it for a whole night. I kept shaking my head. Really? How did I do that? Since I don't even really know how to knit?


That's sort of what I've been telling myself all these years, anyway. Knitting was so hard for me, and came so un-easily to me, that even though I've been able to knit and purl more or less without complication since about 1999 (I started trying to learn back in 1994 or so), I still never really think of myself as someone who can knit. I know that's strange, and not meant to sound falsely modest, but it's true. That is my perception. A year ago I wrote the story of how I eventually learned to knit. I think it is one of a small handful of things I've written in my life that help me tell the story of myself to myself. Eventually I will amend it to include what knitting has meant to me this past year. This dress will figure into that part of the story, how the whistling work of these days and their many stitches gave us hope and happiness. And confidence, when it was sorely needed. When I finished the dress, I hung it on the wall next to the sparkly lights on my side of our bed and we looked at it for a long time. For someone who doesn't know how to knit, I will admit that I felt very proud.


*For those who have asked, you can buy a kit for the dress from the US yarn distributor here. I bought the kit but didn't use the recommended yarn. Unfortunately I don't know if the pattern is available on its own; I have called Isager to see if it is and have not heard back. I am sorry but that's the best I can do, as this is just something I knit for myself and is not my original pattern to distribute or otherwise make available. You will have to contact Isager with any questions about the Clara dress pattern. Thank you for understanding.

**Update, 1/4/2014: The pattern is now available here:


That is the sweetest hand-knit dress! I love to knit but haven't graduated beyond the basic scarf.

Karen Pack says: March 04, 2012 at 02:42 PM

What yarn did you end up using for the dress. It is just perfect - cuter than the picture on its website!

Renee Finsel says: March 29, 2012 at 06:15 AM

I checked out the pattern on Isager and honestly, your dress is prettier, by far, than the one knitted up in that site. You may not consider yourself to be a master knitter, but you DEFINITELY need to consider yourself an accomplished knitter! Absolutely gorgeous!!!

What a lovely dress! I pinned it on my baby clothes pattern board so more people would find your pics.

Unique Baby Gear Ideas

Went to the site that sells the kit. Your dress is so much nicer than the one they have pictured there. Great job! It is beautiful.

I would so like to knit this dress for my granddaughter. One of the prettiest I have ever seen. Does anyone have the directions. I have contacted the company about purchasing the directions but havenothad a response.

Love Love Love the dress ....Would love to knit it for my granddaughter....Where can i get the pattern????

marilyn weber says: June 05, 2012 at 06:27 PM

How do I get a knitting pattern for this baby dress?

I look at that dress & automatically think of my childhood. It's simply simple, yet beautifully exquisite at the same time. I can't wait to make it & thank you for sharing.

i would totally buy this for my daughter. but i would need 18-24m =]

Judy Vanderhoven says: October 01, 2012 at 08:56 AM

I looked up the link you included, but it wasn't as nice as the dress you made. Yours is beautiful! I wish I could afford the pattern.

What beautiful clothing! My daughter is quite into fashion, so we have been looking at different blogs for ideas of what to buy for her this winter. We have been looking for jackets for girls, but I will make sure to show her some of the stuff on your site. Thanks!

Wow!! It my first time here and I totally understand when you say, you don't really know how to knit. I feel the same way!!! Then look back and see what I have finished and think , oh I made that!! The dress is just marvelous !! Going to go take a look at the kit now!

vinod sawhney says: March 22, 2013 at 12:15 PM

very beautiful.I love the dress very much.thanku

Diana Lustgarten says: February 21, 2014 at 06:19 AM

Congratulations! It's nice to see how you developed into the project and it came out gorgeous. When i started knitting again seriously was when my granddaughter was born; I was a crocheter mostly but i always was fond of the knitting textures; i was visiting a yarn store in Colombia, SA and i say a shawl in display that i really liked and one of the employees offered to coach me, I was afraid only just BC of making mistakes and not knowing how to fix them on my own, so I decided to challenge myself from there on i started to knit and crochet more seriously; One of my first proyects was a baby dress I saw in youtube, when i finished it I was beside myself that i could make something so pretty, thats when it dawned on me and I convinced myself that I could even get better with more practice. With this in mind, I tell everyone, CHALLANGE yourselves, and be persistent; Failing is not failing, it's only one lesson in proving how not to do it, so keep on trying another way…

Christine says: May 28, 2014 at 11:08 AM

I am knitting this for my new granddaughter. I wish they had the dress in toddler sizes so I could make one for her big sister. They we would be awesome sister dresses and heirlooms.

I bought the pattern but it only has three of the leaf designs in the yoke and that is not what I want. How did you get the four?

I bought the pattern from the site you suggested. However, it is for a 3 mo. dress size and the front of the dress has only three of the little leaf patterns instead of four like your gray one. My daughter is IN LOVE with your gray dress and wants it for her daughters for Christmas. I wrote the co. and they cant help me. Could you help me out with the front yoke pattern and how many you casted on for the larger dress size? Thank you so much!

My husband and I are not going to have children for two years or so, but I'm so excited to make clothing like this for my future little ones! ^^

Ordered and received pattern, but it is for three mo. And only has three leaves in yoke. Called and they said that is all they had. Help! Would love the alterations you made to make the little gray dress.

natalia Brandan says: January 31, 2015 at 06:23 PM

Buenas noches quisiera pedir si es posible me envíen el patrón del hermoso vestido gris de niña!! Muchas gracias

Hi, this dress is just adorable. What are the stitches called that makes the lines down?

Ok, i'm very alte to this post. but this is gorgeous!
may i ask if you had to switch the pattern to fit with the madeline tosh or it was closed enough to the suggested yarn in the pattern to follow it as it? you might not remember...

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