These Purples of Which I Speak

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From The Young Victoria

From Bright Star

From Bright Star

From Emma

Sometimes I wish I was one of those people who was organized enough to keep a bulletin board full of inspirational images. I always think those look so pretty whenever I see them. I do have a bulletin board but it seems to get covered with awesome things like inches-to-centimeter conversion charts, cards reminding me of when my next dentist appointment is, and claims forms for packages that got destroyed at the post office. NOT ROMANTIC.

The weather people continue to insist that we are getting snow tonight. I was rather over that whole thing and ready to start seeking out bluebell woods and Johnny-jump-ups, but what can you do. I'll sew. It would be nice if I cooked some actual food instead of going out for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner, pretty much one or the other every day. I have been Mrs. Social lately.


Have you seen the astoundingly gorgeous womens' costumes in Downton Abbey? The purples and reds and greens! And the fantastic layering of textures. Beaded overskirts and surplices, tatted lace trims, feathers and long lean dresses all hint at the flapper styles yet to come. And the hats. OMG. Did I mention the beautiful purples?

The first image from Bright Star, that colour of the curtain full of light? And that softly blurred range of hues behind Gwyneth's head? Those are my spring colours. Oh, year.

I shall add Young Victoria and Bright Star to my queue as I've not seen either one. Thank you for the inspiration as well as something to watch while I sit with two tons of yarn on my lap.

I had just watched Young Victoria the night before you wrote about it and I loved that same dress.

I love all these movies...makes me want to bring the garden inside.

The flowers from Bright Star--- just beautiful. Thanks for sharing these!

Have you tried using this? It's an easy online board you can organize images and links you like graphically?

The picture from Young Victoria is gorgeous. I might have to start a mood board in my craft area. Right now it looks like a train hit it, because I was photographing yarn last night.

Now I want snow, and something warm and comfy to eat, while I watch movies... lovely, purple movies.

Those are all in my netflix queue now. I have always loved purple, and those photo are beautiful. My room as a youth was purple.

I second the recommendation. I love it! You will lose hour and hours of your time on that site. (email if you need an invite)

I see someone beat me to the recommendation. I just joined today, and as we speak I'm cataloging some of my favorites. I used to "star" items in Google Reader, for instance, but it made it tricky to go back and find what I wanted. I'm already loving it for categorizing and giving me a snapshot - it's like Ravelry for everything else!

I've never heard of Bright Star. The others I have enjoyed. You sure picked lovely shots capturing a moment. I do love the curtain blowing across the room.
I am enjoying the light in my house from the white that is on the ground. I wouldn't mind a bit more - but for my husband and sons who have to drive and work in it.

Yes, why is it that all these beautiful work studios have lovely memo boards? I tried to make mine look like a piece of art. But sadly it became functional rather than decorative.

I loove Bright Star. It has to be one of the most visually stunning movies much's nearly painful...

Are you on Pinterest? It's a visual bookmarking site, and a good place to keep inspirational images (and recipes, or whatever) online!! Pure eye candy, that site. :)

Oh. My. The combination of lavender, green and blue has always spoken to me. Mor emovies to add to my netflix queue!

I love purple. It surprised me at first but those plums and periwinkles and heathers and lilacs. There is so much goodness in them. I'm knitting a Sweet Peasy in a deep plum color right now.

Things to watch this weekend: The Young Victoria, Bright Star and Emma - although is my favourite version of Emma:
And I agree with the first comment - Downton Abbey was very dreamy!

I was also going to suggest

It is quite addicting... and now I have almost all of my tutorials to try in one place. And all of the stuff that I would like to decorate a house with on one "board".

I have a drive to TIgard, so I hope the snow sits still until then! Otherwise, I look longingly out the window at the still green bulb shoots and looooooooong for spring....

I hadn't put that together, about all those movies having such lovely purples, but it's so true! And I agree about Downton Abbey--such lovely costumes. Even the simple high-waisted skirts the daughters wear are gorgeous with their vertical tucks. Oh, to have a wardrobe like that. Swoon!

Oh, oh oh-- you included my favorite picture from Bright Star (and that is saying a lot because I could have happily hung every frame of that movie in my house)-- the one of her sitting on the bed. (happy sigh)

Purple is so soothing to me.

Too late to reccomend pinterest to you, but it really is wonderful.

"Young Victoria" has the most gorgeous gowns! I hadn't noticed the purples in "Emma", though.

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