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I thought it was going to say "Who...could resist this face?" Answer: Nobody.

Oh, yes, You.
I was reading a Tasha Tudor book last night... heavenly. And so to be greeted today by sweet Clover Meadow is a perfect Corgi-delight!

Such a cute photo! I just noticed the lovely embroidery on the napkin in your banner...love that stuff!

I love it when you post about your pet companions.

Oh my goodness - melts my heart..! :-)

She looks so soft and dreamy :)

Awwwww! Kisses on that sweet little nose.

I have a black and white corgie mix that looks just like that, so adorable!

Such an innocent face. You'd never know all the secret hilarity she is hiding inside. I loved your post on her antics while you had company over the other night. A very vivid picture that brought a smile to my face.

Awwww... puppers!

Is that the Jeopardy answer in the form of a question for the clue: This cute as dickens corgi has legions of adoring fans.

What a sweetie~!!

Love that photo!!! You are such a good photographer. I've been popping in lately but haven't been leaving comments... I sound redundant because I think everything you're making is so darn cute! I am in love (once again) with the sweater jacket and your bonnet.

i know that look.

Soooooo sweet!! :)
Vivienne x

Awwww...hey thanks for that lasagna recipe on Valentine's Day, I'm making tonight! Also hello to the knitted egg/Mr. Bill item (person?...so unsure) ...have a good weekend and big kiss to CM.

Such a sweetie-pie!!!

See how talented she is? She's standing on her head!

Surely not... ;)

Adorable! ...and definitely innocent ;)

claire ashworth says: February 19, 2011 at 04:45 PM



i used to have two welsh corgis... how i miss them so when i see pictures of your sweet little one! thank you for sharing.

Our dogs do this, maybe they know something we don't. Like life looks better up-side down?

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