A Spring Pizza

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Seldom do I invent anything to eat. I almost always cook from someone else's recipe. Very occasionally, I make it up as I go along. Sometimes when I make it up as I go along, it is really lame. This was one of those times when it was not lame and I was really psyched. I actually made something good without a recipe!

Well, I take that back — I did use a recipe for the dough, but I pretty much know that by heart. Ever since I learned how to MB from this book, I have used their "Loaf of Fresh White Bread" recipe for pizza dough, as they suggest. You can cut it into four pieces and make four individual pizzas (or pop half in the freezer and make more pizzas next week). For these pizzas, I rolled the dough out into two wobbly, 1/4"-thick circles, put them on a Silpat-covered half-sheet pan, and preheated the oven to 500 degrees F.

I trimmed and then arranged half a bunch of very thin stalks of asparagus in a baking dish, sprinkled them with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and popped the dish into the hot oven for about 8 minutes, until the asparagus was roasted and slightly browned. I took the dish out and let the asparagus cool a bit, but I left the oven on.

Then I sauteed the white and pale green parts of one leek (slice it in half lengthwise, then cut each half into 1/4" slices — be sure to clean the leek well, too), seasoned the slices with salt and pepper, and then mixed in about 6 oz. of mascarpone cheese. Stirred this all together until the cheese melted; added a bit of cream here to thin it out. Tasted for seasoning again.

This made enough sauce to cover two individual pizzas. I spread the sauce over the pizzas, arranged the asparagus on top of the sauce, then added a about 1/3 pound (for the two pizzas) of medium-sized raw shrimp, which I had sliced in half lengthwise and coated in a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper. (I had originally thought I would add a bit of thinly sliced prosciuotto and some mozzarella, but decided against it — I just wanted the flavors to stay very simple and fresh this time — but it would probably be good with these other things, too.) Then I popped the pizzas in the oven for about another 8 or 9 minutes until they were crispy and bubbling, and, oh! So good!

We had a great conversation while eating the pizza: "This is so good!" "I know, right? This is great!" "Totally great!" "Wow, this is good!" "I know, isn't it?" "Totally!" Etc., etc., etc. And they say married people run out of things to talk about!!! NOT!!!


Yum! We love home-made pizza. Less is more too when it comes to toppings. Asparagus and prawns...drool. We love sweet potato, fontina cheese, a drizzle of quince/balsamic and fresh rocket (arugula) on the top. Gosh, I've made myself really hungry now.

YUM! What a great combination. ♥

This sounds sooooo good, Alicia! I love the sauce ingredients.

Now that Irish Season 2011 is over and I'm done with Celtic harp performances for a while, maybe I'll start cooking again...

Can you drop by and make pizza for us?

It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing your triumph! :)


Love your new "header"! Its so soothing and fresh! Perfection in simplicity! Thanks, Lee

It looks delicious!!!!! I am a lover of pizza, in fact as a surprise several years ago my hubby gave me an 8 ft pizza oven from Italy. We use it often. However, before it I found a great way to make pizza crispy on the bottom without the expense of a pizza stone. I bought unglazed tiles, like Mexican tiles, at the home depot. They r around a dollar for a 12 x 12 put them in the oven or on the BBQ to heat up with the oven. When they get dirtyni throw them away. Now I use them to make and serve the pizza on as I run out of cutting boards.

Funny, I just had a couple slices of pizza. But they weren't as pretty as your.

just wanted to say, your blog is looking so very pretty, love the new touches :o)
I have just plucked up the courage to start my own, two days ago, so i am feeling drawn in by all blog layouts
yours is just delightful Alicia

That is funny, my husband and I had the same conversation last night while we were eating your recipe for Rozale Lasagnas! AMAZING! We also adore your curry chicken soup. Will now have to try the pizza. Thank you so much for sharing. Not sure if I love your knitting or your recipes more!

Mmmm wow that does look so delicious. If you can't talk about food, what can you talk about?
Thanks for sharing!

I made this a few days ago, even though my boyfriend said he wasn't sure about the marriage between asparagus and mascarpone, and was totally sceptical.

We didn't have mascarpone, so I went for cream cheese in stead.

Then the moment of taste came... And to our surprise, our conversation went exactly like yours!

We are having dinner guests this weekend, and spring pizza is on the menu :)

Spring pizza indeed. Very impressionistic, darling. It looks like a Monet.

Made this friday (with the proscuitto and mozzarella)!! So yummy!!! I made extra sauce threw some asparagus in and we had a delicious pasta for saturday!!!!! Thank you forall your inspiring posts!!!!!

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