A Spring Slog

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I've been working on writing this little dress pattern pretty much nonstop for, I don't know, it feels like ever. Forever. In looking at it, I think, "Forever? Really?" It seems pretty straightforward, Alicia: Yoke, bodice, skirt. Not too complicated. But oh! The ripping out! The redoing! The sitting and staring incredulously! The re-ripping! The re-redoing! The sitting and staring! Well, I did make four versions, one each of four different sizes, to test them all. But still, my efficiency seems to be at an all-time low. Everything this week feels like uphill. Treading water uphill. Maybe swimming in mud against the mud-current. Not sure what that's about. Maybe just the end-of-winter slog-through. The weather is still cold and rainy-muddy. Chilly daffodils nod and look around, crisp-yellow, as if they're eagerly waiting for someone else to arrive at the party. But I've calculated some kind of new effort:time ratio, and according to Alicia-math I would say it takes approximately 3.375 times as much effort to get one thing done in about 4.125 times the usual amount of time lately. And of course you add an hour for the hour lost in Daylight Savings Time. And then you multiply by 3 for the standard March Differential ('cause it's the third month, etc.). You guys, that's 44.765625. And honestly, that feels like an underestimation of approximately 16. 5. Are you feeling this, too? Or is it just me (and every single other person I happen to talk to, which, though, granted I don't know that many people, it seems worth noting)?

But whatev. I (finally, finally) made a dress. The color reminded me of apple blossoms. (Springtime! I've heard the elders tell of you and I want to believe!) I was, though exhausted, quite happy with the end result. I hung it on the wall and took its picture, as I've done with a thousand other things, and then, instead of going back to the studio, I fell down on the bed and watched 1.75 hours of TiVoed episodes of Bethenny Ever After while trying not to fall asleep. It was only about 3:23 p.m. I decided I needed some exercise. I stretched out my back. My back felt like it was made out of Legos. I did fourteen leg lifts. I emptied the dishwasher. It seemed like a lot more work than usual. It seemed Sisyphean; there were dishes hiding under other dishes, and more dishes under those. The dog laid flat out on her side on the sofa and watched me with one roving eyeball. She couldn't be bothered to lift her head. I understood. Today, there will be walking. Lots and lots of walking. One step, two steps, three steps — and on and on like that. I think I will remember how to do it. I don't care if it pours cold rain on my head for an hour and a half (which it will). We have been in the house too long.


It's lovely! I've been meaning to learn to crochet for far too long. Perhaps this summer I'll give it a go.

And I hear you about the effort:time ratio. My kids have had the pukey flu for a week and I've gotten n o t h i n g accomplished. A nice long spring walk sounds divine. Please take one for me.

Oh man do I hear you on that one! And is it just me or is cold weather that has followed out warm weather so much worse? Like "yea spring... boo winter is back" And oh my if my four year old doesn't get well soon I may go insane!!!! We all need to go to the beach... if only...

darling! but I think you need to stop with these little dresses and start on the bigger ones. your child will be the best dressed child for 12 months and then nekkid bcs you didn't have time to sew once she's arrived.

Is there a pattern for this somewhere?

Slog weather, yes indeedy. We've been slogging since November-- on the new house-- but yea, for the end is in sight. Fortunately all my sewing projects of-late have been blessedly straightforward.

This dress was well worth the effort though, Alicia. Its wonderful! And I hear you on the sluggish-ness feelings. I've had the winter blues bad this year.

So adorable!

Spring. She's coming and she told me to tell you she's on her way. Soon, soon it will look like this for you too: http://sixgreggs.blogspot.com/2011/03/spring-is-as-beautiful-as-she-ever-has.html

I should be ashamed, though. Because, even though it looks like this for us, I'm still feeling remarkably...bored.

I LOVE the dress. It is darling!

Yes, winter is certainly taking a long time in wrapping itself up. I can't believe how much I'm looking forward to spring & summer (I usually love winter) but having a little one who needs to go outside and run some energy off changes your perspective ;)

yogalife24 says: March 24, 2011 at 10:36 AM

Slog or not...you're dress (and soon to be pattern) are fabulous!!! I love the under-dress thought of yellow gingham...yum!!!

When you look at this gorgeous little dress, it really was worth the effort. :)
Vivienne x

this is beautiful! I have been waiting patiently for you to finish the pattern since I first saw you were working on it. I can't wait to make it for my daughter. And I hear you about spring - we're still buried with snow here in my corner of the northeast and I can't get motivated to do anything. Even empty the dishwasher.

so glad you managed to get this frock finsihed - it is too cute! REally adorable ;)
I think a little fresh air to blow away the cobwebs, and spring will seem a little closer for you. I hope so!
Thinking of you and the slog, x

I'm sorry Spring is taking so long to visit your corner of the world. It's almost turned into Summer here. Dreading the heat already, but enjoying the bursting forth. The dress is just perfect. You are so incredibly talented!

What a perfect little dress!

And I know that feeling of wanting to explode into spring and progress, but feeling that for every step forward you take, there are three steps backward.

But, I sure am thankful that the winter hibernation is over here. I've been a little over-the-top lately in trying to force things forward. Spring has a way of making me feel like I can conquer the world.

Love the dress. However, I have all grandsons and that just wouldn't work. Maybe a large size, ahem!! Your work is fabulous as always.

That is FABULOUS, what a lovely idea to crochet a whole Spring dress. I wish I had a small person to make things for *goes husband hunting*


Sure do feel this way too. Every morning I say -- it's raining AGAIN! The little spring flowers are trying so hard to cheer us up, but it is just too cold to go out and dig in the wet dirt and try to make things look better. But, it will pass and making cute little clothes like you do helps us all to get motivated. We've been watching all the episodes of All Creatures Great and Small and what those vets have to go through in the cold moors to help the animals, I don't think I will complain anymore about our weather!

The dress is really lovely! I blame the cold. Soon, soon there will be more blooms and perhaps the sun will abandon its boycott of our planet. Hold on!

Troy Louise says: March 24, 2011 at 12:02 PM

I couldn't agree more. I have been worthless lately. So tired of cold weather & wishing, wishing for some spring. Love the little dress, such pretty colors & the yoke is fabulous. Have fun walking!

The dress is so cute. And I think what you have is Daylight Savings Time Syndrome. I finally diagnosed myself with it this past weekend when I "crashed". I love your blog. Everything you make and put together is so beautiful and simple(which to me is the beauty of things)

The dress it beautiful and I can't wait see the pattern. I too have gotten that sluggish end of winter, can't wait for spring, need to get out the house thing.

I honestly can say that everything I do feels like it takes 4 times longer to do - for example my 4 year old daughter keeps playing with my computer mouse as I type :)

Oh God I knoooooowwwwwww. It's like swimming in treacle... cold treacle. Cold rainy treacle and my metaphor has totally fallen apart and I'm too tired to even fix it! I took three weeks to knit the last INCH of a second sock. It's crazy!

We went to the coast and the whale watchers were like "nope, hardly seen anything" and the tide was like "I will eat the entire beach and splash you mercilessly (only you won't notice because it's raining on you anyway!)."

Please spring. Please.

Would it make you feel better if I told you that it was already almost HOT here?? We hit 90 degrees the other day and I'm so not ready for the summer slog that I experience!

That dress is adorable and it will be in my shopping cart as soon as it it available!

Jennifer :)

I only knit scarves..someday I hope to move on from that..but I have a question. When you wash all the little dresses will you have to block them every time? I think of that every time you put one up but forget to ask. They are all so adorable..

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