Craft Benefits for Japan

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Photo of crochet-covered pebble by Julianna McDuffie

Opportunites for ways to donate to Japan tsunami victims abound. Thank you so much for passing along your ideas yesterday; I've collected them here in the order they came in, and hope that they offer you some options if you are seeking a way to give or participate. There are some really lovely ideas here — thank you so much, everyone. If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments on this post and I think people will check there, too.

Robin is auctioning a baby bunny quilt for the Japanese Red Cross Society here.

Laura mentioned that she is participating in a blogger's day of silence and other activities via For Japan With Love.

Sarah is participating in a raffle with the prize being "a big handmade storage box full of goodies" from her shop (info here). The raffle is being organized by Jo.

Linda Sonia mentioned Julianna's crochet-covered pebbles, from which 50% of the sales proceeds will benefit the Red Cross Japan Relief Fund. And proceeds from the sale of many things at Stitch Happens will go to the RCJRF as well.

Amanda mentioned Sarah London's Crochet a Rainbow project, where your donated granny squares will be stitched together into blankets to donate to people affected by flooding in Australia, the Christchurch earthquake, and the Japan tsunami.

Amanda (different Amanda) mentioned the Handmade for Japan auction on Facebook.

Seanna Lea mentioned Kitchen Sink Dyeworks's raffle and Oh Fransson's quilt raffle.

Jessie is holding a raffle benefitting World Vets.

Christine let me know that Superbuzzy is matching $5 donations, which will then be matched again by Knitting Fever, Inc. (so your $5 donation turns into $20).

Fifty percent from Maggie's hooked rug auction will be donated to the Red Cross.

Emily mentioned that Julia has designed PDF notelets, the proceeds of which will benefit the Red Cross.

Susan always has lots of great suggestions. She says:

My friend Daniela and I are organizing a new project — Quilts for Quake Survivors — here in Portland and hoping other people will get one started in their areas too! Bolt, Modern Domestic and Cool Cottons are supporting us too :)

This hand-printed poster is a fundraiser for the Red Cross.

Modern Relief Japan is organizing a series of quilt auctions.

And Weeks Ringle has a lovely post up here.

Danielle mentioned that Fiberphile Yarns has created a new colorway called Sakura (which is the color of cherry blossoms) with a portion of proceeds from this yarn's sales going to benefit Save the Children's Japan Earthquake Fund.

Becky mentioned that her friend Iain has created a list of art auctions for Japan.

Becky Drees mentioned the Daily Paintworks Help Japan Challenge.

Sarah mentioned that proceeds from her painting of a cute Japanese girl will benefit the Red Cross.

Annabella mentioned that Nicolette is encouraging people to make 1000 paper cranes for Japan.

Kieran is selling camellia prints.

My dear friend Toni is donating 100% of the proceeds from this photo and 20% of the proceeds from everything else in her shop to Shelterbox.

Molly's friends are donating 90% of the proceeds from this print.


My heart has been breaking since the earthquake hit. I'm having such a hard time writing, working and plum existing when so many people have died.

Thank you for sharing these links about how we can help Japan.

Last week all proceeds from sales in my Little Shop went to Japan. This week I'm donating 10% and will continue to do so for the next few weeks and possibly longer.

Kay (from Mason-Dixon) has a new pattern that she is selling for raising money for Japan as well.

Every time a tragedy strikes I am overwhelmed at the thoughtfulness I see in the craft community. While I'm sure other communities are similar, it is so reassuring that there are so many good people in the world in the circle I have chosen to be a part of.

Well, I hope the creative Julianna is not going to be sued by Margaret Oomen & her hord of agressive fans like the other stone crocheters... because they're so pretty and this would spoil such a generous intention.
Thank you to all the artists & donators, and you for forwarding all these infos.

I made a red sun prayer flag. Its hopes and prayers are being carried by the wind to where ever they are needed.

I don't know if you're still adding to your list, but I've got Love Pockets for Japan on my blog:

Love that you've made this list, Alicia!

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