Log Cabin Blocks

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I'm excited about these, my first log cabin quilt blocks ever. I made them yesterday at Daniela's house, for the Quilts for Quake Suvivors benefit auction. I think I finished six of them yesterday and am making more today. I think my quilt will need about twelve or sixteen total. Maybe I'll have some solid-colored sashing (maybe pale gray) in between all of the blocks. I'm not sure yet. There are lots of quilting bees planned (not just in Portland but in other locations around the country, too) — just click on the link above for more information, or get in touch with Susan (whose new book, Modern Log Cabin Quilting, is beautiful and serving as huge inspiration for me) or Daniela, the organizers. It's great of them to put this benefit together. I really enjoyed working on these blocks. I see a lot more log cabin quilting in my future.

Believe it or not, this is the way that natural light photographs in my studio because of the skylights. Isn't it weird (horrible)? It's nice in real life but in photos it actually looks flourescent. It is very dark out today, which probably isn't helping either.


pretty pretty colors!

What beautiful blocks! Natural flourescent lighting and all. I'm looking forward to seeing it all come together.

Oh those are really lovely! It must be time for me to learn the log cabin quilting thing - this is like the third post I've seen just today on it!

Hi Alicia, I actually think the light is great, nice and bright, even on such a rainy gloomy day. My sister Denise called and was all excited, she told me she was at the quilting group with you yesterday and said you're an absolute darling! How nice!!

Hugs from the gorge.... Teresa

Grey? You? Really? LOL At least you're consistent. And what a really nice thing that you're doing! KUDOS to everyone involved.

And then you can try log cabin knitting...


It is so fun and there is nothing as soothing as garter stitch.

Beautiful! I am also loving the Modern Log Quilting book. And I think the light in this photo looks pretty darn good.

Ooooo Those are pretty! Also I agree with skrapyram, those photos look nice.

I love how you throw colors and patterns together. I'm saving for a sewing machine and then plan on teaching myself to quilt, your photos are inspiring! <3

Love the fabric! What a neat thing to be a part of!

I just ordered Susan's book!!! I've been drooling over all the pictures and trying to decide where to start. SOOO inspiring. Your blocks look great.

I did a log cabin quilt a few years ago. I fussy cut diferent styles of trains for the centers and then made logs with complimentary colors. It came out lap size. The receipient is a train junkie, everything about them. Great job on your blocks. You are always an inspiration.

My favorite part of that photo is the no doubt tasty beverage sitting on a doily in the background ;] And I like the light! It's so good of you to do that for charity -- just goes to show how people can contribute in so many ways.

Thanks so much for coming to the QfQ bee, Alicia! I was so sorry to miss you guys at Daniela's yesterday afternoon - but I absolutely LOVE the photos of your log cabin blocks that you and she each took. How gorgeous. It will be such a treat to see your finished quilt!

xo susan

Oh My Word...I don't know what to say...It seems that you and I are doing the same quilts at the same time...Back in August I started a quilt...My first real (queen sized) quilt, with lots of small-ish squares (3 1/2"). I looked at your blog a few days later and I saw that you too had been working on a big quilt with small-ish squares...Just last week I made two quilt tops (well, the blocks anyway...)My first ever Log Cabin Blocks...Mine are very random in nature (made using strips cut from scraps left from dozens and dozens of previous sewing projects...)

Oh, and I live in Portland...Crazy...

pretty! (and so is that butcher block cutting table... drool... thinking of getting myself one!)

Yay!! I love looking at your quilts and this one will be no exception. What a great thing to be quilting for.

So pretty! I've got a whole bag of 2" strips I've been saving up to make a log cabin quilt. Maybe someday soon.

Beautiful! I love the color combination - especially the pink-ish patterned fabric against the paler colors.

Actually, I was just thinking how much I liked the fabric and color ways of the blocks when I read your comment on the lighting...lol! Maybe it's because I can't compare the pic to the real life thing, but I still really like them!!

Love your gorgeous log cabin blocks ... I'd like to try that myself!

The blocks, the light, the cause... It's all lovely.

Pretty colors. That is one block I would like to do someday soon. Can't wait to see it finished.

I have her new book on my Amazon wish list. I have never made a log cabin quilt, but I know I will. You blocks are just adding to my inspiration

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