Smooshy Puppy

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Soooooo cozy dog. I've never met a dog who is as snuggly as Clover Meadowsweet Pupperspaulson. If you sit down for just a few minutes around here, there will be a puppers's chin on your ankles faster than you can even unfold your quilt. It is the most adorable thing in the world. She is so smooshy and cuddly. Personal-space issues are not on her list of concerns. Getting snuggled in is high on her list of concerns. Making sure the person on top of whom she is sitting doesn't get up is high on her list of concerns. When she flashes the one worried eyeball at you: "You aren't going to take these my ankles away, are you?" No, you don't get up. You just stay, and keep knitting/crocheting. She closes her eyes and snores contentedly. I love this dog so much. Since the day she arrived in this house she has been near-smothered with kisses and cuddles. Unlike her dear auntie, who liked to be near us at all times but not too near — if you got too cuddly with her for more than a few minutes, she would politely get up, move a few feet away, settle herself back down, close her eyes, then open one just a bit in case you started creeping up on her again. We found it so hard not to try. But a little smooshy-cuddly just went a long way with her. She was like that since the day we first met her, when she was the size of a large guinea pig but somehow exactly the same. She said, essentially, "I love you, yes, but I love you right there (over there) where you are, and me right here (over here) where I am." Her favorite thing was to have her face petted with just one finger; I'd lay on the floor and trace that stripe right down the middle of her face a thousand times in a row, and of this she never tired. Her niece Clover Meadow, however — so like her auntie in a thousand other ways, she differs in at least this one: To be part of a many-limbed pile is in her very nature. To rest her chin on someone's warm body part is not an option, it's a necessity. If you don't provide this opportunity, she will make it for herself, and before you know it you have a big clambering dog in your lap. She loves to sit on Andy the most. He's part jumping bean, part smooshy-corgi-puppy himself. When she's sitting on him it means he is sitting down (and at that moment, all smooshy-corgi-puppy), which I like (and she likes). In just this position (I took these pictures with my cell phone), we watched a fascinating movie called The Art of the Steal on Sunday afternoon. We also made spinach crepes and thought repeatedly that we should all get up and go for a walk. But we didn't.


It's chilly out there, man!


Oh those puppers-es! Love love love them!

We lost our silly Basset Hound Chuckles (Chuck, really!) to Cancer a year and a half ago. We adopted Miss Jenny Lou from the same Basset Hound Shelter in Louisiana and honestly, the similarities! I know That Clover's Auntie is checking all this out and watching over Miss Clover, just like Jenny Lou's Uncle Chuckles is. Hey, maybe they know each other up there :)

ALways enjoy your posts Miss Alicia. Have a lovely week!

Clover is a very lucky puppy!!
Does she allows the kitty a little lap time too?

Melissa L. says: March 07, 2011 at 08:53 AM

Sooooo adorable. She's really quite a lapful, isn't she?

We have a smooshy-cuddly CAT who has no personal bondaries either. Many's the morning when I have awakened adorned with a striped cat-hat. Or a hat-cat. Complete with under-the-chin tail-strap.

What a sweet little puppy!! :)

What is the quilt she's laying on? It looks beautiful!

Susie Sears Taylor says: March 07, 2011 at 09:00 AM

Looks like a "one dog afternoon" to me. Ahhhhhh the love!

Clover and my wild man Lab mix have two things in common - chin resting and ball-forming. He's close to 90 lbs and still loves to curl in a ball in the space behind my ben knees. Add in a chin resting on my egg and the eyes looking straight at me...I'm all marshmallow.

She's a lucky little doggie getting so much love, but look at her she so deserves it! :)
Vivienne x

cute! my little schnauzer sounds just like miss meadow... she's my little lap heater. love the doggie cuddles.

I spy that briefcase!

I can totally relate. We have two very different pups. A sheltie that is so job oriented and her job is taking care of us, her herd. She sleeps at the foot of bed and would not consider snuggling as proper in any way. However our 110 lb choc lab, is the opposite. Often you wak up to findherhead on your pillow lol....she considers herself a lap dog and doesn't understand why your legs may go to sleep when she lays on them and thus you may have to move them....

Aren't they the most loyal companion?

Look at those eyes...ahhhh.

our mr oliver starr is much the same...i just want to kiss him on the nose every 20 minutes.. /Users/mabel/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2011/oct1510/DSC_0028.jpg

I just love your puppers! I love when you write about her. Makes me smile.

My Westie (named Louie) is exactly the same way. Snuggling, leaning, licking, kissing - he HAS to be near/touching/in contact with me or my boyfriend in some form ALWAYS.

It's heaven. :)

The Art of the Steal was fascinating. I've been to The Barnes several times & have very mixed feelings about the whole thing.

She really is adorable beyond measure, isn't she? Puppers-snuggles are the best. :)

My rottie Miss Jada Marie Rottweiler is exactly the same way. If I ever sit on the floor for even a minute she backs up to me and tries to sit on my lap. I just got a laptop so now when we snuggle on the couch she has to lay her head directly on the keyboard and look up at me like, "you can just pet my head instead of tapping on that silly thing." Much nicer .....

Yeah...I'm not sure that I could ever resist that face if she lived at my house! So sweet

I LOVE that you titled this post "smooshy puppy." Since my little spoodle Henry has lived with me, my mother (who had previously NOT been a dog person at ALL)has closed almost every phone call and email with "Give Henry a smoosh for Grandma!"

Looks like a cozy afternoon!

My Cardigan looks a bunch like Clover. I find it amazing how she can go from total couch potato to running in the yard with my 3 kids to right back on the couch mud included. They do put their heads in some odd spots!!

Ahh thanks for mentioning that movie I had heard of it, but I didn't realize it was about The Barnes.

I have been to The Barnes, and it is rather insane. That however is one of the reasons that I loved it so much. Floor to ceiling paintings some so high you only get a glimpse of them. The Joy of Life on a stairway landing so that you can never really get the proper perspective on it. Renderings next to masterpieces next to crap..they aren't all masterpieces. ;) Craziness.

Part of what makes it so wonderful is the experience as a whole. Were they to take all of those pieces and install them "properly" it would not be the same.

I love dogs who love to cuddle and I have one too. Mine (Rocco, an Italian Greyhound) SO loves to snuggle that he gets as CLOSE as he can whenever someone sits or lays. It makes you, the owner, pretty much turn into a couch potato too. We just picked him up from two days at the kennel and he thinks that I now owe him EXTRA snuggle time to make up for the lonely time at the kennel. Oh, the life of a dog!

What lovely peep's she lives with!! I'm not certain that I could get another yellow lab, if we had to put our Playboy to rest. He suffers greatly from allergies and is on the brink of being resistent to treatments....I guess, when he has more bad days than good ones it's time...Though, I wish it would be from old age that he would have to go. We're so lucky to have these little critters in our lives....

Oh so lovely! Lovely post. Lovely day. Lovely puppers. Lovely people! *hugs*

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