Twelve Blocks

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Almost finished with the top. Just need to put the sashing (sort of a tannish oatmeal) between the columns. I have about eight other things I need to do today. Oh well.


stop it with making me want to sew lady!
lovely, lovely blocks~ xo, Anna

Oh I LOVE that! It's like Spring, quiltified?

Your sewing and quilting always inspire me to figure out how to use my sewing machine, I just need to buck up and DO IT one of these days!

Wohaa - you´re good! :-D

That must be so pretty with the light coming through like a cotton stained glass. Great colors!

Beautiful combo of colors!

Inspiring and beautiful :)

So lovely, they look like paintings. I photograph under sky-light, too, it changes constantly as the clouds move through the sky!!

Someone's going to cry from joy when they receive this. They're going to feel your love and good wishes in every stitch. They will feel safe under its folds. What a treasure from the heart!

very pretty... I wish these quilts were being auctioned to raise $$ for Japan. I would definitely bid high!!

Very pretty! It's like stained glass in the window.

Wow! That is stunning. :)
Vivienne x

Yup. You sure do make things pretty.

it is going to look absolutely beautiful
jooles x

It's beautiful!! Is there anything you can't do?!

I'm not trying to come up with an excuse for an unfinished quilt - but, seriously, when the top looks this good unquilted (especially hanging in the window), why for heavens sake, do we need to finish them???

love! love! LOVE!!

I love them! What a beautiful quilt they are going to make. (And the color on the walls is gorgeous!)

That is absolutely gorgeous! I was just telling my sister in law today about your blog and how inspiring you are! We were talking about quilting and I told her about this one! I love it!

Those are beautiful! Your work does encourage me to take up sewing.

Simply beautiful.

so cute!

Aren't polka dots just the most dee-lish ! ! ! !

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