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Thank you so much for all of the comments last week. What I love so much about all of the things you had to say is that your words become a part of the project for me, forever after. That context and all of the things I learn from it, every day, mean so much to me. I am so lucky for that. Thank you for that.

This morning there are two kitterses waiting for me in my office. One is actually in a sitting position and not lying down with every inch of her body covering the heating vent (can you see that little brown rectangle, just to her right?), which is sort of a miracle. It must mean that the heat just finished being on. Violet is the most accurate thermostat you can imagine. I swear that when the temperature drops to a fraction of a degree just before the furnace kicks on, she knows, and heads right for the vent. She gets to the vent and positions herself over it, covering every possible blow-hole with her body. She becomes a rectangle. Within a minute or two, the furnace starts up; within another minute or two, air starts to (try to) come out of the vent in the studio floor. The hot air starts blowing out of the vent; I can see it ruffling her fur from beneath, trying to get out and actually warm the room, and not just the cat. But it cannot. She has mastered the art of sealing off almost every possible route of escape. The studio, naturally, is FREEZING. Freezing. It's a freezing cold room with one very hot, happy cat.

I feel so behind — I have a lot of work to do. I have really been goofing off this winter, and that's starting to catch up with me. I'm going to try to buckle down this week and get some things done. I think that would be nice!


I'm drooling right along with you kitters.

maybe it's time for a register cover to direct the heat sideways... though she could probably figure out to be a rectangle in that direction too!

Dear Alicia, This is so beautiful, I am very jealous. I went to the V&A in London at the weekend and thought of you. So lovely. Have a lovely Day.

That is such a fun image, made me laugh out loud. Our cats know better than we do where the hot pipes are situated.
They are a bit fed up with this long cold winter, just like us.
Carol xx

Kathy McDonald says: March 01, 2011 at 12:41 PM

Oh, Alicia, that photo looks like it came from a beautiful magazine! Violet was the FIRST thing I spotted in the photo. What a lucky little kitters she is to have such a lovely place to spend her day! Your room inspires me beyond words. Thanks for sharing.

Your cats are so squishable and cuddly looking (although heat hogs and rather aloof, I am sure). Enjoy the time in your beautiful studio.

Growing up, the bathroom was always the warmest place..Cats gravitated to that, and me too, if I wanted to read a book and stay warm.

Every time I see your studio, it takes my breath away. I can only hope that someday, my studio-in-progress looks half as sweet as yours does!

I also have a vent hog cat who can make himself into a rectangle over the floor vent. There he lays, shaped like a meat loaf patted into a pan. Winter or summer, his underside is either toasty or frosty, while the rest of us suffer.

Haha, I am so not a cat person but the image of a rectangular warm cat cracks me up!

yes, we have a thermostat cat too. Every weekend we take her up to Vermont with us to our weekend house (our, I wish we could live here all the time house) and Lilly the cat lives on the vents when they are blowing- she knows all the good ones.
Your studio is looking STUNNING. I would be happy to work in there in the freezing cold. My studio (which is an over stuffed attic room with no insulation in Connecticut) is freezing (and I mean REALLY FREEZING- no heat) and it is quite a depressing place to be in. SIGH. I've just spent 2 days cleaning it up as the temperature has been reasonable. All of winter I am so desperate to get out of there while I can still move my hands that I never tidy up!

barb in Edmonton says: March 01, 2011 at 02:57 PM

Yup, my Sally cat loves lying on the heat vent. I always ask her if she isn't cooking her insides (aka cooked cat), but she assures me she is just fine.

i want to see mooooooore.

Beautiful, beautiful photo!!!

claire ashworth says: March 01, 2011 at 04:50 PM

hahahahahahahahahahaha okay i just finished throwing my head back howling in laughter when i read postman's "thermoscat" and howled again. pets are so freaking STUPID in a way that is so clever, or accidentally genius. uggghh PETS!!! they slay me. love love love that visual, so thank -YOU- for -THAT-!

Those kitties! It's all about their comfort isn't it. Guess you'll have to scoop Violet up and put her on your lap to get warm!

I think Violet and I would be good friends, in the winter I can be found on the heater 99% of the time. :)

I can't wait to see what you make in that beautiful studio!

What a beautiful workspace. You must feel so blessed by it, and by your furry assistants.

Hi Alicia, love your gorgeous studio. Mine needs some serious "un-earthing". I got a kick out of your cat image and description -- then looked over at MY cat and she was sprawled over the top of our pellet stove! I took a photo and will email it to you.

Love the fur-kids. Teresa in the gorge

OMG, Ivy does the same thing! I'll try to bust her at it and snap a picture. Your last few posts have been beautiful; I just haven't had the time to comment. LOVED the smow photos! Yesterday, in Chicago, at Elmhurst College, it looked like all the trees were dripping in diamonds. A lovely ice frosting- unless it was on your car, like it was on mine! Opened my trunk and thought the back window had shattered! Naw, just the ice on the trunk breaking and falling on top of all of my tutoring materials kept in my trunk office! Rock on cats; stay warm!

This has absolutely ZERO to do with your post (even tho my little gray buddy does the same thing) but have you seen "Bruce of The Day" on Willamette Weeks website? Check it out. You'll get a giggle.

My fat cat (He weighs 20 pounds) Loves to lie on registers at my house, too. He hears the furnace start to make the vibrations and he runs for the warmth! Incidentally, when he hears the trash truck rumble down our street, he runs to hide under the bed. He really makes me giggle!

Your blog is great, Alicia, and I ahve become a devoted daily fan! Also your silver dress is STUNNING! Wish I could find the pattern and make it here in Jerusalem! thanks for all the creative ideas and funny stories! Love Shelley from Jerusalem.

I have two heat hogging cats, they fight over the same vent. I guess it is the best vent in the house...

Such a pretty, light-filled studio. Sitting by "the warm air" is a favorite practice in our house too... one of my daughters likes to sit by the vent in her room with a quilt. And, one of the cats is a pro at stretching out lengthwise and thus soaking up the air from the vertical (under the vanity) vent in the bathroom.

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