Chilly Colors

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Everything was so beautiful at the PSU farmer's market this weekend. Spring colors are interesting. Sometimes they are so bright! I think that's partly because spring light is so weak — the colors really pop off of it, somehow. I'm vaguely obsessed with this . . . condition. I seem to explore brighter colors popping off of really dull neutrals a lot. Springtime in Oregon is all about color popping off of dull neutral — whether the dull neutral is mud (we have lots) or wet pavement (we have lots) or thick gray skies (lots and lots). Even dark green — like a perennial evergreen — feels like a dull neutral. It's very different than a pop-y, chartreuse-y spring green or even a mossy mint green.


This is Montgomery Court, one of the dorms on campus. It must be wonderful to wake up and walk right outside to the market every Saturday morning. This weekend went incredibly fast. I finished my log cabin quilt and I am so happy with it. I will give you all the details about the quilt now that I'm done; I'll try to take a nice picture of it today, though it's supposed to rain all day and it's so dark in the house right now it feels like about 7 p.m.


The puppers is trying to stay warm. I think she likes the new blankie, which is still in progress. Bright colors and neutrals. I'll prolly write up a little pattern for this one when it's finished. It is super easy and a great stash buster.


Monday morning. Getting off to a slow start!


Great pics - and that blanket looks wonderful! :-)

Such pretty photos! I love the vine covered building. Reminds me -- I was watching "Coming Home" the other night, and in one scene (which is filmed inside a lovely room with big windows) you can see Virginia Creeper growing all around the outside of the windows giving the room the most lovely spring green glow -- like being inside an enchanted fairy bower in the woods. Makes me want to run out and buy some Virginia Creeper ;).
And the blankie is so sweet (as is that puppy face!). The ripple blanket I crocheted a couple of years ago (shamelessly copying yours) is still one of my very favorite projects ever. Thank you so much for the continued inspiration.

Like the blanket! I've been contemplating doing one like that just in rows, but I was not completely inspired. The square shape (what I can see of it, anyway) puts me over the edge into fully inspired. (We just moved into a chilly house, and I was mortified at how many boxes I needed to pack my stash. Need to bust the stash and take the chill off!) Anyway, looking forward to the pattern ; )

I noticed on Ravelry that your pattern for the Mina dress is available. Kudos on both colorways. They're both very pretty. Too bad my grand baby is going to be a boy...sigh. We'll try to love him anyway. :)

i would love a pattern for the square blanket, please and thank you!

Clover is just the coziest girl EV.VER!

Love all the bright colors. I can't wait for the farmers markets to get going around here. The striped blanket looks so cozy with all those great bits of color. Can't wait to see the quilt either. :)

Cute little blanket. It reminds me of this wiiiiiiide ripple afghan my sister has which was made by a friend of the family and given to her by my grandma. Anyway--it must be eight feet wide and I don't know how long--I have only seen it draped over the back of the couch. It is made up of so many different colors, with a lot of orange. It is a sight to see, I tell you. I can just picture the lady crocheting it on a mission to COMPLETELY bust her stash!!

Clover looks like she gives the blanket the seal of approval! Love the pics!

That blanket is a study in bright colors popping off of weak ones! I love reading your blog and other artistic types; because you are able to put into words what I see-but can't define. I love early morning light when I'm waking up. There's something about the haziness of it.
You've inspired me to start an afghan!

Ahh Clover is just sooooo cute, she certainly has the right idea for a rainy monday morning! wish i could have done the same
j x

Oh, I've missed so much lately... the swiss chard photo is gorgeous! And I am loving your quilt! Working on my first children's book (about growing food) so your photos are very inspiring!

Hi Alicia, I enjoyed reading your post today, it was kind of soothing.. it's kind of dark-ish out here in Corbett too. Clover is so lucky to get to cuddle in your blankie WIP. She's a doll. I think I need to crochet a pillow cover for Buddy to put in his bed. I bet he'd like that! :-)

T in the Gorge

Blanket looks great and it certainly seems to have Clover's seal of approval! :)
Vivienne x

Love the colors of the chards and look at the the greens.

Your pupper is soooo cute!! Your pupper is asking "you" to cuddle now. I wish I know how to knit/crochet. Your blankie is so beautiful.

Love the spring colors AND that blankie!

It's a day for heading straight back to the blankies, striped or not. My cat Belle ("B") ate her breakfast and then dove headfirst back into the tunnel she'd made under the down comforter. Good girl. Wish I could have joined her. Because it's Monday indeed.

I so love your posts; reading them is like having little daydreams to get wrapped up in. Just lovely!

i keep hearing about what a cold and wet late winter/spring portland is having, but your photos make it all look gorgeous. i've been sick and not commenting much, but i was so pleased to have you mention both cats a few weeks ago. i had been worried that you (we?) had lost one for a bit there.
love, emily C xo

As always beautiful photos! The swiss chard looks heavenly. Here in Florida, I some swiss chard that looked similar at a local farmer's market, and it was delicious!
Happy Monday to you.

I saw this today and thought of how beautifully you combine the two:

I like the blanket and your puppers too.
I hope, you will post a nice picture and tutorial soon.

Your blanket is lovely. I get what you mean about the flowers. Whenever we get to the mountains, I think the colors of the flowers there are so vibrant compared to ours on the plains.

It's all sweet, but I love cuddly pooches. :)

You made me hungry for colors! Yarn, chard, spring, puppers... all the colors!

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