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This is a photo of my college roommate and BFF Martha sewing, sometime around 1983, when she was about fifteen. I first saw it twenty years ago at college when she pulled it out one day and we about fell over laughing, because I used to sit like this when I sewed, too. She just found the picture again and sent it to me over the weekend. Everything about it is just so awesome. I dare you to just try to get yourself into this position now (you have to put your left arm under your leg, and then stick your other leg straight out) and pretend to sew and you will be laughing so hard — I just got down on the floor and did it and cracked myself up bad. Oh man. The foreshortened gripping foot. The determination. The perm. She is seriously lanky. I love this so much. She is so sweet.

Thank you again for all of the orders. I'm still seriously reeling, I have to admit. Beyond my imaginings. THANK YOU!


Does she have 6 toes??

Does she? :)
As a non-embroiderererer, I am quite excited for my alphabet adventure!!

Wonderful photo! Although you forgot to point out that's her other leg stretched out behind the machine.

If I tried to do that, I'd be 1) rolling around on the floor trying to get my arm under my leg and 2) getting a cramp in the stretched out leg.

My best friend from high school was (and is) and wonderful seamstress. I bet if I went searching I could find a similar photo of her. Heck, this could almost BE her. Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories.

This is hilarious. To all of the people about the six toes, I am pretty sure that is the ball of her foot. I know mine kind of splays like that when I press my foot up against something.

Though it might be pretty cool to have six toes, but you'd have to make your own toe socks.

Amazing photo!! Reminds me of myself on the floor cutting fabric, ironing and what not...

Wow!, I've done that. Many years ago to be sure, but I thought I was the only one. When your bent leg goes to sleep, you put the foot feed against the wall so you can press it with the toes of the outstreatched leg.

That is hilarious! Yeah, I don't think I could do that anymore!

I used to paint in that position! Lordy, now I'm lucky if I can sit in a chair without shifting around every two minutes trying to get comfortable.

Too funny! I Have that same sewing machine, I still use it, and it still does a good job.

Haha, I actually have sewn like that too. So much fun, this picture. Brings back memories :-D

It's like she's a foal; she just doesn't know what to do with those ridonculously loooong legs, or how to keep them from getting in the way.

I have a daughter just like that.

Great picture! I grew up with the same sewingmachine.
I love your work, I, often, take a look on your blog.

Troy Louise says: May 02, 2011 at 01:50 PM

There is no way I could even come close to that position! Great photo. Thanks for sharing.

I love this picture mostly because now I have an idea of just how I looked when I used to do this. I sewed and entire quilt on the floor. I don't know why it never occurred to me to use the dinning room table!

My sister drives with her left leg up like that. She can also cram half a sandwich into her mouth at one time. Some people are just awesome like that.

I've have GOT to go home and try this.

Wonderful photo.
I have never seen ANYONE sew like this! ! ! ! ! !
Thanks for the smiles.

This is just hysterical!
I do remember sewing on the floor. I also have vivid memories of sewing a prom dress in college. I wasn't quite half way through the whole process when the power went out in the dorm and I had to finish it by turning the wheely thing by hand. Whew! Thanks for the laugh.

Oh this photos is giving me leg cramps and Charlie horses lol.

She was probably much handier with a sewing machine than I'll ever be , even though she's tied herself up in knots ! I think my machine just intimidates me , which is ridiculous ..... it's just a little gadget , after all .
Perhaps I should try sitting on the floor?

I have a high school friend, who is now a family doctor, who made costumes for the school play and clothes for the next day at school, in exactly the same position. How strange.

This is how my 10-year-old daughter sews! Every time I put the machine on the table, she'll place it back on the floor when she starts sewing. It looks so uncomfortable (she says no) but it does make me laugh.

just too funny..Wouldn't even attempt..I also was one of those who was in such a hurry to get the crewel alphabet project ordered that I didn't even glance at the sissors and hoop..I now have ordered them too and if it's easier you can just toss them in with the crewel..Thanks Alicia..Such beautiful work and you make my day..Val

When floor sewing I prefer the knee to the pedal stance.

Haha! I've sewn like that! The floor is mighty handy when you need to spread out a quilt... ;)

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