The Beautiful Sun

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Oh, yesterday! Yesterday did not go well!!! Or rather, the silk-screening portion of yesterday did not go well. It went bad!!! It's a long story, but there was some bad paint. There was a wobbly table. There were some swears. There was frustration and mystery. There were conferences, another trip to the art-supply store, eventual solutions, and, later, a reluctant recognition of when to just call it quits for the day, a bike ride to the food carts, and some major hammock-relaxing. Ahhhhhhhh. There was happiness again!


Much better.


[Worry worry worry.] She's not convinced.


It's okay, little corgi!!! We'll get it, I promise!


Today is already going much better. The problems seem to have been solved and I hear Andy-Paulson whistling in the air. Always a very good sign! PHEW DAT.


I'm pleased that the back yard is all put together now, I must say.  I planted all of the fence planters the other day (a combination of climbing vines and . . . celery and lettuces [!] [?] ) so we will see what happens there. Today should be our third day in a row of gorgeous, warm, sunny, beautiful weather, and I swear you can actually see the plants basking. Along with every other living being in this city. Ahhhhhhhhh. Yes yes yes.


Pretteh kitteh.


On our hammock we have a featherbed underneath a super-heavy queen-size down comforter that turned out to be too hot to actually sleep under. But it all makes the cushiest little nest for a hammock, which we use pretty much every single day of the summer. We have a big storage box around the side of the house, and every night if it looks like it might rain we take everything off of the hammock (and the pillows off of the Ad. chairs) and put them in the rain-proof box. It's kind of a pain, because the stuff is heavy to schlep across the yard and it takes a couple of trips, but we've been doing it this way for years and I think it's worth it.


That's our garage wall. That's climbing hydrangea on it. They might be two or three years old now. Eventually it will cover the wall. There are three plants; the one all the way to the left, in the darkest corner, is the smallest. We take the fountain in in the wintertime. By coincidence, it's the same exact color as the garage.


I wish I could remember where we got it but I forget. That was two or three years ago, too. Somewhere on-line. It's made out of resin or something, I think. Fake stone. Wasn't sure what to do with a big blank wall like this so we decided to create kind of a cloister garden feel. Can't wait until the hydrangea blankets it all.


So, the new door will go where the window with those red shutters is. And the deck will go where the old veggie garden is (and be about as big).


I like that little sun halo that is created by the setting sun. The sun, the sun, the beautiful, beautiful sun.

67 comments have given me such a good idea for my hammock....i always had it hanging between two trees...then we had to cut on it's been in the attic...i don't know why i never thought of a hammock holder thingy (technical term)....i just kept waiting for a new tree to grow. hmmm...might be a while longer...think i will look on line for hammock holder thingy. that garage wall is divine....really....the whole yard is so comfy. well done.

Your back yard look so inviting. We're only just starting on ours (the previous owners of our house did absolutely nothing with it) and you provide lots of fun inspiration. Thanks :)

Your yard is so pretty. Really, it's the a place I would never want to leave. It makes me want to rent one of those big earth mover dealios and chew the crap out of our yard.

I am so jealous of your backyard. Every year, i get yard envy when you post pictures of it... someday, i will have my own house with a yard like that! all your hard work has definitely paid off!

wow what a gorgeous backyard!

the sun works wonders! i am glad you called it quits for the day and enjoyed yourselves outside.

So pretty, Alicia and Andy. So very, very pretty. It's like a little Secret Garden behind that (wonderful, I must say) garage wall. Right now my own backyard is a colossal MESS - I haven't done one single thing to my perennial garden for two years (I've been busy, you know, cutting my hair shorter and shorter and going to Europe and writing a book...).

But Steve the Nice Garden Helper Guy to the rescue! Next Monday and Wednesday he's coming over with his clippers and trimmers and loppers and shovel and his smile and his positive attitude and his bad jokes and We. Will. Prevail. Over. The. Garden. I'll post befores and afters on my blog.

Vicki K says: May 20, 2011 at 10:50 AM

Andy looks like he is basking in comfort at his Italian villa.

I am going to come live in your backyard. Mine is huge and I tell ya I have no idea where to begin. Maybe when that boyfriend (who has already asked me to marry him- just no ring at this time so still calling him boyfriend...haha) moves here, I can put him to work figuring out what to do so the backyard will look more like a very inviting garden : )

What an adorable dog. And your garden is so lush and inviting!

Your backyard is so beautiful. So inviting and cozy and just pretty! I always get so inspired by your decorating, thank you!

Oh, your garden is so special. What you touch just turns to cute!

Eleanor says: May 20, 2011 at 11:32 AM

I'm so covetous of your man, your dog, and their hammock. I know it's not christian to covet, and I'm working on it I swear. but a more beautiful scene I can't imagine today. have dog, have husband (not quite to yours' standards, but maybe good enough), must find hammock.

A little oasis. I love how it's looking lovelier over time. The goodest things always do.

Whosyergurl says: May 20, 2011 at 12:18 PM

Aw. Clover Meadow is sooooooo sweet! Love the photos. Your yard is wonderful. Yes, it is a pain to move everything, but better than getting wet. I put our cushions up on end on their sides to keep our outdoor kittrs off and they dry faster that way. We have a new hammock this year! xo, Cheryl & Chelsea Kabob

Your haven looks devine. Very inspiring.

I have to compliment pretty little Clover Meadow for being a worry helper rather than my hoodlums. As soon as my back is turned they un-do or destroy something I've done for our lovely little yard. Which is why I was re-planting my little pear tree in a panic this morning before work. Someone else had dug it up completely and it was laying on its side with bare roots for the whole world to see. Not peaceful. Not serene. And I was not polite or lady-like.

I love your photographs!

Oh I love your backyard (I think I've already said that once?) It looks like such a sweet little haven!

Ah, I want to come hang out in your backyard. It's gorgeous! Love all the potted plants around one of the chairs.

ooooh your hammock looks very inviting and your garden looks so pretty
j x

You've done it again! Given me lots of ideas and a big dose of ENVY. Good thing I don't have a hammock, I'd never get out. Enjoy your sunny days and the good company you keep!

It all looks so cozy and inviting. Love the backyard with those adirondack chairs and the hammock. I've been wanting to get both for mine. Any resources?

Absolutely beautiful! I'm envious lol one day I will have my own! Erin P.S. I had to really look for your Pretteh kitteh lol She(?) blended in!

The photos of your gorgeous yard just made my day!!

Are you sure your back yard isn't in the south of France?

Oh your back yard is gorgeous!! If the rain would stop here I would love to swing on a hammock. Thanks for all the garden loveliness.

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