Double-Corgi Mini Tornado

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So the mamas say no, you stay outside, silly corgis.


You must have a heart of stone to banish them to the outside!

Ok, that was a bit too dramatic. You must have some sort of sad puppy eyes will power. :)


that's right corgis, it's sunny out, enjoy it while it lasts!

The look on Miss Clover Meadow's face is priceless! "But Mommy .... I'm on the OUTSIDE..... "

Oh those hard to resist faces. You have serious will power.

Jend222 says: May 17, 2011 at 03:26 PM

too adorable! thanks for sharing.

Corgis! Since my last (probably my third total) comment on your blog wherein I told you we had a younger brother (Barney) to Clover we have adopted their mother, Darmie. Oh it is loads of Corgi fun at our house now!! They are ridiculously cute and all ours thanks to your blog! :)

uh oh...i've seen that desperate look before.....

kathryn says: May 17, 2011 at 03:53 PM

Clover's face would SO do me in!

Oh, but they sooo want to come in...such a sweet picture. I love nephew has one named Buckeye!

oh my, how cute are they!!!!!

Oh, dear. Someone seems a little concerned. Bless her sweet heart.

haha, cutest photo! Corgis really are beautiful...

I do so love Miss Clover Meadow.

OMG. Dax and Clover. Too cute! So sad I missed the fun today! xo Sally

Awwww...:) SO CUTE!


Clover is looking at you like, "But Mama, surely you don't mean me ... right?" I just love her expressive eyes.

Sue Collins - Broome Australia says: May 17, 2011 at 06:20 PM

Oh poor puppies, especially the one on the right...completely puzzled by the shut out....

*melt melt melt* Those sweet little faces!

Oh they're cute.. it's funny how different they look! My Buddy waves his paw to Clover Meadow P. I do hope you'll take a few minutes and look at my flower photos I put up this morning. Have you downloaded the new Hipstamatic upgrade? It comes with a wonderful new lens!! I used it for my photos.. way too fun!! Teresa :-)

OHMYGOSH!!!!!!!!!!! More cuteness than I would be able to stand, I'm afraid =-) Pricless photo!

Haha - too cute (and funny)! :-)

ahhhh they are so desperate to come back in, that they don't realise it's a perfect play day outside!!
j x

LOL, That is adorable!

Pleeeeaaaassseeee let us in - we'll be really really good. Honest

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