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Replacing kitchen countertops with wood is now on my wish list. According to Ikea's web site, the Numerar countertop (in birch) is out of stock indefinitely at our local store, though last month when I was hot-to-trot about this issue the lady at Ikea said she thought it would be available in June. Who knows. Until then, a nice new cutting board for me. Ever since Stephanie explained how to make spoon oil, I have tried to be good about oiling my wood stuff.



I'm not great at it, but I try to remember to do it. I think the last time I oiled everything was in December. Boy does time ever fly.

Andy's setting up a silkscreening sweatshop in the back yard today because it's supposed to be sunny and 74 degrees. I, too, will be working. Working on reversing my vitamin D deficiency.


They do have some of the wider (39") countertops in birch in stock. I just got one of these in beech (as my new cutting table) and I think it's a much nicer-looking piece than the birch. (I brought home a birch piece and it was bowed, so returned it and got a much prettier beech piece.) I think some of the narrower cuts in beech are also in stock.

...In case you couldn't tell I have spent a lot of time on the IKEA site stalking these countertops... and mine is quite lurvely... and possibly inspired by yours. :-)

I'll keep an eye out for pictures of your new wood countertops. I've seen a few kitchens with wood counters and it's a nice, comfortable presentation. Very "Country Living" look if you know what I mean. Hope you're able to get them soon.

I still covet your workspace cubbies. Now, those are perfect!

Enjoy your day.

I really like the feeling in these pics. :-)

Enjoy the sun! It's actually been sunny for 4 days in a row here in Minnesota. I haven't known how to act, other than to do everything possible outside, including walking late into the evening and breathing in that twilight smell of dew on spring blossoms.

I don't remember to oil my wood stuff as often as I ought to, but the sad food-obsessed part of me was really hoping that the jar was full of lemon curd.

Susie Sears Taylor says: May 19, 2011 at 11:57 AM

We have some sun here in Indiana too! What a nice break from the rain. Every once in a while a BLACK cloud will appear in the West but it blows over slowly then here are the rays again. Love the wood!

I took my 13 yr old daughter for a well check up today. Dr ran a Vit D test on her because most of us are deficient. Even in sunny places, people are so trained on the sunscreen and it does such a good job that most of us need more. I say its still worth getting in the sunshine, especially when we are starved for it here in Portland. Enjoy your day!

Caralee Lindsay says: May 19, 2011 at 01:24 PM

I'm looking into the wood counters too! I've noticed that the same kind of wood ranges widely in appearance from plank to plank, and sometimes it's actually pretty hard to tell the difference between oak, birch and beech. Sometimes. I mean, I would point out the birch to somebody in the showroom only to look at the tag and find out that it wasn't. Anyway, I started out wanting birch, but it seemed (to me?) like the oak counters in the showroom were less scratched up than the others, as its apparently a tougher, more durable wood, so now I think I'm looking for a pale oak. Especially now that you mention that they're not selling birch anymore anyway.

Wonderful photos.

First sunny day here in CA for a week. My daughter lives in Portland and we were joling that she had sent the rain to us. The critters are laying out soaking up the sunshine like sunbathers at the beach. Looking forward to your kitchen update. I'm headed in that direction myself.

Judith Claremon says: May 19, 2011 at 01:38 PM

Thanks for linking to the spoon oil!

I an a volunteer for our local community health center, here 1/2 mile from Mexico, and our records show that there is a huge population of people who are Vitamin D deficient. Here in the land of constant sun! It is very odd. So, yes, Alicia, better soak it up while you can, and keep Andy company out there!

We have the beech countertops from Ikea and I love them. We also got the farm sink which was told to us that they were on back order till 2012 - they just happened to get a shipment in when we went for the countertop. Imagine me trying to put a 75lb sink into my car that had 3 car seats in it already lol. Thanks for pointing me to an awesome spoon oil recipe - I think I may try this on the countertops.
Hope you get Ikea lucky like I was.

I put the Ikea wood counters in my house last year. LOVE them. No regrets. Here are some pics:

Yay! for Andy. I am so excited about this crewel kit I've already decided where to hang it! :) By all means soak up the sun and encourage it to move our way(New York) sometime soon. love your blog

you have a very inspiring blog! love it!'s as though you read my mind. As I was washing a wooden spoon today, I thought it needed some love, but didn't quite know what that love should be. Thanks. Hope the sun was lovely.

Thank you so much for the recipe. I have some dear wooden spoons as well as two shallow wooden bowls (for letting bread rise I believe) from my Great Grandma and have been wondering how to preserve them. Can't wait to see the soon-to-be countertops! Living in a rental, I so miss being able to "do" anything to the place, so I really enjoy other bloggers' inspiration!

the joinery on 48th & woodstock sells cutting boards. for a pretty penny...well, at least an attractive penny; they are more reasonably priced than other of the (amazing, beautiful, stunning) stuff in the store.

I try to oil all our wooden stuff in the kitchen at least once a year. and also check the cure on all of our cast iron.

TY so very much for the link to the wonderful spoon oil info--my wooden spoons are badly needing a 'spa' session:)

I really, really like the birch! I originally wanted to go with Ikea's Varde and then birch countertops, but they always seemed to be out of the cabs I needed so we went with something else. I hope you have better luck because I think they will look awesome in your home!


Being outside really does something for your soul doesn't it? It's been balmy day here in Sydney today - unlike earlier in the week! I had the smalls outside playing in the sunshine while I got the clothes on the line and and did some work in the garden.
Hope you get your dream counter top soon :)
S xo

Oiling our wooden spoons? Would making a carrot cake work the same way? Oh dear, why am I not surprised there is one more thing I am not even aware of... let alone remembering to do? hahaha...
Now, as though I have any time to try this at home: I would love to learn about silk screening, and what you and Andy have going on in your home shop.

I have a vitamin D deficiency, too. When I had mine tested a couple of weeks ago, it was 13. I have been taking the mondo-vitamins for it, but I don't feel any different. (?)

Hehe! Sounds like a good plan! :-)

Man, I'm impressed! I need to try that. Or better yet, can you come over and do it for me! ;) Love the Joinery btw!!

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