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My side of the bed is a mess of books. I try to pick them up every few days but it just doesn't work. Overpopulation. Most of the time one slides under the bed and I forget that I was even reading it. Lots of books, everywhere. Lately I've been falling asleep the minute I hit the pillow.

I washed the sheets with that vinegar recipe, and I think they came out fine. In my opinion, they still smelled a bit vinegary, but Andy says I have a super-sniffer (like Gus), and he didn't smell anything. Not sure this is a practical way of washing sheets for us, but I will keep the tip about drying them on perma-press. They felt very soft and were very wrinkled (which I like). Thank you again for all of the tips about sheets you had the last time we talked about it. Next time I am in the market for new ones, I am going to try the ones from Vermont Country Store. Or these resin-free ones. I actually had heard about these somewhere else, too, and they sound very nice.

Today I saw a lady on Division and SE 39th walking down the street with a round wicker basket over her arm, and sitting there in the basket was a big brown and white spotted bunny rabbit, twitching its nose and looking around at everyone. It was so cute. I've never seen anyone walking down the street with a bunny before. They seemed very comfortable, like they did it all the time. I hope I see them again.


At last count I had 43 books on my bedside table. It's like the leaning tower of books! Galumph reckons he'll wake up one morning and I'll be stuck under the (soon to be) fallen pile.

Not that the thought makes me tidy it up, or anything...!

Delilah says: May 16, 2011 at 03:30 PM

My boss own two bunny rabbits as pets and would walk them on leashes.

It's funny that bunnies and books are your topic today. It would seem that your books are multiplying like rabbits.

Cheers for lovely, sheets, stacks of books, and the dear sight of a bunny basket. I always find something to make me smile when I come here. (I may have thrown some blog-love your way recently... really it's for Clover Meadow *heart*)

The other day in my community garden a family came in and plopped down their giant lop into their garden plot. Loose. He hopped around happily on his own. At first I thought, "Wow, what a well-trained bunny! Who does that?!" and then I thought, "Wow, that's kind of the worst pet ever to let loose in a community garden." Fortunately for Milo (the rabbit), none of my crops appear to be chewed. Maybe it was the same bunny!

Yesterday, I saw a guy with a cat in his messenger bag a the Saturday Market. He was just walking around petting its head with a "look at me and my cat!" strut. Too funny.

I love seeing pets in unexpected places, like a parrot riding on someone's shoulder down the street or a cat peering at you from the back window of a car on the motorway. When I was a kid we looked after a couple of rabbits over a summer and would put them into the harnesses we had for our cats and take them for a hop down our street. They were much happier doing that than the cats ever were! The most we ever got from the cats was a brisk drag, not a walk.

Susan Prindle says: May 16, 2011 at 04:19 PM

I try and wash my sheets when the sun is shining - or at least when it isn't raining (good luck!). Sometimes I partially dry them in the dryer and then hang them out and if it really is sunny, I just hang them out in the sun. I can hardly wait to get into bed that night - oh so fresh smell! And if you are thinking of the sheets that Vermont Country Store advertises as crisp - they are really crisp. I have them and am not especially fond of them. And I wonder what chemicals they might have embedded in them to keep them so stiff. Not a fan.

A few years ago I was on Stinson Beach and I saw a young man sunning himself on the sand and he had one of those leashes that splits in two with a bunny at each end! Bunnies in baskets, bunnies on the beach - who knows where they'll turn up next!

I love books as well and they are all over the place on, near and in the bed. It's a good thing! Right now I am reading Hannah Hinchman's "A Life in Hand" which is the best book on keeping an illustrated journal--not fancy, more on paying attention. It's wonderful.

As for bunnies, i love them and look to seeing many angora rabbits etc. at the Maine Fiber Frolic next month--but ya know, I do find em a little ...boring. Sorry! The sheets sound cool...I've never ordered sheets from VT Country Store, but I do like their products. Especially all the Blast from the Past perfumes and makeup--I mean, Yardley! Tangee lipstick! Jeez!

Tracy Altieri says: May 16, 2011 at 04:55 PM

The Vermont Country Store is an experience unto itself. Last year I purchased the old fashioned white cotton undershirts of my youth. Comfortable perfection!

My side of the bed (and the floor) is always a MESS of books, half open, half read, and my partner hates it!

I didn't get a chance to read the comments on the other post about sheets but please check out Garnet Hill. Their sheets are heavenly and I mean, sleeping on a cloud while being warmed by the sun and having a chocolate IV kind of heavenly. My They are also always a little wrinkled but super soft and the flannel feels you're sleeping on giant marshmallows. Also they have unusual designs. I see Seabiscuit there - how do you like it so far?

Aw, that's just too sweet. One of my fondest memories is encountering a couple taking their wee little bunny out for a hop (on a leash) on the Lakeshore Path along Lake Mendota in Madison, WI.

I'll have to check out those sheets! I'm not a fan of the limp sateen sheets that seem to be all the rage.

books + bunnies = perfection....i have long considered adding a house rabbit to our far, i have been a chicken....not so sure how corgis figure in the equation...

georgie says: May 16, 2011 at 06:41 PM

Vermont Country Store sheets didn't seem to have that much variety. I'd check out Garnet Hill too. Oh and Seabiscuit is a great book! The author wrote another book recently about an athlete who was drafted in WWII and ended up in a labor camp.

I love Gus.
My husband has a super smeller, a gift and a curse.

we had several pet rabbits as kids and they were easier to housetrain than the cats :) they also liked going for walks in the yard or neighborhood on leashes - and yes, we had people doing double takes.
I'm a book person too but I can only read one at a time - I usually get sucked in if it's a good book and finish it in a day or so.
Maybe your next project/kit can have a bunny in it!

ok whew then it's not just me. i have an old fashioned hovel over on my side of the bed. have you seen the bunnies that run little obstacle courses and jump over rails? someone posted it on my fb page and it's super cute.

There's a woman in my neighborhood who I often see out walking her pig. On a leash. A perfect pink pig!

Oh, and I visited the original VCS last fall, and came very close to buying a long Lanz of Salzburg flannel nightgown... remember those? That place is wonderful and bizarre at once. :o)

I've seen that lady at that exact intersection! Sometimes her bunnies ride in a stroller.

I strongly believe the super sniffer thing is a womanly deal. I have one.... and it is more intense different times of the month.... and being in a house of smelly boys~ I bring aromas to their attention ALL THE TIME.

Mess? I prefer to say Expanding Library.
My Blog

Several year ago I saw a couple in a park walking their macaw on a leash. Yes, the macaw was walking, not being carried.
Love your blog, thanks for sharing all about your house and what you cook and your knitting--your life.

Gotta love Portland. One sees the most interesting things. The bunny would be a first...

I used to live in Moscow (Russia), one day I was in a shoe shop, a lady came in and set down her handbag on the couch. Out jumped a ferret, he was very friendly!

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