Sleepy Pizza

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I was might tired! Andy was working. I looked in the fridge. We had basil. We had cheese. I made pizza. Rather, I let the Kitchen Aid mixer make some dough (from this book) while I watched Judge Judy. It went well. When it was was done rising, I took it out and admired it on my new marble rolling-things-out board. I thought it looked pretty. I hoped I could finish making, let alone eating, the pizza before I fell fast asleep. Prolly not supposed to sleep while eating dinner. So they say.


I have some stewed roma tomatoes with a little sugar and garlic that I keep in a bag in the freezer. When I want a pizza for dinner, I hack off a chunk of the icy tomato-y block and thaw it out in the microwave. Next time I make sauce I will try to find an ice-cube tray and freeze some tomato-y cubes. We never seem to have an ice-cube tray because we have an ice dispenser in the refrigerator door. Must remedy. It would be safer and less messy than hacking at a red ice block with a knife.


Back to Hemingway-esque writing style: I rolled out 1/4 of the dough. I smeared some tomatoes on it. I don't like much of that stuff. A little is okay.


I added some fresh basil and some Grana Padano, a birthday present from my friend Sarah. I got a giant wedge. Is that not the best present? I was thrilled.


I also added mozzy. Prolly too much. Oh well! I baked it at 500 degrees F for 8 minutes. It was good. Pizza in pajamas. Always good, somehow.


i'm going to bed now. i wasn't hungry a minute ago...but now i am...i'll dream of pizza, alicia and pjammies. xo

Looks great! Happy sunshiny day today, too! :)

Thanks for making me so hungry! And I love that picture of the dough with the basil and tomatoes against the marble. Definitely would be lovely in a cookbook.

Oh, great. Now I have to go eat second dinner...

Looks wonderful!

You are SO good. If I was that tired I would open a can of soup or have toast. :-)

OK I was SO full just a moment ago--and now I am craving pizza!! See what power you have??? :)

You're better than me. I was also very tired today but I called out for pizza! Was very yummy too! :-)

total food porn.
I love how SIMPLE you made it too. nothing fancy. just good yummy food.

One of my favourite things to make - my family loves it! I let the bread machine do all the work for me :)

that looks so mouthwateringly good.. drool!

Have you considered freezing your sauce in muffin tins? I find them to be the right serving size. Once frozen, I pop them in a big zip bag.

another way you could freeze them would be to spread out on that lovely silpat and then you'd have a thin sheet, easily broken up.

or, put in quart freezer bags and lay flat.

Hi hi, happy pizza dreams =)

Love from Norway;

I wish I had that right now...........................

Mmmmmm....looks delicious!
j x

Alicia, have you got a small bowl that would hold the right amount of tomatoes for a pizza? Line the bowl with a freezer bag, put in the tomatoes, knot, freeze.


Alicia, I ordered your beautiful embroidery piece yesterday and now i'm enjoying the delightful anticipation that it will turn up, just when I've forgotten it, and bring some new skills, some quiet stitching, and then an heirloom piece (that I'm thinking might become a cushion). I love the letters and the stitching and also the quirky colour of the backing!

Oh wow, that looks delicious! Homemade pizza is one of my favourite things.

Yumm!! I love homemade pizza. Anything with basil is always scrumptious.

You watch Judge Judy. I *knew* I liked you!!

Need. Stewed. Tomato. Recipe. (please)

I make pizza for our family of 6 on Fridays...really doesn't take much effort to do by hand, and they love it. Much cheaper (and healthier- I always use whole wheat flour) than store bought!

Mmmm. That does look delightful. But be careful not to lose a finger while hacking at the tomato-ice block!

May I suggest using a muffin tin instead of an ice cube tray? That's what I do (ice-machine in door as well). Then you can just cut the little flat disc in half and be good to go!

Yum! I love making pizza but your making it in the kitchen aid has just convinced me a little more that I need one of those gardets in my life...

Looks good, of course.

I guess this means that now I don't have to read Hemingway. :)

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